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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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How To Get All Perscriptions Made Vegan. I prefer herbal remedies in general, and to be truly vegan one must also use only vegan medicines. It is easy to get vegan dentistry, medicines and surgery these days with the abundance of synthetic medicines. Herbal medicines are mostly free from all animal abuse although some experimentation on animals may have existed unnecessarily in some countries or in history. Perhaps most of the pharmaceutical medicines do have a history of vivisection and animal experiments associated with them, and that is truly wrongful, but when facing serious pain from a surgery or needing an antibiotic, life and death or extreme discomfort can be on the line. For vegan pharmaceuticals simply go to a qualified 'Compounding Pharmacy.' At these pharmacies the pills are made for the patient. They make pills for vegans, people who want no salt, no sugar, nor dyes etc. They can meet your specific needs. I needed some Ibuprofen after dental surgery and had some vegan pills made for me. It costs more than over the counter medicine, but Advil uses crushed bugs for the red color of the pills and bees wax to make the pills shine although the active ingredients are vegan. In my case I had to use both vegan pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine to overcome the pain. There can be contraindications for mixing herbs with pharmaceuticals so always work with your doctor, with the pharmacist and with a state licensed herbal doctor for the best results. Compounding Pharmacies will only make you pills with a prescription even if it is over the counter medicine made vegan. Post Date: 11/24/17, Replies: 5 11/24/17 5
Happy Thanksgiving to Happy Cow Community Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Tofurkey Day to all Happy Cow Community members. I am thankful to be a vegan and vegetarian for many years. I am thankful for all who share ideas, thoughts, feelings, and wisdom on this forum. I read everyone's posts and share and comment when I feel I can contribute to the conversation in a positive vegan and sustainable earth and metaphysical minded way. Thankful for living on this beautiful planet. It's one of a kind in the universe. Look at the stars at night and you will see how special planet Earth really is. Wish you all the most abundant blessings on this wonderful day. Spread the love and joy. We are all one in spirit. Post Date: 11/23/17, Replies: 1 11/23/17 1
Vegans and Coffee I am just wondering how many Vegans use coffee. I know a lot of downsides, as well as a few upsides. I know there are a lot of coffee joints that have vegan options, more so than "normal" cafes, often. I have even known some medicinal uses for it, but when taken daily, less useful. So, I'm just curious how many of you use it, why or why not, and what reactions y'all have from it and so forth. Thanks y'all. Post Date: 11/21/17, Replies: 37 11/21/17 37
Vegan sausages/tofu from the brand taifun Hello, I'm Jérémie, 26. I've been vegan for over 3 years now and I have no intention to stop. I want to be active in the vegan community as I consider going vegan to be one the best thing I have ever done. I am working on a recipe website where I also want to review some vegan products (food, shoes etc.) I made my first video. I'm not quite satisfied about it but, it's not so bad for a first try and, I will try and improve everything I can for the next one. I already know how to improve my image quality. So stay tuned for the next one. ;) This is about the brand Taifun! If you don't know it yet, I recommend you to check the video description. Lots of links. :) Have a wonderful day! Jérémie PS: I don't get any money from Taifun. Post Date: 11/21/17, Replies: 0 11/21/17 0
I ACCIDENTALLY ATE MEAT LAST NIGHT!!!!! Im a wreck!!!! Ive been vegetarian for 5-6 years now and last night i went out to eat diner with friends, i orderd some pasta and a side of fries(im not vegan so there was cheese and sour cream) with jelepeno peppers and after i scarfed down my meal i noticed disgusting little brown chunks at the bottom of my dish....... BACON!!!!!! My friend who used to be a vegetarian calmed me down at the scene but i cant handle myself i feel horrible!!! i debated whether to go waste my $30 meal by forcing myself to throw up but i decided against it (due to the fact i would look rediculous on front of my friends leaving to go throw up) now i dont know what to do i have dead rotting pig flesh in my system!!! I need Advice!!! should i do a fast or a colon cleanse??? take a laxative?? Post Date: 11/20/17, Replies: 8 11/20/17 8
Survey on your veganism Hi! I am an exchange student from Italy currently living in Massachusetts and what I need is 1 minute (literally) of your time to complete my survey (only 2 questions). Thank you very much! Post Date: 11/19/17, Replies: 0 11/19/17 0
Just found this ad0rable vegan ring - eBay Hi everybody! Imma newbie Vegan; wanted to purchase a new accessory to show my friends circle of my new and awesome way of living, Cheapest I could find of this style is this: Can you recommend any other products of this kind? Waiting for your comments! ♥ Post Date: 11/18/17, Replies: 0 11/18/17 0
Help a newbie out! Hello, I have long wanted to try to convert to a vegetarian diet but it is something very difficult for me since I love cooking and my cooking knowledge all rotates around using meats. In the past year, I have been buying much less meat and I realized that I did not enjoy the taste of meat overall. So why bother buying meat if 1. I do not enjoy the taste 2. I dont enjoy the way farms and industries treat the livestock in their lifetime 3. Its costly 4. has huge environmental impact. 5. I asked myself: Would I be able to kill, clean and prepare a cow ? In my case, I do not believe I would be able to coup with killing a cow/pig that I have been around and taken care of. So I decided to quit red meats. Although, without explaining my reasoning find that eating poultry and fish is fine by my standards. Although, I do not always buy chicken because I know they dont have good quality life, so I tend to favor fish and seafood over chicken. Thus, I want to try a pescetarian diet, but I need help figuring out what should I buy? Ive read several forums but they always recommend the same stuff like almonds milk, veggies, beans, etc. The problem is that I find that with these ingredients, you cant really cook. I know these foods are good supplements for a healthy diet, but I dont see how you can set up a nice meal with those. So I wanted to see if someone could help me with a grocery list that would allow me to prepare nice and tasty meals, not just supplements/replacements and salads. For me, eating is a fun experience. So I want to combine the fun of cooking with a pescetarian diet *pescetarian means eating fish and seafood, no red meat. So if someone could sharetheir grocery list and their meal plans it would help me understand how to set up my grocery/cooking. Post Date: 11/18/17, Replies: 4 11/18/17 4
Vegans- do you use vegan skin care? Just curious about the type of cosmetics or skin care products you use. Are they vegan or no? I didn't even think about the products I put on my skin until just recently and I was shocked when I found out what is actually in make up and beauty products! Post Date: 11/15/17, Replies: 13 11/15/17 13
How far to go with Vegetarianism/veganism I've watched Earthlings. It scared me. I want this world to change. I'm not a perfect Vegan at all, maybe this means I can't even call myself a Vegan because Veganism seeks to exclude, as far as possible to not cause suffering to animals at all.... and it must be possible to not hurt but it's about finding the way and gaining the knowledge which I don't think I have, fully. I believe in Veganism though. When I was vegetarian I did what I could to avoid dairy because I knew it fuelled the meat industry: dairy cow mothers are forcefully impregnated over and over until they can't anymore, slaughtered at 4yrs when they're done and can't produce any more. And baby cows' flesh are contained in Parmesan cheese! How cruel :( .... but should we make our cats and dogs vegan? Should we even have cats dogs, chickens as pets? Shouldn't we just let them free. Yet can we say zoos are entirely cruel when a lot of them protect animals from being endangered and ...eaten! Should we save zebras from lions if we could? How far can we give animals rights before some of them begin to hurt us? As some cannot reason...:/ these are still questions I feel are hard to answer. I believe trying to pursue so called 'Veganism' is a compassionate way of living don't force my views on others because I can understand different situations, eg, culture, and partly because I don't feel like I'm personally perfectly avoiding all of the suffering, because I know that I am force fed animal products at times by my parents and also am faced with situations where I can't find vegan food options and have to be flexible. Bananas, coconuts,white sugar, palm oil, a lot of alcohol+drinks, tattoo ink, countless cosmetic and household products etc the list goes on .when it comes to animal suffering..Vegans don't touch those!? But there are just so many things that exploit animals!! What about countless plant productions that kill animals!? Can there be a way of eliminating all of this suffering? Post Date: 11/15/17, Replies: 6 11/15/17 6
Vegetarian wedding: people are disapponted I'm getting married in a few weeks and while I am super excited to be marrying the lad of my life, there is a small issue that keeps rearing its ugly head: the wedding menu. I've been vegetarian for 13 years. Plenty of time for everyone around me to get used to it. But as we were planning, a startling number of people (my parents included) started remarking on how they would never want to go to a vegetarian wedding and that it's unfair of me to pressure my guests into eating like I do. After all, don't I always get a vegetarian option?? My answer was yes, I get a vegetarian option. That option is ALWAYS an after thought. It's usually white flour pasta which I don't eat anyway. Pair that with the fact that I can eat almost nothing at the cocktail hour, and you've got one hungry guest. I find it hurtful that people including my family, are saying this. Why can't they come to the wedding for the real reason? The love that my fiancé and I have for each other. I never go to a wedding expecting any of my food preferences to be represented. I go to celebrate the couple. Does anyone have any advice on how to respond to these things? I've been sticking to my guns and saying that there will be plenty of amazing things for them to eat, and then I change the subject. Is there a way to make them stop voicing this very rude opinion? Post Date: 11/15/17, Replies: 23 11/15/17 23
Fast food Does anyone know of any fast food restaurants that are strictly vegan/vegetarian? Similar to McDonalds, KFC etc? Post Date: 11/15/17, Replies: 5 11/15/17 5
New Vegan Products/ kitchen share needed Hi there, I'm in the process of developing delicious, nutritious vegan/allergen free treats but am finding it very difficult to find a vegan kitchen to share..cross contamination's a big issue since I intend to produce a vegan, gluten free, nut free, soya free products. If anyone out there has any suggestions or knows anyone I could ask or anyone who could help that would be wonderful. thanks in advance :-) Post Date: 11/13/17, Replies: 0 11/13/17 0
Q: Definitely no lamb restaurants? Hi, Vegan here with an honest question. No vegan or veg restaurants in my area, but the most vegan-friendly one isn't listed. I wonder if it's because they serve lamb.. Lamb is the only meat on the menu. Other than feta or maybe a taziki sauce, there's no other animal products on the menu, and most of the dishes side dishes are either already vegan or easily made vegan by holding the feta. It's the most vegan-friendly Mediterranean restaurant I've ever been to and a local vegan favorite. I was going to submit it but see the prohibition against places that serve lamb. According to Google, lamb is any sheep under one year of age. As we all know, chickens, turkeys and pigs are all killed under the age of 1 as well. Are the victims of the lamb industry any less babies than the victims of other meats (other than veal, of course, which are actually tiny babies). My concern is that vegans visiting or new to my area will miss one of their best places to get a good vegan meal, with lots of variety. Should I try to submit the place? Are exceptions made on Happy Cow listings? Is there something about lamb that makes it worse than other young animals being killed? Seems like a strange limitation to me. Please advise. Thank you! Post Date: 11/09/17, Replies: 7 11/09/17 7
Bloating (Pls help a fellow vegan) Hello everyone!! :) So, I guess this is not too uncommon among vegans (I did research but everyone has a different lifestyle) Here's my problem: My stomach bloats. Not in the gassy way, I don't fart a lot(what a good intro, isn't it? ;D). But I mean bloating in the balloony way. I am 19 and female, I think it's more common among females? (guessing from having seen more female youtubers talking about that problem) Some information on my lifestyle: I was a vegetarian at the age of 10 until I became vegan more than 2 years ago. There have never been any sudden and quick changes in my lifestyle resulting into problems. From being vegan I've gained many benefits, except for having had strong irregularities within my period, now it's more regular and I get my period every 6 weeks which I enjoy :) (went to 2 different gynecologists before who said that everything is fine) Also my stomach would be super flat in the morning, but I know as soon as I eat something I have to wave goodbye to that flatness. And it's an unnatural type of bloating, not resulting of overeating. I always make jokes that I look 2 months pregnant when it's at it's fullest potential :D I love, LOVE, oatmeal. I eat it everyday (up to 0,2lcup with soymilk, mostly in the morning). Could it be that my body needs some nutrients which oatmeal has? because I crave that stuff everyday. Anyway, besides that I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, also nuts, dried fruits, dates, beans, bread, and sometimes rice, soup and other cooked stuff. I don't eat a lot of cooked food. One could say I am a half raw-vegan, I just really like it simple and easy to prepare. The food tastes very yummy already the way it is to me. I do restrain myself from eating much food that is high in calories though, like bread, nuts, dates, rice. And I rarely eat unhealthy. In general I don't eat big meals, like a plate of rice with salad for example. I'd mix for example a little bit of rice with a little bit of salad and or other stuff and eat little portions during the day. That's just how I prefer it. (Another example for what I eat during a day would be: first meal like a cup of oatmeal+soymilk maybe a banana or apple to that, later a salad and maybe a small portion rice or bread. Some snacks, could be a few nuts, bread, one or two dates or fruits like grapes that are small etc. Doesn't sound much but I don't do sports and I mainly am on the pc/draw/read/ as a hobby so not much moving included. I always try not to gain even a little bit of weight, though bloating like that makes me always feel like I might have eaten too much, and I know that I don't eat a lot but sufficient (sometimes more and sometimes less, just how I feel). It's very uncomfortable to bloat like that, especially since I already have some body-image-issues( but nothing out of the ordinary) :) Someone suggested it's because I'm so worried about my weight that I bloat (like a mind-reaction thing) Still I want to hear your suggestions and meaning, since I know I won't be truly happy with my own body until I didn't lose 2-5 kg, which would make me 100%skinny. So if there are any methods/solutions to the bloating, I'd already be more than super happy I am slim to normal, I don't do any sports though. My digestions works very fast, here some too much infromation ;-) I poop every morning, and often I'd poop 2 times a day and sometimes even 3 times. Wish my metabolism was that fast, but well I'm healthy that's nice enough! I know from former weight-loss-atempts (eating less or/and just very low-calorie-food) that I don't lose weight that easily. (Thoughh here I want to ask is it maybe because of my no-sports-lifestyle? Can you fasten up your metabolism? Could yoga help to lose weight? I might do yoga in the future because I actually like it, just don't feel like doing it any time soon. ) Ayyy, much text, sorry for that. I've had the problem for around half a year or mroe now and It's really bothering me. I'd really appreciate anything, even if someone bothers to read it :) Have a nice day! Humunuk Post Date: 11/09/17, Replies: 3 11/09/17 3
Hindered from meeting vegans? Observed problem with going vegan: People get hindered from seeing people that are only vegan. The only places I have met vegans so far has been 1. online or 2. at a carnist buddhist center. Reason: It has likely been observed that people that are vegan often move to mainly seeing other vegans; by pattern it being "felt?" as a danger that people leave those they used to know. I feel like I am suffocating. Everyone I know harm, hurt and misuse beings in their lifestyles, completely oblivious to what they do. Yet I get hindered from meeting others. Why am I being kept in a leash like this? Hindered, even trying to search online for ways to meet other vegans I get hindered as though by some collective will I feel bound by. Am I being hindered from meeting people I can actually connect with, with whom I share something based on a prediction, regardless of whether it holds true or not? In order to keep me? Some creepy ownership of me and a wanting to control me to be around specific individuals? I have a feeling that I am not the only one, its creepy and it makes me angry. I am extremely lonely. Post Date: 11/04/17, Replies: 4 11/04/17 4
Do NOT buy Bic, 3M, and Scotch! These companies all test on animals! And they are very common household products. For example, Bic pens and lighters, and 3M tape and bubble mailers. For pens, buy Pilot instead. They do not test on animals AND all of their products are free of animal ingredients, making them completely vegan! Pilot pens are very easy to find in stores, and they even make permanent markers, but I have never seen their markers in stores so you might have to order them online. Still better than Sharpies, because Sharpies have animal ingredients (animal derived pigment)! For tape, and bubble mailers and packing materials, I'm not completely sure, but I have found no evidence of Duck testing on animals. I am not positive if their stuff is all vegan, but at least its better than supporting 3M and Scotch, because 3M and Scotch test on animals! So unless someone has better info, I suggest Duck for mailers and tape. And glue! Gorilla Glue and Elmer's are both vegan! No animal testing or ingredients! The BAD: Bic 3M Scotch Sharpie The GOOD: Pilot Duck Gorilla Glue Elmer's Post Date: 11/03/17, Replies: 24 11/03/17 24
Vegetarian/vegan- and PREGNANT?!?!? So, here goes it: How does one maintain good health- all things considered with a little life inside?? Any good books we should know about?? I've read of a couple who didn't feed their child milk and only soy milk.... and let's just say it didn't end well. I am v-curious. :) I have been on and of vegetarian and now am pregnant. I am going to go see a naturopath. But if anyone has any ideas, I'm sure this could be useful for all- Sincerely, Christine Post Date: 11/02/17, Replies: 9 11/02/17 9
Non-Vegan/Vegetarian looking for help Hi, I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but looking to incorporate more vegetarian or vegan meals into my diet (maybe become a vegetarian or vegan no promises). That being said I have to go grocery shopping soon and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of recipes or foods I should buy as someone who is clueless when it comes to this. I tried a vegan meal for lunch one time and idk but I had a massive headache afterwards. Not sure why but I'm curious to try this again. Any help is appreciated! Thank you Post Date: 11/01/17, Replies: 15 11/01/17 15
Name for veganism minus medication intake? What is the name for a person that fulfills the requirements of veganism except taking medication produced through animal experimentation? Before you call this extreme; Vegans that buy from where there is produced on a meat-based energy-intake. And somewhat important: Vegans that eat greens produced on farms using animal fertilizer. Post Date: 10/31/17, Replies: 4 10/31/17 4
Capsules containing gelatin Hi all, right off the bat I'll get it out of the way: I'm not a vegetarian. I'm interested by philosophy and am inquisitive about...well, just about everything. :) I've posted this same topic on two different vegan/vegetarian forums so far today and been banned from both. At no point was I argumentative or insulting, I was banned simply for not being a vegetarian. If this is a forum exclusively for vegetarians and not for the discussion [i]of[/i] vegetarianism, please let me know and I'll move on. Right, now that that's out of the way, here's my question: It's my understanding that the capsules used to administer medicines can only be made using gelatin produced from animals. There are tablets or liquid suspension alternatives for some, but not all medicines. Would strict vegans refuse to eat such capsules? (A more philosophical question to move onto is: would you risk your health/life to avoid consuming an animal product?) Do most vegetarians know about this? The few I've met in real life had no idea. If you did know about this, have you asked your doctor for an alternative? What did they say? Some doctors don't seem to read up on this sort of thing and will simply tell you that there is no alternative. Some seem to offer alternatives, but only for specific medicines. Perhaps there's some chemical reasons that certain medicines require the use of a gelatin capsule. All replies and comments are welcome. :) ~O Post Date: 10/31/17, Replies: 10 10/31/17 10
Not wanting to loose weight Hi, since becoming a vegetarian around 6 months ago I have lost around 3/4 of a stone which I did not want to loose. I eat lots of beans and lentils bt the weight is still dropping off. I have a physical job and exercize alot so need lots of protene and fats, Any tips on good sorces of these? Thanks in advance. Tim Post Date: 10/31/17, Replies: 1 10/31/17 1
hindered from vegan contact - superficial I feel attempted mated/paired up w/ non-vegan and hindered in meeting vegans. Ending up living in a place next door to a young female also, not by actual even if seeming choice. Retaining a degree of control? Draining for ideas, using as a funnel for microbiology to particular sub-cultures in need of bio-health, their biology severely strained by the world today? It's creepy, that people get used like that. I have been trying to get to meet vegans for over a year however always meet these strange hindrances. Even manipulation with "you'd get a severely hateful person" despite that I like vegans, I don't have hate for vegans in the least bit. It's of course very provable otherwise (collective scale), visibly it's of course different, entirely. (Sarcasm) Post Date: 10/30/17, Replies: 5 10/30/17 5
Fruit gummies vegan I just realized not all fruit gummies are good for vegetarian as it have gelatine in them. Can you suggest me some good ones that are suitable? Post Date: 10/30/17, Replies: 10 10/30/17 10
Setting up a vegetarian bar ?? opinions? What are you opinions of setting up a vegetarian bar , do you think it is good idea?? Also please complete this 5 question survey thank you :) - The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback's from individual opinions and perspective of a vegetarian bar. By the end the survey results will determined the practicality of the project. Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 3 10/29/17 3
Going Vegan tomorrow, any help/advice? Tomorrow I'm waking up early and beginning my lifestyle as a vegan. Anyone have any good advice for making the transition? Or some easy recipes I can try to start off? I work a 9-5 job so the hardest part will probably be the cooking aspect... Thanks for checking out my post, I hope to hear back from some of you soon! Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 3 10/29/17 3
Body shake and cry while cooking meat Hello everyone My wife is a vegetarian from her teen age and she is 35 now.she loves to cook food but she does not feel comfortable to cook meat.sometimes she cooks chicken/fish but she never cook pork/beef because of its smell.last week,we had small family get together at wife was in the kitchen and my sister was cooking pork in the same time.suddenly my wife ran out to the backyard and started crying and shaking.its not the first time for happened before it common for vegetarian?any advice and suggeations will be appreciated. Post Date: 10/29/17, Replies: 3 10/29/17 3

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