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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Vegan Wedding Hell- Just wondering if anyone could share tips for a vegan wedding in the NJ/NY area. My fiancee and I would love something outdoors spring/summer 2017. We are also on a pretty strict budget as we are attempting to save money for a house and are both teachers. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Post Date: 12/29/16, Replies: 1 12/29/16 1
Diet and Climate Change Hi, My name is Ben I am a final year anthropology student at the University of Sussex and am looking to do some research on peoples thoughts on diet (plant based or other) in relation to the environment and more specifically climate change. This is for one of my dissertations. If any one is interested in participating please post a comment or message me, it would be really helpful. Many thanks, Ben Post Date: 12/24/16, Replies: 1 12/24/16 1
My Revelations about Vegetariansm Firstly, I apologize. I am apologize to Mother Nature for having played a part in the spilling of the blood of animals. By eating meat, I did not care that the flesh and bones of animals were as sacred as mine. I have been a hypocrite by championing human rights, but drawing an imaginary line between animals and people. I am truly sorry. I do not ask for forgiveness. Secondly, I will never have anything to do with meat again. I hope that those people that ridicule my decision can both understand the reasons for my decision which I explain in this message, and the true reason for their ridicule. I feel that I have understood the laws of nature, which rule supreme over us. Blood is red for a reason. Red is the color of danger and we see it all around us, whether as warning signs or instructions for us to stop doing something. Blood is red because it signifies danger and, when it is spilled from an animal or a human, symbolizes that something or someone is in mortal need. The spilling of blood is simply wrong, and to do so is a cardinal sin against Mother Nature. It matters not from whom or what it is spilled. When I hold food to an animal, it feels hungry and comes to me. When I chase it, it feels scared and runs from me. When I tickle its belly it rolls in delight. When I stroke its head it makes noises of approval. What these tell me is that animals have the same feelings as humans. They want to live as much as I do. They want to be loved as much as I do. They feel hungry as I do. They feel scared as I do. So why should we kill an animal and deprive it of the entitlement of life given to it by Mother Nature, the same entitlement that I hold so dearly for myself? We were never meant to eat animals, otherwise we would not have had to cook them to make them edible to us. I think the real reason for people’s ridicule of me is that it reveals their own guilt for eating meat. Nobody likes owning up to guilt, but in the long run there is no choice but to own up and correct yourself. It is never too late. There is nothing worse than doing something that you actually know is wrong. Finally, I will never forget what I toddler once told me: that you should never eat anything that has a face on it. Once again, I am sorry. Post Date: 12/24/16, Replies: 1 12/24/16 1
Is honey bad for vegetarians ? or good? Hi guys! I am a new team member. I am gonna have a clear idea about honey. I am quite sure it is bad for vegans but for vegetarians? What do you think about it? Post Date: 12/21/16, Replies: 3 12/21/16 3
VEG WEDDING! Hey all, myself and my partner are both Vegetarian (Almost vegan, so technically plant based at the moment - we're getting there!!). Our wedding is in a few months and I've been tossing up whether i should do a fully vegetarian wedding (with vegan dishes) even though most of the guests are meat eaters. I just can't bring myself to condemning those poor animals to death JUST because i dont want people to be uncomfortable with the meal choices and i figure it's ONLY one day. So surely they can suck it up. Anyways, i'm trying to think of a menu and there are a tonne of finger foods for cocktail hour etc but i'm just trying to think of some mains? We are going to do a 'shared buffet' type situation where there is about 5 mains and sides and they get spread across the middle of the trestle tables. Any suggestions for good meat eater friendly Veg meals that would work in a share situation? Post Date: 12/21/16, Replies: 3 12/21/16 3
Becoming a vegetarian.... Ethical help. Hi, I unsuccessfully tried to become a vegetarian as a child. I have always been conscious and have been una le to eat any meat where there's is a bone in site. For the last two years I have worked in a developing country and during that time I have once again questioned eating meat. I have had some unfortunate experiences here with Animal welfare and I think in the UK it's a case of out of site out of mind. So far I have given up Pork (6 months) Lamb (6 months) and Beef (1 month). I only meat I now eat is Chicken. It occurred to me recently that I was still purchasing Leather shoes etc...How can I continue this? What is the general opinion on this? I am now trying to find alternatives... Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, James Post Date: 12/18/16, Replies: 4 12/18/16 4
Need suggestion on Sprouting Hi, I want to increase sprouts intake in my diet. The only things I sprout now are moong and chickpeas. Can anyone please let me know what other varieties I can sprout and where to find the seeds? Thanks, Urmila Post Date: 12/17/16, Replies: 1 12/17/16 1
First day becoming vegetarian Help! Yesterday I decided on becoming a vegetarian. I love meat but I want to cut it completely out of my diet. My main concernes are what vitamins I should take? How do I get my iron, and protein (other then peanut butter)? Thank you for your help, and any extra advice would be wonderful. I really want this lifestyle change to work!! And I don't want to give up because my energy levels are low Post Date: 12/15/16, Replies: 9 12/15/16 9
How to promote a meet free lifestyle Does anyone know how to promote vegetarianism? I would like more people to stop eating meat. Post Date: 12/15/16, Replies: 1 12/15/16 1
Tastiest Tofu? Hello! I'm new to Happy Cow and have been living a plant-based diet for about 8 weeks now and feel great! I'm experimenting with different recipes and am looking for a tofu brand that tastes very mild, without the "nutty" taste. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!! Post Date: 12/10/16, Replies: 6 12/10/16 6
Vegetarianism Research Dear all, I am currently an undergraduate student and I am doing a research paper regarding vegetarianism. I would also like to take this chance to get to know more indepth knowledge regarding the pros and cons of vegetarianism. Therefore, i would like to find out the reasons and effects of how you became a vegetarian and why. The results would be reflected in my research paper. However, be rest assured that your identities would definitely be kept anonymous. Hence, I would appreciate it very much if you would just take some time out to fill out this short survey of 15 questions. Thank you very much! This is the link to the survey: Post Date: 12/08/16, Replies: 2 12/08/16 2
Vegan Shopping Let's say i had around $20-$25. What's a list of things i should buy for groceries if i was shopping at a Stop&Shop in NYC to last me a minimum of 7 separate meals. Post Date: 12/01/16, Replies: 1 12/01/16 1
To congratulate someone, you just have to To congratulate someone, you just have to hug him and say a few warm and sincere words. Of course, you can on this day to arrange a festive party and invite your friends to it. You can meet with colleagues and classmates, and you can just spend time with his family. It's hard to argue with the fact that we live in difficult times, when not Good rules the world. But on January 21, the International Day of hugs, even we, the common people, the power to change our lives for the better. Click Here for more detail Post Date: 11/24/16, Replies: 0 11/24/16 0
Manure free agriculture. How to make sure? I've been wandering, organic farming is preferable to conventional one for obvious health reasons. But organic farming often depends on animal manure to fertilize the soil, so the veggies are not so animal-cruelty free after all! How can one make sure this does not happen to ones food? Is there some kind of certificate for animal-free farming? Your help will be deeply appreciated! Post Date: 11/17/16, Replies: 1 11/17/16 1
How I got my husband to eat less meat My husband loves meat but he ate too much of it even if he was very aware about the risks for his health and damages caused to the environment. The nagging wife inside of me tried to convince him so many times trying to make him feel guilty… but it didn’t work. Nothing happened except for turning him very very nervous. But it got worse: the nagging wife was sick of it thus she started doing very stupid things like throwing away all the meat from the refrigerator and preparing vegetarian meals only. The first 2-3 days he reacted nicely saying things like “Thank you darling but… where is the real food here?” and after dinner he ended up eating a lot of bread, cookies or chocolate. Can you believe I was so stupid that once for dinner I prepared boiled potatoes and cabbage only? And I was pretending he liked it? Ok please, stop laughing at me! After that lame attempt the bloodthirsty beast inside of him came out scaring the nagging wife away. 1 lesson learned: I couldn’t eliminate 100% meat out of the clear blue As the nagging wife was still grounded, I became craftier and started “diluting” meat by replacing part of it with beans or mushrooms in recipes like lasagna, stew and casserole. Guess what? It didn’t work. He was complaining about how the meals weren’t as good as before. 2 lesson learned: I had to cook whether good vegetable or good meat meals instead of a strange mix. Sorry. The nagging wife is still around but it’s a good thing she is now concentrated on something else. Anyway she is proud to share with you some of my successful tactics: • Scale down the frequency gradually • Cook vegetable hamburgers and salty cakes with vegetarian side dishes. • Accompany vegetarian stew and hotpots with something substantial like potatoes and cereals (otherwise the bloodthirsty beast…). • Go into Indian and other ethnic food. India is the home of vegetarianism • Get curious (believe it or not this was no effort for me): I tried new veggie and cereals I didn’t know their existence. • Add one new ingredient at a time if you’re worried about causing allergies • Show him the bill: I took on the role of accountant (can you see the nagging wife gloating?) and proved him that we could afford local organic meat without spending more • Order first when you are out for dinner: I realized I put some unconscious pressure on him by ordering vegetarian courses before he opens his mouth. Can you imagine how much I can satisfy my untenable desire of changing him this way??? Knock knock. Uh, sorry the nagging wife is here for some advisory: • -meat = + legumes • Don’t put more cheese on his plate (it’s not very healthy and doesn’t help with global warming) If you’re wondering about me having kids, yes I have a 6 years old wonderful girl. Did this process work for her too? Yes: not too many spices, I always cook something I know she already likes, I prepare small portions and involve her mentally and practically. Ok I have to go now. I just noticed that my husband (holy man) didn’t repair the closet door yet! I have to write a note on a paper for him, text him,… PS: if you find some odd things in my writing you’re probably right. Please forgive me I’m not a native English speaker but I’m hardly trying to improve my English!!! Post Date: 11/12/16, Replies: 4 11/12/16 4
Leather in Cars? I have just tried to be environmentally friendly and buy a Plug-in Prius car but have discovered that the only seat options are leather or cloth with leather bolsters! I had to say no and walk out of the showroom. It's also been a problem in the past when if you want a higher specification model you find that they come with a leather steering wheel. Does anyone else have any experience of this and has anyone ever had success getting their car supplied with a non-leather version or do you turn a blind eye? Post Date: 11/12/16, Replies: 6 11/12/16 6
Thanksgiving This year, Thanksgiving is being scheduled at my house. We are going to do a potluck style, but I feel awful that my family who will be coming over is not vegan, and they are bringing a turkey. At home, my husband, my daughter and I are vegans. I don't know how to handle this situation. It is very hard for me, even though my son is not a vegan who lives at home with me. Just seeing a dead animal at my house, at the table will be hard for me. Please any suggestions. Post Date: 11/12/16, Replies: 2 11/12/16 2
Birthday in Melbourne! Needing advices :) I have to be in Melbourne on my birthday and because it's only one night I don't want to risk it going to a bad place. I am vegan and I refused to eat a tasteless salad on my day, I would love a nice meal and a tasty piece of vegan cake :D (and a glass of course) . The best would be a place with good atmosphere, maybe some music or at least friendly staff to have a nice evening with my colleagues. Thank you so much in advance ! Post Date: 11/09/16, Replies: 1 11/09/16 1
Organic Garden Organic Farms Greetings thank you for reading this email. Does anyone have any information on Organic gardens and farms located in Georgia or any surroundings states or countries. Stay positive have a great day. Post Date: 11/03/16, Replies: 1 11/03/16 1
Plant-Based Diet Giveaway Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that I have teamed up with Evita Ochel, a renowned health expert, to giveaway a 3 hour Plant-Based Diet course that full of actionable strategies to improve your overall health and well-being by eating a Whole Food diet. There are 5 to win, with a total value of $200. Be quick as the competition ends on the 6th November, 2016. Entry is easy, follow this link. Post Date: 11/02/16, Replies: 0 11/02/16 0
Vegetarian restaurant claimin their veggie My HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I want you (the customers/fellow vegans/veggies) to share and be aware of this. There is a new friendly "vegan/veggie" restaurant in town LAKAZ MAMAN in southampton 1. THE VEGGIE OPTION is NOT VEGETARIAN! They use oyster sauce (made out of oysters not the mushroom), thus not vegan/or/ vegetarian. A lot of their dishes such as the vegetarian magic bowl use this. SELLING FOOD AND CLAIMING ITS VEGAN/VEGGIE WHEN ITS NOT IS WRONG. 2. There is picture evidence Owner stating to an employee that they believe that giving staff their tips is not compulsory Tips are a gift to the staff not the owners! If you have been to the venue you would be aware how small spaces the staff have to work and how over worked they are. Lets write to them if you expected more of your local businesses and master chef. They shouldn't be advertising as veggie friendly telling customers that food is veggie when its not. Post Date: 10/31/16, Replies: 2 10/31/16 2
CALLING COMMUNITY - Vegan Cookbook Guide I was searching around the internet a few months ago and couldn't find a really great updated list of Vegan Cookbooks. So I went and put it together myself - However, I need some help from the community to find other books that I have missed. If you know of any that really deserve to be on the list, let me know! TIA Successful contributors will be referenced! Post Date: 10/12/16, Replies: 2 10/12/16 2
MacDonald Potato Chips-iffy I don't know about other countries, but in Australia, where I live, all the MacDonald Takeaway joints serve fried potato chips pre-treated with animal fat. Be on the look-out if you are a patron of this, otherwise, popular restaurant brand. Love Post Date: 10/04/16, Replies: 1 10/04/16 1
Unique Vegetarian Restaurant in Ontario,CA Hi! My boyfriend is celebrating his birthday and I want to surprise him by flying somewhere in Ontario where its good and unique (in terms of experience). You know any good restaurants please feel free to reply. Will appreciate it so much! Thank you! Post Date: 10/03/16, Replies: 0 10/03/16 0
Unique Vegetarian Restaurant in Ontario,CA Hi! My boyfriend is celebrating his birthday and I want to surprise him by flying somewhere in Ontario where its good and unique (in terms of experience). You know any good restaurants please feel free to reply. Will appreciate it so much! Thank you! Post Date: 10/03/16, Replies: 0 10/03/16 0
Vegan Newbie Hi all, I joined here because it seems to be the most active forum. I've only been vegan for about four months, but it's the best life change I've made. I feel physically and mentally healthier, and it feels great knowing that every meal I eat contributes to the mending of this world. I'm very lucky to live in a very vegan-friendly city and community as well, it's been a great influence for persuading others into becoming vegan as well. I hope to meet more people and gain a little more knowledge here! Post Date: 09/25/16, Replies: 3 09/25/16 3
Leafcard - Vegetarian & Vegan Dining Card Good Morning All, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are Leafcard a vegetarian & Vegan dining card & app across London in partnership with Meat Free Mondays & The Sustainable Restaurant Association. We have over 150 partner restaurants that cater for all types of plant-based diets from a range of cuisines and we want to make it easier to find great restaurants that can be trusted for great food! Leafcard works when spending £5 on anything at the table from drinks, sides & desserts you get your vegetarian/vegan main course free. It really is as simple as that! Leafcard has venues for sit down meals as well as quick lunchtime Grab & Gos such as Vital Ingredient, Hummus Bros & Crepe Affaire! Download our app on the App & play stores or go to and use the Promo Code 'leaf16' to get your £10 Leafcard (or at the very least see some of the great places to eat!) All the best, The Leafcard Team! Post Date: 09/22/16, Replies: 0 09/22/16 0

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