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I was really sad about the psychiatry. The abuse I experienced made me really angry and healing from the trauma is not easy. I thought, there are these dominative bastards there... I thought they need a place as well. So why not apply the dominator skill to undomesticate? Also allowing to make up for the harm.

I was also angry at terrorists, have been for long, wasting our resources and creating fear. I have been against fear control since I was a child; increasing fear results in feeling unsafe increasing self-centrism and decreasing caring for others resulting in increased conflict and loss of trust. It does not work to hack this dynamic, the easy way is the long way.... I guess like divide and conquer. I still at times ponder if life is under attack; made to destroy itself slowly: flesh, milk and egg eating by humans being like poisoning the well military tactic; a slow corruptive painful death, kept alive by the hope - every time things going well being hindered - hindering looking for other ways.

A method to break a terrorist having been indoctrinated to suicide willingness using the fear of hell.

Willingness to commit suicide and kill a lot of people in the middle of a street, because of being told and convinced that they are evil, whether regarding them as innocent or not,
is a kind of insanity constructed in the mind of a person.

While "treatment" is more poison than healing and thus not not something that would help, freeing them by breaking them in quite a horrible manner is - this means a temporary immersement in a circumstance to break their spirit and mind:

A person believing in hell has a tremendous fear of eternal damnation, a fear worse than death and worse than killing a lot of people (principally worse than firing off nuclear bombs in manners that would destroy the earth partially).
This means their behavior is modified permanently by creating a core motivating factor; the idea of hell. However a convincing element has to exist, such as a partial truth.

A terrorist where the Quran is used to fuel such behavior requires adherence. The Quran is rather static even if it can be read in strange ways (for example using high levels of entropy to generate a random number and search through lines).
This means upon there being reason for said individuals to go to hell, they can be made to reveal entire terror networks and even "freed" from using terrorism.

An example is breaking their spirit and soul to a point where they perform just one corrupt behavior, passing the border from "true to false".
The result is the fear being turned around and instead of not revealing what they know and continuing their ways, they become motivated by the very same fear to do the exact opposite, as anything sending them towards hell in their perception now is the enemy and threat to them.

In such a system where people are used and indoctrinated there is no actual loyalty, love or truth - its a mental lock that can be reversed.

The said individuals can be made to pass this barrier upon which they can untrained rather than retrained and come to live lives as healthy citizens even if probably under some restriction at least for a while.
It is better than turning people into slaves when they are enemy, its nice towards them and generates gratefulness in the big picture.
An efficient way to gain intel and a contributive factor (their lifestyles bring their advantages with them), in the long run without having to worry about repercussions, to use resources on control or family retaliation.

The caveeat is that we have a lot of Christianity here in the west whom are likely to be fearful of this being put in motion as it poses a threat to any system that drives people through perceptual whipping (fear of eternal hell).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/08/17 21:18:55

    The first to paragraphs I just added.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/08/17 21:18:56

    The first to paragraphs I just added.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/08/17 22:20:55

    I refer not to alien species when I say under attack. I mean the structure of life as a new layer of our galaxy. A fear of what the universe will become/what this structure we are a part of will strengthen and empower.

    In other words: something deeper than the material reality.

    Looking at the pattern this has grown into every unfolding structure and religious growth pillars used to steer people; the either or hack indicating a knowledge of how our systems functions; that upon our survival instinct triggered in the right way we respond by choosing between one of two: "hell/heaven" causing fear and altered into a structure where this triggers deep fear and the idea grown and reinforced that if you even think about it you end in hell, thus upon perceiving the circumstance manipulated into choosing "heaven".
    Hindrance in seeing other possibilities than the two.

    (This manipulation is forced on people in Denmark in base school, before they can enter university areas... the powerlessness). I don't experience a lot of solidarity in this land, just a lot of wanting to break and control me and get on with the daily life......

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/16/17 22:38:32

    So eh Update on this;
    Had i started this it World turn put quite Well, being freeing and gratefulness generating.

    However I was corrupted by the psychiatry. Both medication and other things. This caused me to listen to others over myself.

    I also attempted to lock down my memory while forcibly withheld, quite consciously, this worked to an extent.

    I have only begun healing in the past half year.
    The corruption of church and twelve step programme combined added to that as did carnist “Buddhism”.

    I broke. I ended up acting on others suggestions and on the opinion that I was insane, so I just shared and brought whatever I could to established systems.

    For my part, something that I don’t really see even as a pre life thing, I ask for forgiveness and if I can make up for this. I just “write out loud”, I don’t know where this will be heard or read. This would have to be my part, passive in nature, of how harmful and corrupt even where supposedly trustable.

    Ps, no Adam and Eve BS or finger pointing. Imagine being used to use another to harm, so be forgiving to the psychiatrists and “nurses” (jailors w/o legal right to do so, no judges or similar involved).

    Biostress is a major reason. Don’t blame someone for eating meat and “karma locks” to pacify is beyond despicable.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/16/17 23:06:09

    I did not benefit, I can inform of this. I have been sort of like “taken” (the movie); forced into sugar addiction, I ended up ingesting milk, my teeth have been harmed severely, was pretty much blind for a month, have since been like prostituted spiritually some places and emotionally.

    I was betrayed by people I cared for - them daring to claim me sick and the patient. Lost trust. I tried calling the police. I was crying, 25 years old, when they stood around me to inject me. I’m not exactly weak.

    I had just gotten in contact with my inner child the year before though, began climbing trees as I did when I was 3-10 years or so, I did so while in there. Seeking safety after above mentioned experience, and was hindered outside access for five days (social punishment as well, of course disguised).

    Buddhism? I think its not an answer. Perhaps for some but we need violence to hinder what i was put through.
    Sorry, im attempted manipulated to a buddhist place, vegan. Pacification, lock-in etc. My parents magically offering a ticket paid for by my dad working at a biotech/Medical firm. I doubt any direct human intent by the medical industry or similar though.

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