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This was tested (as a part of the invention process - vegan orientation...) using partially the "vas deferens" (tubes carrying sperm) from pigs.
These vas deference's likely stem from slaughtered pigs.
This "vasdeblock" temporary sterilization will likely be sterilizing flesh-eaters and increase veganism (probably quite drastically).

As such, the product parts of beings being slaughtered are applied by the very same system to hinder more of the same (unknowingly) - the sickness self-destructs: (flesh-eating I'd call a sick manifestation of something beautiful).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/23/17 19:11:31

    You know the product of eating meat is a loss of compassion in an environment.
    A result of this is for example when someone says its too much that it is not respected, increasing for example bullying in a school.

    Diminish bullying = don't eat meat, drink milk or eat eggs.
    Eating meat, eggs and drinking milk = loss of compassion.

    I would also say that the microbiology in an environment of fleshfarming is used to a particular environment; including feeling-wise and how this affects sorroundings (such as what you buy, whom you see, hormone-wise, how you eat and so forth).
    Meaning that this microbiology sort of has "desire".

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