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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Body shake and cry while cooking meat Hello everyone My wife is a vegetarian from her teen age and she is 35 now.she loves to cook food but she does not feel comfortable to cook meat.sometimes she cooks chicken/fish but she never cook pork/beef because of its smell.last week,we had small family get together at wife was in the kitchen and my sister was cooking pork in the same time.suddenly my wife ran out to the backyard and started crying and shaking.its not the first time for happened before it common for vegetarian?any advice and suggeations will be appreciated. Post Date: 10/22/17, Replies: 1 10/22/17 1
Going Vegan tomorrow, any help/advice? Tomorrow I'm waking up early and beginning my lifestyle as a vegan. Anyone have any good advice for making the transition? Or some easy recipes I can try to start off? I work a 9-5 job so the hardest part will probably be the cooking aspect... Thanks for checking out my post, I hope to hear back from some of you soon! Post Date: 10/22/17, Replies: 1 10/22/17 1
Health vs Ethics dilemma Hello Community I want to eat healthy but I know about the negative consequences of animal products concerning ethics and the Environment. Because of that I want to keep my consumption of animal products low. The Problem is that I'm afraid that my diet is too high in carbohydrates and too low in protein and healthy fat. Is it possible to be healthy without regular meat consumption? Post Date: 10/21/17, Replies: 1 10/21/17 1
Health vs Ethics dilemma Hello Community I want to eat healthy but I know about the negative consequences of animal products concerning ethics and the Environment. Because of that I want to keep my consumption of animal products low. The Problem is that I'm afraid that my diet is too high in carbohydrates and too low in protein and healthy fat. Is it possible to be healthy without regular meat consumption? Post Date: 10/21/17, Replies: 0 10/21/17 0
help! cravings for animal foods?! Hi, I'm so excited to be here and be able to ask questions and get advice! (I'm new, just today) I um have mostly been Vegan for the past 6 months, and I'm really desiring german sausage and fried chicken and cheese, and I'd love to have people's go-tos for such cravings and if you really don't even have them anymore after you've been Vegan awhile. Post Date: 10/21/17, Replies: 2 10/21/17 2
connecting packaged meat to cow, chicken.. I'm having trouble keeping my mental connection between the packaged meat, and the animal suffering I see on the screen-I feel like I should be having a visceral reaction to visualizing the meat I crave, and have my mind then connect to the image of suffering and identify with that. is there some kind of way to galvanize inside me this connection-to feel it versus just think it? Post Date: 10/21/17, Replies: 1 10/21/17 1
Getting Other People to Be Veg*an? Greetings, I have a question--have any of you here successfully gotten someone else to become a vegetarian or a vegan? The reason I ask is because that is one of the most powerful ways to make the world better, for so many reasons, but yet once one is a vegan, then to multiply the positive effect one has on this world due to not eating meat and other animal products, one kind of has to spread the message and convince others to follow. Of course, there are all too many people who aren't very receptive to this message, even a lot of people who I would consider to otherwise be quite liberal and willing to change their lifestyle. So for those of you who have found success, what did you do? I am guessing one thing that helps is connecting more to people's hearts, which can be a bit difficult for someone like me in the scientific community (just all the facts about veganism is good enough for me--for example, with meat production being a huge generator of greenhouse gases, or even the antibiotic resistance caused by the meat industry would by themselves be almost sufficient for me to become vegetarian or vegan if I were somehow still eating meat). But most people aren't convinced that easily. (What got me to originally be a vegetarian at age 18 was simply losing my appetite at the thought of animals being slaughtered, but I didn't really have much appetite for meat beforehand, so I can't fully empathize with those who might like meat but otherwise understand our message.) So, I am a bit frustrated that I haven't yet changed anybody to become vegan. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps there are only a few of us who are good enough at leading to really touch others in a big way like this. For now, I do a lot of small things, including bringing in good foods like fruits and nuts for the break room table at work for people to snack on (though that's also to offset the junk food that coworkers sometimes bring in) and take people to vegetarian/vegan restaurants when they visit or otherwise want to meet up with me (and of course recommend those restaurants (and various foods/dishes) to people I might not normally eat with). Obviously, I contribute vegan food whenever there's a food drive as well. Any thoughts? Thanks! Post Date: 10/19/17, Replies: 12 10/19/17 12
Capsules containing gelatin Hi all, right off the bat I'll get it out of the way: I'm not a vegetarian. I'm interested by philosophy and am inquisitive about...well, just about everything. :) I've posted this same topic on two different vegan/vegetarian forums so far today and been banned from both. At no point was I argumentative or insulting, I was banned simply for not being a vegetarian. If this is a forum exclusively for vegetarians and not for the discussion [i]of[/i] vegetarianism, please let me know and I'll move on. Right, now that that's out of the way, here's my question: It's my understanding that the capsules used to administer medicines can only be made using gelatin produced from animals. There are tablets or liquid suspension alternatives for some, but not all medicines. Would strict vegans refuse to eat such capsules? (A more philosophical question to move onto is: would you risk your health/life to avoid consuming an animal product?) Do most vegetarians know about this? The few I've met in real life had no idea. If you did know about this, have you asked your doctor for an alternative? What did they say? Some doctors don't seem to read up on this sort of thing and will simply tell you that there is no alternative. Some seem to offer alternatives, but only for specific medicines. Perhaps there's some chemical reasons that certain medicines require the use of a gelatin capsule. All replies and comments are welcome. :) ~O Post Date: 10/19/17, Replies: 7 10/19/17 7
My Vegan Christmas Recipes Book Hey I have been Vegan for years now and i thought it would be nice to create a book of Vegan Christmas Recipes called "Straight From Santa's Allotment" because we don't have many recipe books for christmas I am going to be releasing it free on launch day so i have created a website that people can register their interest and get notified on release day so they can download it free, it will also have a hardbook version that would make a nice Christmas present Register your interest here: Thanks Lee Post Date: 10/19/17, Replies: 0 10/19/17 0
Fruit gummies vegan I just realized not all fruit gummies are good for vegetarian as it have gelatine in them. Can you suggest me some good ones that are suitable? Post Date: 10/17/17, Replies: 8 10/17/17 8
Leather shoes and clothing Hello everybody I have been vegetarian for a about 2 years now and I recently reduced consuming dairy product and eggs but totally stopped drinking milk. I never wore fur and always been against it but naively I thought leather was ok thinking it was a byproduct of animal (likee made of "rests", therefore a form of recycling). I learned today that sometimes it could be made from calfskin or any other animal ? This is so sickening!!! Is it true ?! The thing is I recently bought a new pair of shoes and just realised it was pure leather. What do you guys exactly know about leather industry? Are the rumours real ? Do any of you still wearing leather ? I feel horrible and wanna throw my new pair of boots but i feel like that on the top of everything it will be a waste of money and that the damaged is done already. What would you do ? Sorry i know how naive it was, I should have think twice before purchasing these shoes. Anita Post Date: 10/17/17, Replies: 5 10/17/17 5
Bloated Newly converted vegetarian here... but ever since i converted a month ago i have been the most bloated ive ever been. Not to mention my skin is breaking out. Any words of wisdom from the experts? Post Date: 10/16/17, Replies: 0 10/16/17 0
Name for veganism minus medication intake? What is the name for a person that fulfills the requirements of veganism except taking medication produced through animal experimentation? Before you call this extreme; Vegans that buy from where there is produced on a meat-based energy-intake. And somewhat important: Vegans that eat greens produced on farms using animal fertilizer. Post Date: 10/15/17, Replies: 2 10/15/17 2
Opinions on meat substitutes please So I didn't stop eating meat and certain animal products due to taste and am sure that's the case with many of you.....I would like to open my own veggie/vegan food van with dishes that are meat substitutes including 'pulled pork' burgers, 'fried chicken' 'cheesy meat nachos' etc offering both veggie and vegan options. I know I haven't given much detail but this is part of my research to see if this would appeal to veggies and vegans. If you could give me your opinions on whether this would be something you would want to buy and eat? What would you like to see on a menu? Any input would be very much appreciated! Thank you for your time x Post Date: 10/14/17, Replies: 3 10/14/17 3
Setting up a vegetarian bar ?? opinions? What are you opinions of setting up a vegetarian bar , do you think it is good idea?? Also please complete this 5 question survey thank you :) - The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback's from individual opinions and perspective of a vegetarian bar. By the end the survey results will determined the practicality of the project. Post Date: 10/13/17, Replies: 2 10/13/17 2
Meal preps with suitable vegan options What kinds of difficulties on a day-to-day basis do you experience as being a vegan? Do you have any family members who specifically eat vegetarian/vegan and if so what difficulties may you experience with this? Are you satisfied with meal prep companies such as BlueApron or HelloFresh? Post Date: 10/13/17, Replies: 5 10/13/17 5
How To Get All Perscriptions Made Vegan. I prefer herbal remedies in general, and to be truly vegan one must also use only vegan medicines. It is easy to get vegan dentistry, medicines and surgery these days with the abundance of synthetic medicines. Herbal medicines are mostly free from all animal abuse although some experimentation on animals may have existed unnecessarily in some countries or in history. Perhaps most of the pharmaceutical medicines do have a history of vivisection and animal experiments associated with them, and that is truly wrongful, but when facing serious pain from a surgery or needing an antibiotic, life and death or extreme discomfort can be on the line. For vegan pharmaceuticals simply go to a qualified 'Compounding Pharmacy.' At these pharmacies the pills are made for the patient. They make pills for vegans, people who want no salt, no sugar, nor dyes etc. They can meet your specific needs. I needed some Ibuprofen after dental surgery and had some vegan pills made for me. It costs more than over the counter medicine, but Advil uses crushed bugs for the red color of the pills and bees wax to make the pills shine although the active ingredients are vegan. In my case I had to use both vegan pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine to overcome the pain. There can be contraindications for mixing herbs with pharmaceuticals so always work with your doctor, with the pharmacist and with a state licensed herbal doctor for the best results. Compounding Pharmacies will only make you pills with a prescription even if it is over the counter medicine made vegan. Post Date: 10/10/17, Replies: 3 10/10/17 3
Family refuses to let me be vegetarian Hey everyone. I'm 21, but because of some bad circumstances I am forced to live with my parents. They have been emotionally and mentally abusive my whole life, and when I was younger it got physical too. I recently became a vegetarian, but right at the start I would eat one meal per day that contained meat because mom had bought some food specifically for me, and I felt that wasting an animals life to be thrown away was worse that finishing it and not buying it again. I cook several nights per week. On those nights for the past several weeks, we have eaten vegetarian. I've made food my mom describes as "delicious" (and it is), but last night she asked me "so what's up with this whole vegetarian vegan whatever it is diet plan you're doing?" My mom is a hospice nurse, she doesn't care about animal cruelty, she doesn't believe in global warming, and she thinks that starving children in other countries aren't our problem. I decided that the best point to make would be health related. I told her how I felt better in a vegetarian diet, how colesterol is only consumed through animal products, how a lot of it has been linked to cancer and heart disease. I talked about how our family has a huge history of those problems, as well as diabetes, and I wanted to reduce my chances of it, and be healthier. "There's a food pyramid and a food chain for a reason. You NEED meat to be healthy. Eat less of it, fine, but if you're gonna get cancer you will regardless. I've seen just as many vegetarian people die of cancer and heart disease as carnivores like us." First of all, she had said earlier that she had never actually known a vegetarian, so that obviously not true, and second only 1 in 5 vegetarians will get cancer whereas 1 in 3 meat eaters will. I then said something about how I think it's a problem that the amount of grain we feed to animals we are just going to kill would feed all the people that are starving right now, and she answered it with "there's a lot more than that that is making them starve to death and it's not my fault so don't go saying that it is." She told me that she was going to continue to serve meat every time she cooked and that she would continue to buy it for me, that she would not by tofu or fake meat because it wasn't healthy, and that I would come to my senses soon enough. (If you have read this far, thanks) What can I do? It makes me physically sick to my stomach to even see meat let alone eat it. I know I would literally be force fed if I refuse to eat. If anyone has any suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them. Thank you! Post Date: 10/10/17, Replies: 4 10/10/17 4
Hindered from meeting vegans? Observed problem with going vegan: People get hindered from seeing people that are only vegan. The only places I have met vegans so far has been 1. online or 2. at a carnist buddhist center. Reason: It has likely been observed that people that are vegan often move to mainly seeing other vegans; by pattern it being "felt?" as a danger that people leave those they used to know. I feel like I am suffocating. Everyone I know harm, hurt and misuse beings in their lifestyles, completely oblivious to what they do. Yet I get hindered from meeting others. Why am I being kept in a leash like this? Hindered, even trying to search online for ways to meet other vegans I get hindered as though by some collective will I feel bound by. Am I being hindered from meeting people I can actually connect with, with whom I share something based on a prediction, regardless of whether it holds true or not? In order to keep me? Some creepy ownership of me and a wanting to control me to be around specific individuals? I have a feeling that I am not the only one, its creepy and it makes me angry. I am extremely lonely. Post Date: 10/10/17, Replies: 1 10/10/17 1
New Vegan recipe blog My friend Karoline has recently launched a new vegan recipe blog. Please take a look and send her some encouragement if you like the recipes I can particularly recommend the cakes: Post Date: 10/08/17, Replies: 0 10/08/17 0
Vegans- do you use vegan skin care? Just curious about the type of cosmetics or skin care products you use. Are they vegan or no? I didn't even think about the products I put on my skin until just recently and I was shocked when I found out what is actually in make up and beauty products! Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 10 10/06/17 10
The Vegan Struggle After four years of being vegan, I decided to write about my experiences. Although it has been a rewarding decision I have also experience some annoying moments that I know a lot of us can relate to. You can read my post here I would love to hear about you guys' experiences too. Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 5 10/06/17 5
My new YouTube channel Hey fellow veggies, I made a YouTube channel today. I'm completely new to making videos and content so I'm utterly useless, but hopefully within time I improve. I'm going to be uploading videos about veganism. I'll tell my short story of how and why I became a vegan, I'll be commenting on the latest vegan news and debunking some myths about veganism! If you have some time, please check out my channel: Just the rambling of some random guy ;-) will be uploading soon! Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 0 10/06/17 0
New Game-Changing Plant-Based Bakery Post Date: 10/05/17, Replies: 0 10/05/17 0
Do NOT buy Bic, 3M, and Scotch! These companies all test on animals! And they are very common household products. For example, Bic pens and lighters, and 3M tape and bubble mailers. For pens, buy Pilot instead. They do not test on animals AND all of their products are free of animal ingredients, making them completely vegan! Pilot pens are very easy to find in stores, and they even make permanent markers, but I have never seen their markers in stores so you might have to order them online. Still better than Sharpies, because Sharpies have animal ingredients (animal derived pigment)! For tape, and bubble mailers and packing materials, I'm not completely sure, but I have found no evidence of Duck testing on animals. I am not positive if their stuff is all vegan, but at least its better than supporting 3M and Scotch, because 3M and Scotch test on animals! So unless someone has better info, I suggest Duck for mailers and tape. And glue! Gorilla Glue and Elmer's are both vegan! No animal testing or ingredients! The BAD: Bic 3M Scotch Sharpie The GOOD: Pilot Duck Gorilla Glue Elmer's Post Date: 10/03/17, Replies: 22 10/03/17 22
Sandwich chains with vegetarian options? What Sandwich chains do you prefer for vegetarian options wherever you are? The one with the most options is Yellow Sub, part of Planet Sub chain in the midwest. Quiznos, JImmy Johns and Subway all have one or two options. In Iowa, Subway doesn't seem to carry the veggie patty sandwich unfortunately. Post Date: 10/03/17, Replies: 1 10/03/17 1
Vegan arguments for fish farms? Hi everyone :) I've been vegan for a couple of years now and - as i'm sure all of you do - often get ask questions about my choices. I like to be well informed and educated to offer people the undeniable truth that veganism is THE best option for our health/enironment/ethical and moral codes blah blah blah. I think most people believe passionately in at least one of those categories and that each section of carnism (dairy, eggs, meat, fish etc) can be contested by every single one of them in turn. SO. Obviously we all know the ethical (duh, fish have feelings too), health (high in fat and cholesterol, ingest pollutants, mercury) and environmental (No fish in oceans by 2048, trapping other fish in net etc.) implications of farmed ocean/fresh water fish. And the first two mostly hold true for those in fish farms (where fish are raised and 'harvested' - gross wording - in tanks or enclosures). But are there any environmental issues associated with them? I'm guessing there aren't any pollutants and they can't be overfished because it's a supply and demand chain so they would just grow some more if needed. But is there a problem with the feed they give them or where they get the fish eggs from or are they inbred even?!?!? Any insights (and references please) would be super helpful :) Just trying to get the tools to throw down those knowledge bombs! cheers xxx Post Date: 10/01/17, Replies: 8 10/01/17 8

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