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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Teen veganism ! Hey there 16 y/o vegan here, I was wondering if any one else has had to deal with criticism for making this choice at a young age, and how you've dealt with it? Also what about social pressures like parties and such? I tend to bring sides to share but am sometimes a bit ridiculed, but overall my friends are very supportive and some have gone vegetarian themselves. Hmu if you wanna chat about these or anything else! Teen veganism can be a bit lonely sometimes lol. Post Date: 01/19/18, Replies: 6 01/19/18 6
Hilarious Vegan Rap Song! I found this song on YouTube about going Vegan and the emotions one goes through during the process. I find it super relatable and funny. Post Date: 01/19/18, Replies: 1 01/19/18 1
Veg*ns Take Over Valentines Coast to Coast Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know about a series of events that we're putting on for Valentine's next month. The idea is to help veg*n singles meet each other in person (rather than with dating apps, etc.) for both love and friendship, across the US and Canada. Last year, the first time we ran these events, over 240 matches were made in cities around North America. This time around, we have almost double the number of events, and we're hoping to match lots more people! The matching happens online so no one needs to ask or exchange their contact info with people they meet at the events, which makes everything way less awkward. People have a great time and it's really fun to meet all these fellow single veg*ns in your city. Check out our events, and if you'd like to help get the word out, get in touch! Website link: Join our facebook group: Thanks so much, Andy Co-founder of Find Veg Love [email protected] Post Date: 01/12/18, Replies: 0 01/12/18 0
Vegans- do you use vegan skin care? Just curious about the type of cosmetics or skin care products you use. Are they vegan or no? I didn't even think about the products I put on my skin until just recently and I was shocked when I found out what is actually in make up and beauty products! Post Date: 01/12/18, Replies: 20 01/12/18 20
Vegan home business ideas? I want to go into business for myself but I'm not sure where to start. I'd love to be able to run the business from my home. Can anyone offer suggestions for a type of business and/or an mlm to look into? Thanks in advance! Post Date: 01/12/18, Replies: 2 01/12/18 2
New Vegan Skincare I've been making a few things here and there for myself, but recently decided to see if I could others are interested in what I make. I offer vegan, all natural and nut free: -Sugar scrubs -Lip Scrubs -Body Butters -Face Masks I'm still adding items day by day, but would love for anyone to check it out and maybe make a request for what you would like to see. My etsy page is below: Post Date: 01/12/18, Replies: 1 01/12/18 1
Washi tape Does any body know of any Washi tape that is definitely vegan? Post Date: 01/10/18, Replies: 0 01/10/18 0
Too much fiber? I've been a vegan for 2 weeks so far out of mostly environmental concern. I figured out most questions about getting all the right nutrients, but I am worrying a bit about all the fiber. I know fiber is good for one up to a point, but I'm worried I'm getting too much. In the old days, I could take a break from fibrous digestive hard work with eggs, cheeses, and of course the meats. Now I'm eating so much more fruit, whole grains, salads, seeds, nuts, steamed veggies, and of course pulses, or pulse based products. It can seem a bit heavier than what I was used to, bulkier, even gassier. This is of course the advantage (forget the costs for now) of the hunted diet (forget today it's mostly factory farms) - packed with calories, nutrients, fats, without eating vegetarian fare all day like our mammalian or primate cousins. But animal agriculture is not sustainable and the biggest contributor to climate change, and I'm trying to find the right balance between eating vegan based nutrients but without feeling too packed or overstressing my digestive system. I'm still learning new things - like today my first foray in draining, marinating, and frying cubes of tofu - I can imagine foods like that will help. Any other advice about the problem of bulk (and it's not just the fiber; all those grains aren't exactly packed with nutrients either)? How do you vegans solve this question for yourself? Post Date: 01/06/18, Replies: 1 01/06/18 1
Pollotarian Questions As a new pollotarian, I feel like I'm not taken as Seriously as some vegetarians/vegans. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if you have, what did you to overcome the judgement. Or if you feel like pollotarians are illegitement , please explain why :) Post Date: 01/06/18, Replies: 5 01/06/18 5
Best places for Vegans to live? I understand that what makes a place good for one person doesn't necessarily make it good for another, but I'd like to hear some thoughts on what the community perceives as the best place for vegetarians and vegans to live. Looking on Google, this was the best article I could find: They were going by numbers of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and, unsurprisingly, the biggest cities in the country have the most (e.g. NYC, L.A., Houston). The large cities with the largest number of veg restaurants per capita were Portland, San Fran and L.A., while smaller cities that topped the charts included Santa Fe, Bend and Eugene OR, Boulder, and Ann Arbor. Number of restaurants is interesting, but it isn't necessarily indicative of cultural values. If I were to guess, Oregon and California probably have cultures most supportive of veg living, but I've never been to Oregon and have only spent a brief time in Cali. That's not to mention other factors; for instance, I understand there aren't very many sunny days in Portland, and traffic is bad. Ann Arbor has a harsh climate which might be tough for some people. I've heard the cost of living is very high in Portland and in most of California. It's probably tough to find a good job in Santa Fe or Boulder. What do you all think about good places for vegetarians and vegans to live? And why? Post Date: 01/05/18, Replies: 3 01/05/18 3
Vegetarian wedding: people are disapponted I'm getting married in a few weeks and while I am super excited to be marrying the lad of my life, there is a small issue that keeps rearing its ugly head: the wedding menu. I've been vegetarian for 13 years. Plenty of time for everyone around me to get used to it. But as we were planning, a startling number of people (my parents included) started remarking on how they would never want to go to a vegetarian wedding and that it's unfair of me to pressure my guests into eating like I do. After all, don't I always get a vegetarian option?? My answer was yes, I get a vegetarian option. That option is ALWAYS an after thought. It's usually white flour pasta which I don't eat anyway. Pair that with the fact that I can eat almost nothing at the cocktail hour, and you've got one hungry guest. I find it hurtful that people including my family, are saying this. Why can't they come to the wedding for the real reason? The love that my fiancé and I have for each other. I never go to a wedding expecting any of my food preferences to be represented. I go to celebrate the couple. Does anyone have any advice on how to respond to these things? I've been sticking to my guns and saying that there will be plenty of amazing things for them to eat, and then I change the subject. Is there a way to make them stop voicing this very rude opinion? Post Date: 01/05/18, Replies: 28 01/05/18 28
Why did you go vegan? Not so long ago I did a survey and asked people why they decided to become vegan (or why they chose a vegan diet). I got a massive response with over 7,000 people filling it in. If you're interested in the results I made a video about it. Feel free to let me know why you also went vegan :) Post Date: 01/01/18, Replies: 4 01/01/18 4
Merry Vegan Christmas! On Christmas Eve and Day I'm going to have oatmeal cooked in water flavored with mulling spices, with canned pumpkin and maple syrup for breakfast. I'm also making one of those Tofurky Hasselback Hams that is trending now (the recipe is all over the place, you put slices of green apple and springs of fresh rosemary inside the vegan "ham" while it bakes with the glaze), with vegan stuffing, broccoli or green beans, and cranberry sauce for dinner. I'm also loving listening to Christmas Jazz. Merry Christmas!... and Happy Holidays to those of you who don't celebrate Christmas! Post Date: 12/28/17, Replies: 1 12/28/17 1
Long-life health plan Make half of your diet vegetables - food high in antioxidants. A quarter in proteins and a quarter in complex carbohydrates. Eat more wholegrain foods as fibre becomes more important as you get older. Healthy fats from plants, such as those in nuts, olives and legumes reduce inflammation in your body, greatly reducing your risk of many major diseases. Don’t forget moderate physical activity. The more energy you expend today, the more energised you will be tomorrow. Your physical strength, heart health and breathing ability aren’t bottoming out just because you’re getting older. If they’ declined, it’s most likely because you’re been sitting around instead of working your muscles regularly. Post Date: 12/28/17, Replies: 0 12/28/17 0
Non-Vegan/Vegetarian looking for help Hi, I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but looking to incorporate more vegetarian or vegan meals into my diet (maybe become a vegetarian or vegan no promises). That being said I have to go grocery shopping soon and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of recipes or foods I should buy as someone who is clueless when it comes to this. I tried a vegan meal for lunch one time and idk but I had a massive headache afterwards. Not sure why but I'm curious to try this again. Any help is appreciated! Thank you Post Date: 12/26/17, Replies: 17 12/26/17 17
Information regarding vegetarian product Hi, When I was younger my then step mother was vegetarian and would buy a canned product that came out whole and we would slice up. I thought it was Nutolene, however the product we used to eat was white and very delicious. It had a very smooth and soft texture. I have been looking for ages and can't seem to find this product. Can any one out there help with a name? I am talking about the late 70's early 80's. Thank you. Post Date: 12/26/17, Replies: 1 12/26/17 1
Dealing with negativity Hi all I have been vegan for about 6 months and it feels so right to me. I’m not one of those preachy vegans and feel everybody has the right to eat what feels right to them. However I’ve noticed that when at a social event, people feel the right to criticise me and my choices and make derogatory comments despite me not saying anything negative to them. Can anybody offer any advice on how to deal with this? At the moment I feel I should stop being vegan at social events just to stop this negativity which I don’t want to do but I feel stuck. Can anybody help me on this one? Post Date: 12/26/17, Replies: 8 12/26/17 8
Animal materials in secondhand clothes? Greetings community, I have a question about a certain purchasing scenario that I am uncertain is appropriate in a consistently vegan lifestyle. I am faithfully vegan for a full year now--no dairy, no eggs, no gelatin, no leather, no wool, no honey, down to the detail as best as I can. Even if I am unsure of the material of a product, I don't buy it. I do this due to my personal lifestyle preferences and my desire to be dedicated to animals in the most earnest way I can. I am not trying to impress anybody or be better than anyone else. I am curious now about the implication of buying secondhand clothing that includes animal materials from places like Goodwill or other used clothing stores. Obviously the element of patronizing companies that inflict the abuse on animals is removed. I am concerned about whether it is still inappropriate, just due to the symbolization--the knowledge that I am wearing remnants of an animal who was probably brutally mistreated and who is probably no longer living. I tried imaging the analogous situation of wearing a coat of my deceased dog's fur. Is it disrespectful? Is it grotesque? Additionally, is it hypocritical? When we wear t-shirts with logos on it for example, we are essentially advertising the company to those who view our attire. Even if I did not purchase the item from the producer, am I advertising the item to those who view it and might like it? Is this acceptable if I am a person who verbally discourages the purchase of such materials when asked of my views? I ask because my mother has a long wool coat that she no longer fits that she thinks looks spectacular on me and offered to hand it down to me. I know the purchasing has already been done by my mother, but I wore it that first day with a recurring and heavy feeling of guilt, as though I was disrespecting the sheep/lamb who produced the material. I am unsure if I am just being overly sensitive and ridiculous or if there is actual merit to the perception of wearing the coat as inappropriate, being a dedicated vegan. Please share your thoughts, but please don't make fun of me if you don't understand my reservations. This is a serious concern of mine and I am seeking other viewpoints, not ridicule. Thank you! Post Date: 12/24/17, Replies: 1 12/24/17 1
Any vegan food at Sheremetyevo airport? Does anyone know if you can get real -vegan- food anywhere at Sheremetyevo airport (Moscow)? /Paul Post Date: 12/19/17, Replies: 5 12/19/17 5
Don't abuse the forum To all members of Happy Cow I regularly check what's new on the forum and it seems that recently the amount of weird topics little to no related to veganism is skyrocketing. This post wants to make clear that the forum should be used for vegetarian/vegan topics rather than unrelated theories or even advertisements. I kindly ask every member to use the forum as it is meant to be. Thank you Climate Change is Real Post Date: 12/15/17, Replies: 0 12/15/17 0
How often do you cheat? I am new to this forgive me. I am trying to eat no animal products and avoid gluten. When I have control over my schedule and situation this is not difficult. I cheat sometimes, usually in social gatherings (like birthday parties). Nobody wants to be "that guy" that spoils a birthday party by saying "no dude I don't want to celebrate with you by eating animals, by the way happy birthday." How often do you cheat? Do you feel bad? Is there forgiveness? How do you change? How do you deal with social pressure? Post Date: 12/12/17, Replies: 19 12/12/17 19
Sources of Energy Other than Caffeine Hi fellow vegans, I'm looking to lower my caffeine intake and am wondering if anyone can recommend any alternative sources of energy. Are there any foods or natural herbs/supplements I should know about? Thanks in advance :) S Post Date: 12/10/17, Replies: 2 12/10/17 2
Vegan Cafe Questionaire for project report Hello, I was wondering if you could spare around 5 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire. It is to support my project report for my Business Investigation Level 5 module. The questionnaire can be found here: The research will focus on gathering information to support the feasibility of starting up a Vegan Café in Haslemere, Surrey, and a general understanding of veganism and planet-based diets to support the main target groups. The questionnaire is open to all although the emphasis is towards those living, working and visiting Haslemere, Surrey due to the potential location of the start up. At the beginning of the questionnaire I had to include research information and participation consent which was easier to include than give out separately, however a hard/electronic copy can be given. Please ensure you complete all questions to enable a complete questionnaire response. I appreciate your help and participation in the questionnaire which supports my project report. Many Thanks, Carmen (University of Essex Online) Questionnaire Link: Post Date: 12/09/17, Replies: 0 12/09/17 0
Vegans and Coffee I am just wondering how many Vegans use coffee. I know a lot of downsides, as well as a few upsides. I know there are a lot of coffee joints that have vegan options, more so than "normal" cafes, often. I have even known some medicinal uses for it, but when taken daily, less useful. So, I'm just curious how many of you use it, why or why not, and what reactions y'all have from it and so forth. Thanks y'all. Post Date: 12/07/17, Replies: 40 12/07/17 40
Vegan Backpacking Boots I'm going on school-mandated backpacking trip for a month this summer in the mountains but I'm having trouble finding vegan backpacking boots. I've found some hiking shoes but I don't think they're durable enough. Does anybody know of a good brand or pair of boots? Post Date: 12/02/17, Replies: 5 12/02/17 5
I NEED YOUR HELP! - Dissertation Research Hi everyone! I am currently in my final year of university, writing up my dissertation. I am researching into the environment, the future of cities and how we will live in the future. I believe veganism will be a strong part of peoples lifestyles in the future, as awareness of agriculture and the meat and dairy industry is already rising. It would be great if some of you could answer some questions for my research to help me understand why some people are already making this change. It is not a necessity to answer all the questions and any insights will be helpful. · How long have you been vegan? · Why are you vegan, what triggered you to make this decision? · Where did you hear about veganism? · Before you became vegan what were your views on it? · How often do you create your own recipes? Where do you get your inspiration from? · Is there certain places you look for recommendations to live a vegan lifestyle? E.g. of restaurants, recipes, products · How has this decision effected other aspects of your life? · Do you feel veganism has changed your views on any other sectors? So do you buy into different products than you used you? [outside the food sector] · Do you feel veganism has became more of a trend in recent years? · Do you feel your decisions have created an impact on the environment? If so, is it positive or negative? · What is your knowledge of environmental issues? · Were you aware of environmental issues prior to turning vegan? Or has this lifestyle enlightened you on more issues? Thank you for your help! Post Date: 11/29/17, Replies: 0 11/29/17 0
connecting packaged meat to cow, chicken.. I'm having trouble keeping my mental connection between the packaged meat, and the animal suffering I see on the screen-I feel like I should be having a visceral reaction to visualizing the meat I crave, and have my mind then connect to the image of suffering and identify with that. is there some kind of way to galvanize inside me this connection-to feel it versus just think it? Post Date: 11/27/17, Replies: 5 11/27/17 5

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