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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Help Needed for Dissertation on Veganism Hey Guys, I am a masters student based in London and I am currently working on my dissertation and as a vegan, I found it interesting to focus my research on Veganism and consumer behaviour. I would appreciate it if you guys could take my survey. It takes only 3 minutes and respondents are anonymous and no data is stored. Thank you all in advance for helping me out Link to survey here: Post Date: 07/21/17, Replies: 2 07/21/17 2
Best Vegan Cook Book I'm looking to buy a - OK probably two Vegan Cook Books and I don't have much money so I would really appreciate it if you guys could let me know your favourites and why. :) Post Date: 07/21/17, Replies: 10 07/21/17 10
UK-Warburtons Bread products- mostly vegan I was hungry and the only bread available was Warburtons toastie- called up the customer helpline and they said that all their products are suitable for vegans except the milk rolls/loaf and assured me that none of the E numbers are animal derived. Post Date: 07/21/17, Replies: 4 07/21/17 4
Survey- Dissertation Research Hello, I am a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Indiana State University. I am currently conducting my dissertation research and I am examining different relationships between healthy eating behaviors and mental health. For my research, I am particularly interested in those individuals who engage in healthy behavior patterns. As members of the Healthy Cow, I am inviting you to participate in my study. Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card! The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please click on the following link to take you to my survey. Thank you! Bethany Garcia Post Date: 07/19/17, Replies: 3 07/19/17 3
Vegan fashion - feedback needed :) Hi guys, About a year ago I decided I’d had enough of shopping from fashion brands that don’t share my vegan life outlook. But on the other hand, it was too time-consuming to search the net for everyday items from vegan-only brands or to sift through so-called vegan-friendly sites, and so on. My vegan husband and I decided there must be a better way for us to get our hands on everything we need in one place, so we created Phloem. It works just like Etsy -different brands, different styles and different price points. We launched two days ago, and I would love to get some feedback from you. What would you like to see? What do you need? And so on. Check us out at Can’t wait to hear from you Nofar Post Date: 07/19/17, Replies: 0 07/19/17 0
Vegan with cat (food)? Alright, so I became a vegetarian around 3 yrs ago, and been vegan for about a year. I was turned (from being a voracious carnivore) by an intellectual argument with a friend (which I think, more than anything, just made me face what I already always knew). The intellectual questions I wrestled with after becoming vegetarian I eventually resolved by becoming vegan -- however the conundrum I am pondering now I am unable to resolve. And I am reminded of it every time I crack open a can of food for my two cats. Cats, unlike people, have clearly not evolved for a vegan diet. They are carnivores through and through. So to keep them, I must feed them meat, which I am only able to get, really, through industrial agriculture, as all cat food is made through the "byproducts" of this grizzly industry. So I essentially sustain the happiness of my cats through the suffering of other creatures. But what alternative is there, really? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, Andrey Post Date: 07/17/17, Replies: 22 07/17/17 22
TheTeenyTurnip Vegan T-Shirts Hello, I have recently started a shop selling hand-designed vegan t-shirts. I am vegan myself and wish to promote the vegan lifestyle. There are currently two designs, and many more to come! Please check out my shop, and like my facebook page for updates. Thanks Post Date: 07/12/17, Replies: 0 07/12/17 0
Pre-scientific work: survey Hey guys! I am a 17-year old student from Austria and I have to write a pre-scientific work about veganism. Therefore I created a survey. It would be great if as many vegans as possible filled out the Survey. Thank you in advance! Post Date: 07/12/17, Replies: 0 07/12/17 0
Survey about Vegetarian and Vegan Media Hi Happy Cow community! I'm a PhD student at the University of Colorado, and I'm conducting research on how different dietary groups use vegetarian and vegan media resources. I'm trying to understand the extent to which these media resources can help people maintain and understand their dietary choices, or transition from one diet to another. Please take my survey: Your response will be anonymous, and the first page of the survey will give you more information about my research aims. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, and is open to citizens or residents of the U.S. who are 18 years of age or older. All dietary groups are welcome to participate! Thanks and let me know if you have any questions! :) Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 1 07/11/17 1
Tastiest Tofu? Hello! I'm new to Happy Cow and have been living a plant-based diet for about 8 weeks now and feel great! I'm experimenting with different recipes and am looking for a tofu brand that tastes very mild, without the "nutty" taste. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!! Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 7 07/11/17 7
The Best Vegan Candy Hey guys and gals! I know being vegan can be tough when all of your friends are eating milk chocolate, ice cream and gummy bears. But fear not! There is plenty of vegan candy out there if you know where to look. Luckily for you, the guys over at have put together an awesome list of vegan candy and treats for everyone to enjoy! Head on over there to find the best vegan gummy worms, marshmallows and chocolate. Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 1 07/11/17 1
Excellent All Around Vegan Website... Hi again all. I stumbled on a great website and just couldn't help but share it. Apologies if it's already somewhere here, but if it is I haven't seen it. It is by far the most concise rebuttal to arguments against veganism that I have seen to date, and is brilliantly put together. It also touches on many subjects important to veganism, has sources cited, and links to other reading. It is quite long and wordy, but I would highly recommended that everyone read even a portion of it if you haven't already. The web page is titled "But Lions Eat Meat" (I think), and the site itself is "vegan Future Now". If you click on the logo at the top of the page it will take you to their homepage. All-in-all an excellent resource. Copy and paste the URL below into your browser search: Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 1 07/11/17 1
Vegan Survey Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my research assignment about veganism by completing my survey? It was originally made for teenagers to complete but there has been a slight change in plans and now anyone of any age can do it. Thank you to anyone in advance :) The link is here: Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 1 07/11/17 1
McDonalds French fries Are they suitable for vegetarians? I ask this because one facebook post said that the preparation involves the use of grease that is derived from pork lard. The McDonalds UK website denies it. But I dont see any english faq in the McDonals Korea website. Can any koreans answer this plese? Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 13 07/11/17 13
Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting - UK petition Hi animal lovers. I grew up in the Kent countryside where fox hunting was common. This horrific past time was banned in 2004 but there is a chance the UK law will bring this terrible "sport" back. More info below and the of course the petition link Post Date: 07/10/17, Replies: 0 07/10/17 0
4000Cal Vegetarian diet/not bodybuilder I need help. I'm a 5'7 & half 25yr old female. Who is intake gaskets way too much. I eat on average 4-5thousand Cal's per day. My exercise is walking I lose 1-2thousand Cal's x day. I'm still in taking around the same amount. I'm not athletic nor am I planning on being a body builder. I try to stay awake from dairy and eggs but Am a Lacto-Ovotarian. Before all hell brakeslose on me please read my profile. I do respect Every one's choice. I in my personal choice became a vegetarian 2yrs ago due to bad health. I had to get cancer biobsy, had tremors was in Dystonia clinics and more. So please respect my personal choice. In saying that I know there are Good Helpful People (still have hope) and Need help to reduce my intake. How do Vegans Or other vegetarian s Stay away from in taking such high Cal's. Now once again I don't want to be discriminated and Judged by anyone that "well honey eggs sometimes and milk are your problems" Thank you Post Date: 07/09/17, Replies: 3 07/09/17 3
Vegan and anxiety I've been eating vegan for 3 weeks and I love it. I've been feeling on top of the world. Really happy. But.... eating vegan is causing my anxiety disorder to scare me. My head felt light and my body felt so weak. I was going to go to the hospital I was so sick with anxiety. Instead, I ate some fish, a boiled egg and a slice of deli roast beef. About 15 minutes or so I those feelings and symptoms were gone. I want to stay vegan but I don't want to feel like I'm losing my mind. Please, I need advice. Post Date: 07/08/17, Replies: 3 07/08/17 3
Popsicle Therapy Cooking Class Nothing beats enjoying a popsicle on those hot summer days. Organic Grill now offers frozen treats for your office or summer party! We offer endless flavor combinations, ice cream sandwiches that were just featured on Insider Dessert, and some boozy cocktail ice pops. We can... - stock your office freezer - pour champagne over the popsicles for your next event - deliver to a park picnic - make your next gathering epic Orders need to be placed 24 hours in advance and delivery fees may apply. Please contact Julia 267.231.5149 to place your orders! Social media information ….. Popsicle Making Class Coming This July! Check our Facebook page - the organic grill Post Date: 07/06/17, Replies: 0 07/06/17 0
Getting Other People to Be Veg*an? Greetings, I have a question--have any of you here successfully gotten someone else to become a vegetarian or a vegan? The reason I ask is because that is one of the most powerful ways to make the world better, for so many reasons, but yet once one is a vegan, then to multiply the positive effect one has on this world due to not eating meat and other animal products, one kind of has to spread the message and convince others to follow. Of course, there are all too many people who aren't very receptive to this message, even a lot of people who I would consider to otherwise be quite liberal and willing to change their lifestyle. So for those of you who have found success, what did you do? I am guessing one thing that helps is connecting more to people's hearts, which can be a bit difficult for someone like me in the scientific community (just all the facts about veganism is good enough for me--for example, with meat production being a huge generator of greenhouse gases, or even the antibiotic resistance caused by the meat industry would by themselves be almost sufficient for me to become vegetarian or vegan if I were somehow still eating meat). But most people aren't convinced that easily. (What got me to originally be a vegetarian at age 18 was simply losing my appetite at the thought of animals being slaughtered, but I didn't really have much appetite for meat beforehand, so I can't fully empathize with those who might like meat but otherwise understand our message.) So, I am a bit frustrated that I haven't yet changed anybody to become vegan. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps there are only a few of us who are good enough at leading to really touch others in a big way like this. For now, I do a lot of small things, including bringing in good foods like fruits and nuts for the break room table at work for people to snack on (though that's also to offset the junk food that coworkers sometimes bring in) and take people to vegetarian/vegan restaurants when they visit or otherwise want to meet up with me (and of course recommend those restaurants (and various foods/dishes) to people I might not normally eat with). Obviously, I contribute vegan food whenever there's a food drive as well. Any thoughts? Thanks! Post Date: 07/04/17, Replies: 9 07/04/17 9
I created t-shirt special for vegans and v Hey guys! We made LIMITED EDITION "I don't eat meat" t-shirts! Need your oppinion, tell us what do you think about t-shirt design and what could be improved. Here are link: Buying t-shirt, you donate for kids charity! Have a wonderful day guys! :) Post Date: 07/04/17, Replies: 6 07/04/17 6
Am I cheating? I have been vegan for 5 years now. Nothing is more disgusting than meat to me. I am proud to be vegan, and love animals so much. I can never stand suffering of any animals. I even save spiders and put them outside instead of hurting them. I never have ANY desire to eat meat or dairy. BUT, there are places, ONLY with pastries, I sometimes have them, made with dairy and eggs. This problem happens once a year or twice a year. For example, a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and Mexican sweet breads or Cuban Portos bakeries guava pastry. They have been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember. But can't eat them. Is this really bad, please give me your opinions. Post Date: 07/01/17, Replies: 3 07/01/17 3
unsupportive family, what should I do Hi everyone, I've been vegan for 2 years now and absolutely loving it. I went vegan as a way to cope with a previous unhealthy relationship with food but with time and after a lot of research, I have become very passionate about animals and the planet and am vegan for these reasons. However, my family (mostly my parents) are absolutely against it - still to this day. They believe that I am being intolerant and that they have to change and adapt to my lifestyle and stay quiet but whenever I have to adapt, I am never willing. By this I mean that my parents think it would be fair if I ate animal products out of love for them so that I would be more sociable and accepting. I have never done such thing and as much as I want to make them the happiest parents ever, I just can't imagine myself eating anything non-vegan. On my birthday, I asked my mum if everyone could eat vegan as it would make me extremely happy, but my mum got so mad and said that I was forcing my beliefs onto them and that on her birthday she would make me eat meat and that would be considered the same as them eating vegan. I have never been able to show my mum documentaries and everything I say apparently comes from 'bad sources' and I am totally brainwashed to her eyes. My mum cries a lot about the fact that I am vegan and she says she is suffering and that it is too difficult for her. My parents believe in humane slaughter and that eating eggs is ok because it's not killing anything. I have tried everything to share my knowledge but without any success. I don't know what to do because this is really affecting my relationship with my parents and I don't want to hurt them but at the same time I am so hurt that they think I am doing this on purpose/that I am intolerant/ that me eating meat is the same as them having to eat vegan. I would just love to find a way to make them understand that truth from an objective point of view because whenever it comes from me or a website they lack trust. Does anyone have advice? Post Date: 07/01/17, Replies: 1 07/01/17 1
Vegan Activism: next steps Hi everyone. Recently veganism has become less of a personal issue and more about how animal agriculture is ingrained in our society and kept in place by the size and money of big corporations. I desperately want to get involved in bigger-picture activism, but have no idea where to start. All advice is appreciated, thank you in advance. Post Date: 06/30/17, Replies: 1 06/30/17 1
Vegan arguments for fish farms? Hi everyone :) I've been vegan for a couple of years now and - as i'm sure all of you do - often get ask questions about my choices. I like to be well informed and educated to offer people the undeniable truth that veganism is THE best option for our health/enironment/ethical and moral codes blah blah blah. I think most people believe passionately in at least one of those categories and that each section of carnism (dairy, eggs, meat, fish etc) can be contested by every single one of them in turn. SO. Obviously we all know the ethical (duh, fish have feelings too), health (high in fat and cholesterol, ingest pollutants, mercury) and environmental (No fish in oceans by 2048, trapping other fish in net etc.) implications of farmed ocean/fresh water fish. And the first two mostly hold true for those in fish farms (where fish are raised and 'harvested' - gross wording - in tanks or enclosures). But are there any environmental issues associated with them? I'm guessing there aren't any pollutants and they can't be overfished because it's a supply and demand chain so they would just grow some more if needed. But is there a problem with the feed they give them or where they get the fish eggs from or are they inbred even?!?!? Any insights (and references please) would be super helpful :) Just trying to get the tools to throw down those knowledge bombs! cheers xxx Post Date: 06/30/17, Replies: 7 06/30/17 7
"What the health" Netflix documentary. Okay hi guys. So I am new here.. I became vegaterian very recently, I am looking for advice. I live in the U.K. and I am wanting advice from (mainly) UK veggies. As you can guess by the title of this topic. I became vegaterian because of the documentary "what the health", if it was a documentary to scaremongour then that's surely what it did for me! So I have some questions. What are the big things to look out for on packaging? What are some animal products that are hard to find n packaging that I really need to keep my eyes peeled for? What do I need to know as a newly found vegaterian? Where can I find tofu? What kinds of tofu are best? What about Quran? And is there anything else I haven't cleared up? If so please feel free to inform me! Post Date: 06/28/17, Replies: 2 06/28/17 2
Veganism and Vegetarianism Hello everyone!, Im currently a year 12 student and focusing on Veganism and Vegetarianism for one of my major assignments. I am a passionate vegetarian myself and am really interested in this topic. I have conducted a survey and was hoping to get as many results as possible. If you have a moment, please fill out my survey, express your opinions and help me with my year 12 studies. link: Thankyou in advannce! Jess :) Post Date: 06/19/17, Replies: 0 06/19/17 0
I started a new blog for DFW area vegans! It's rather new but I hope to connect vegans and vegan restaurants in the DFW area. Stop by and give a follow! Post Date: 06/08/17, Replies: 0 06/08/17 0

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