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Individuals incarcerate in psychiatric centers/"hospitals" forced upon medication they are convinced of being in need of: These experience so great a loss of empathy that even though transitioning conditions are easy and vegan options available they are unable to care.

Its about the suppression of caring; I experienced it myself upon being forced upon medication - I was rather afraid of further abuse so I asked for the medication while it was being contemplated whether to force it upon me more permanently, less than two months later I ended up eating dairy products at the same place. Luckily I have recovered to an extent from this and have not ingested milk since (possibly except humus).

Worse yet, this causes a collective suppression due to rationalizing it to be acceptable to force medication upon people - something that involves the suppression of going vegan.

I ponder what FN would recommend, after all they are attempting to push veganism through; here's a part where they can do something to resolve carnism actively.

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