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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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I'm making Organic Vegan Jerky w/ eggplant Hey friends! I started a company in Los Angeles making vegan jerky with organic eggplant. It is the closest thing to beef jerky I've ever tried. If anyone's interested please let me know or check my Facebook page or check out the link in my profile. We're running a Kickstarter right now and I'm trying to spread the word. Thank you! Holla with any questions! Post Date: 03/12/17, Replies: 0 03/12/17 0
Backyard Chickens Does eating wholseome food products from your own sustainibly raised no-kill hens and your own bee hives make you a non vegan? Post Date: 03/12/17, Replies: 2 03/12/17 2
how to get non-vegans to leave you alone! This is more of a question and an answer…? Im still dealing with everyone I know, with them worrying about me not getting enough nutrients that they think is in meat and other bad foods. No matter how much I tell them otherwise, they still bother me and are rude and sometimes almost mean. I know that this problem will never go away, but Id like it to go down a lil! I want to be a peaceful happy loving vegan and not be rude or get mad at other ppl when they ask or confront me about veganism and ask that same old stupid question, "where do you get your protein and calcium?" ugh! So Im wondering how you guys deal with this issue in your lives and how long have y'all been vegan or vegetarian? PS Ive only been vegan for a year... Post Date: 03/11/17, Replies: 14 03/11/17 14
Biggest frustration as vegetarian Hi everybody. I've been vegetarian almost two years. Best decision I've ever made. I enjoy better health and have more energy. But being vegetarian can create new challenges. So I just wonder, what’s the biggest challenge or frustration you’re having with being vegetarian/vegan? Post Date: 03/10/17, Replies: 15 03/10/17 15
VEGAN FOR BEGINNERS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE What do u think??? Post Date: 03/10/17, Replies: 4 03/10/17 4
Advil All the active ingredients in Advil are synthetic and thus vegan. The only non vegan ingredients are beeswax as the suspension or stabilizer that keeps the chemicals together as a pill, and insects used in the red coloration. Who wants to eat insects? Who wants to eat beeswax? I know such pharmaceutical corporations have a horrible history with animal experimentation. Those that perpetrated such acts and the governments that made such acts mandatory and those that lobbied for such governmental mandates have much to be accountable for in this world and the next. However, when one is repairing from surgery, dentistry, root canals, sever pain and sever chronic pain, usually people buy such products. I prefer herbal supplements due to the side effects of pharmaceuticals, but if the pain is bad enough people will seek releif. Because Advil has succumbed to advertising operatives who claim psychological data reports show the color red to increase sales, they are willing to feed fellow human beings bugs to eat. Beetles provide the color red for their pills at the expense of their lives. Beeswax is part of a large honey beeswax industry that not only enslaves bees, but when pollen is collected, to improve expediency, the bees loose their legs. This bee abuse is happening at a time in history when there is a major bee shortage verging on an ecological disaster. Beeswax is not considered digestible food. To help Advil go vegan, simply go to their web site and follow the procedure revealed by the contact link and give them an email. If Advil went vegan, their product could be universally digested by all people. They could increase their sales by getting Vegan certification, Kosher certification, Halal certification and become a true health remedy. Serving bugs and beeswax undermines the concept of health remedy. Post Date: 03/05/17, Replies: 1 03/05/17 1
is this product vegan? I have histamine issues, so I'm trying to purchase this supplement on online They claim that they are free of "dairy" and "vegetarian" which I find it to be very vague Is this product vegan? Post Date: 03/04/17, Replies: 2 03/04/17 2
New animal ingredient FREE company! You can visit for delicious velvet butters, sugar scrubs, and petal stuffed flower bombs! Interested in custom marble candles? Come on by and use coupon code "Love17" for a surprise discount on your order! Now thru March 31, 2017! To our knowledge, our products do NOT contain animal ingredients. Please reach out to us if additional facts are needed! Welcome fellow vegans and vegetarians and enjoy the coupon! Post Date: 02/27/17, Replies: 0 02/27/17 0
Vegan cosmetics shop ! Hello ! My name's Jessica, I'm a student in Geneva, Switzerland. First of all, I'm sorry for my english and I hope I don't disturb you with this post :-) As everybody here, I LOVE animals, and that's why I would like to become a lawyer in animal rights. But one year ago, I discover that a lot of my cosmetics were tested on animals and not vegan :-( This is why I founded Jessie's Genève / Vegan cosmetics , a vegan and cruelty-free beauty-box. We work with many organisations and we give them a part of our benefit ! But now, my customers would like to have real shop, not an online one. I would like to open a first shop in Geneva and propose international shipping :-) My dream is to open more shop in the rest of the world Post Date: 02/26/17, Replies: 0 02/26/17 0
Thoughts on the movement? Hi, I've been vegan for a little over a year now and have seen lots of different ways people approach the subject of veganism. I wanted to know what people think is the best way of spreading the message in a way that's not hostile/antagonistic. Made a video on it as well: Let me know what you think! Post Date: 02/26/17, Replies: 1 02/26/17 1
Vegetarians This is a question i have always wanted answered....some vegetarians dont eat meat due to cruelty yet they eat fish, tuna and cow are both living creatures, so killing and eating a cow is wrong but catching fish in a net etc etc and gutting it then to be ate is ok? Post Date: 02/24/17, Replies: 4 02/24/17 4
help my friends fight against cruelty <3 Hi guys ? . Some good friends from my animal shelter have started a small business in order to generate donations for ASPCA. They are selling Vegan chocolate protein sourced from organic ingredients such as pea, hemp, cocoa, and chia seeds. They make zero profit for themselves and capital will be donated / reinvested back into the business. I've tried the protein myself and can vouch for it's deliciousness. . Please please help support them! ( . "At Vegan Gains, we recognize the challenge you face when sourcing for a premium, pure, and powerful vegan protein blend. We believe that your only concern should be conquering those final minutes in the marathon, beating your friend at Soul-Cycling, or hitting your PR’s in the weight room. Our product’s ingredients are sourced from trusted hand-selected farmers based on the criteria of responsible farming, objectivity, and transparency." Post Date: 02/23/17, Replies: 0 02/23/17 0
I Keep Being Attacked For Being Healthy I'm a teenager and I've been wanting to go vegan as soon as I heard about it and watched a few videos/documentaries about it. My parents won't let me go vegan as they think it is the most stupid idea in the world, no matter how many times I try to explain its principles to them. This year, I finally was allowed to stop eating red meat which I do think is an improvement- at least I'm taking baby steps! As well as becoming interested in vegan and cruelty-free living, I've been starting to adopt a much healthier lifestyle. I used to be pretty obsessed with milk chocolate, nutella, cookies etc, and for a few months now I've been avoiding junk food like the ones I've just listed and I've been eating a lot more protein, fruit and vegetables. This is making my parents FREAK OUT!!! They're starting to think I'm anorexic and that I will never grow properly, that veganism is having such a negative influence on my life and they just will not leave me alone. Every second of the day they're trying to stuff something down my throat and they tell me I don't eat enough at all (so not true, I eat more than my older sister I just eat the right stuff instead of junk now and I've always been petite with an extremely fast metabolism). I 'm not exaggerating, my mother literally forced me to eat a chocolate bar the other day...she forced me to eat milk chocolate against my will because I "was acting anorexic as I didn't eat much junk/buttery/non-healthy foods anymore". I honestly feel like my entire family is attacking me and they don't understand me AT ALL!! I just want to be healthier, and all they do 24/7 is scream at me and tell me as often as they can that the decisions I'm taking are idiotic. I just cannot take it anymore. All i want is for them to give me a chance at explaining my decisions and plans and stop putting me down so much. I've had enough of being scremed at and critizised for eating healthy and for eating intiutively - they just don't understand and I can't stand having to battle with my parents and grandparents and sibling and friends so much and so often...Anyone got any advice? Post Date: 02/19/17, Replies: 1 02/19/17 1
no views... please help!!!!!!!! Hi there, i just joined as i have recently started a youtube channel about veganism but have no comments, views , likes or subscribers so I'm asking everyone to come and join... if you would be a nice, thoughtful and kind person and do one of these things I would be v grateful to you and you and i can be bffs forever and ever... quick head on over now and start making my channel the most successful and biggest on youtube ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Post Date: 02/18/17, Replies: 2 02/18/17 2
Medical Herbalogy Supplementing one's diet with medical herbs is an important contribution to a vegan diet. Medical herbs can be correctly taken even when one is well to prevent future illnesses such as when using Reishi Mushrooms or when using them for sports augmentation or to assist with pregnancy or menstruation. It is important when beginning to always go to a state licensed doctor of Herbl Medicine. The field of Medical Herbalogy is divided into three fields, each is licensed by the state of California as well as other states for the practicing of medicine. The three classical fields of herbal medicine are Western Herbalogy which utilizes herbs from around the world available by growers who raise them with California and Oregon standard of organic farming, TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine which imports its herbs from China and Taiwan but you must explain you only want vegan medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine which relies on herbs from India where you also must explain you only want vegan medicine. You can learn about herbal medicine for free on the web by listening to past and live shows of "The Herbal Highway" by Karen Sanders on KPFA in Berkeley. The past 20 or 30 years of shows are found on different web sites and players than KRFAs. The best book on the topic is: "The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine: The Ultimate Multidisciplinary Reference to the Amazing Realm of Healing Plants, in a Quick-study, One-stop Guide" by Brigitte Mars Post Date: 02/15/17, Replies: 0 02/15/17 0
What do Hindus eat? Food and drink that the Hindus avoid include meat, eggs, poultry, fish, caffeine, alcohol and very spicy foods, and strict Hindus also do not eat mushrooms, onions, leeks and garlic. Not all Hindus avoid meat, but most of them try to avoid beef. Post Date: 02/15/17, Replies: 3 02/15/17 3
magazine research Hi there, for the Research Skills unit at Glasgow Clyde College I am looking to determine whether there is a target market for vegetarian/vegan magazines with useful tips and guides. If you could please fill out the following survey it would be much appreciated. All responses are completely confidential and anonymous. Just highlight, right click and open link, thanks so much to anyone who participates, its for a good cause! :) Post Date: 01/30/17, Replies: 2 01/30/17 2
Veg Speed Date: events across US & Canada! Hi everyone, We are beyond excited to let you know about our new project: Veg Speed Date ( is exclusively for vegan and vegetarian singles across North America. For our Valentine’s 2017 launch, we are putting on speed dating events across the United States and Canada! We have 40+ events and growing, in major cities all over, including events for multiple age groups, male/female and LGBTQ veg singles. And we are donating $1 of every U.S. launch ticket sold to The Humane League! We are currently running an early bird ticket sale until January 31! Our events are a great value, with tons of freebies and amazing raffle prizes, interesting talks and presentations at many events, and your chance to meet your veg love match! Check out all the events and how it works: A bit more about our concept: Veg Speed Date is expanding on the unique vegan/vegetarian speed dating concept that Karine Brighten has refined over 5 years in San Francisco. We have thought through every detail to make sure people have a great time, don’t need to worry about feeling rejected, and have the best chance of making that special connection. Karine’s events have already resulted in life-changing matches for San Francisco vegans and vegetarians, giving rise to long-term relationships, marriages, and families. We can’t wait to start creating these kinds of love stories all over the United States and Canada! Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions: email: [email protected] Toll-free: 1(844)VEG-DATE Thanks for reading, The Veg Speed Date Team Post Date: 01/29/17, Replies: 2 01/29/17 2
Soups on restaurants menus need help I go out with my friends to restaurants on the weekends and I struggle with the menu especially for my 5 year old son. "What do you want today? Grilled cheese? Mac n cheese?" Bla! I know restaurants can help by simply doing one small act of catering to the vegetarian population. They need to leave chicken broth out of the soups that do not contain meat. I have been contacting restaurants through email to request this. It would be great to have others do the same. I literally lie in bed at night and stew over this. Haha. Help help help! Post Date: 01/27/17, Replies: 1 01/27/17 1
Can't lose weight...what's happening? Hello, so I have been dealing with compulsive overeating/emotional overeating for the past 3 and 1/2 years. I'm hopelessly still searching for a "cure" as nothing I've done so far has worked for me. Last year, I decided to go vegan because I found it easier to lose/maintain my weight (note: I now have a page full of reasons to adopt this lifestyle).When I went vegan, I was eating as much as I wanted and overeating at every meal and yes, I know this is extremely unhealthy but as I've said, I eat compulsively anyway so I'd rather eat healthy stuff. Anyway, even though I was doing this I was losing weight which was something I hadn't been able to do in a long time. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor had my parents force-feed me animal products again as she believed my missing periods were related to my new lifestyle. At the time, PCOS was giving me all sorts of unwanted symptoms and I wanted it gone ASAP, besides my doctor told me that I could become infertile if we didn't fix the missing periods thing...anxious and in fear, I gave her "treatment" a go. By november, 9 months had gone by and I still hadn't menstruated so my mother took me to another doctor who prescribed me a bunch of supplements in an attempt to get my period to come and maybe solve my PCOS condition in the process. It worked at least when it comes to the first part. During 2016, I gained and lost weight (+3kg) more times than I can count and that messed me up in the worst ways. I figured I could go back to being a vegan and that's what I did as soon as I could. It's been 2 months now and I'm still overeating but I'm not losing weight, instead I keep losing and regaining weight just as before. I also feel like my body has a bad be honest, it feels like it "malfunctioned" - it doesn't react the same way when I eat. It seems like it absorbs every bit of food I give it and turns it into fat. Now, I don't plan on abandoning veganism whatsover but I want to know why this is happening. Do you think it's because my PCOS might not be cured? Or is it something else? What can I do to solve this mess? I'm at my limit honestly... Thank you in advance Post Date: 01/27/17, Replies: 1 01/27/17 1
Glycerin in non-consumable products?? I am interested to where everyone stands with Glycerin and other animal ingredients in non-consumable products, such as soap, shampoo, creams etc etc How does everyone feel using them? Does it make someone not a vegetarian if they were to use them? Is it a complete no-go zone? Post Date: 01/24/17, Replies: 2 01/24/17 2
Survey help for a vegan e-store :) Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here can help me out with 5 - 10 mins of their time by completing a survey I'm doing. I'm hoping to open up an online store focusing on vegan fashion & beauty products and just trying to do a little market research. ** I'm from Melbourne, Aus and the store will only be delivering products within Australia (well, at this stage anyway :) ) Here is the link: (done via Google forms). Thanks & have a happy week/weekend! Warm regards, Stacey Xo Post Date: 01/22/17, Replies: 2 01/22/17 2
vegetarian protein supplements Creating this topic to gather all information related to vegetarian/vegan protein supplements out there in market today Whey proteins are quite popular but does anyone know if they are fully lacto vegetarian or have traces of egg - especially the one by optimum nutrition ? Post Date: 01/15/17, Replies: 3 01/15/17 3
Vegetarian wabtibg to be Vegan Hi well I've been wanting to discuss this for these past days because I need help, I've been vegetarian for 8 months now, I wanted to start with a vegan diet but it wasn't possible due to the situation. My parents let me be vegetarian and it wasn't really a big deal to them, but recently I've been wanting to make my transition into being vegan I recently told my mother about it but it ended up really badly, she told me she accepted me being vegetarian but told me she will never let me be vegan and will never support me, today she told my dad about it and it ended up with them telling me they won't buy me anymore stuff like makeup, stuff I need and the already vegan food I was buying, they also told me it was all just in my head and that it's bad to be vegan and that its just a phase, I just feel really hurt right now and don't want to go back to eating dairy products the only dairy product I was eating was cheese it just doesn't feel right to consume dairy products but what should I do ? Post Date: 01/15/17, Replies: 2 01/15/17 2
Healthy vegan diet and shift work Hi fellow vegans, I really, REALLY need your help and sorry but this post is gonna be a long one. I've been vegan for 4 months now (transitioned from vegetarian which I've been for five years) and ever since the transition I felt amazing - no more headaches, I had more energy etc. However, a month ago I got a job which completely destroyed my diet and all that energy is gone and my headaches are back. So here's what's happening: I work 6h/day, 6 days a week (Morning shift: 6am-12pm, afternoon: 12pm-6pm, night: 12am-6am -- shifts last for a week), since it's 'only' six hours of work, we get no breaks and this is where my problems start. No matter which shift it is, I lose 2 meals of the day (usually I'd eat 4 small meals throughout the day, now I only eat two bigger ones). Not only am I bloated, I also feel weak, tired and I feel like my whole immune system is collapsing. I try to get 6-8h of sleep a day. Every morning I drink lemonade with ginger, eat a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and eat a fruit salad with a bunch of grains (I can tell you the recipe if you are interested). This meal has become kind of a habit ever since I went vegan and like I said I eat it every time I wake up. The second and last meal of the day is usually filled with vegetables/greens (mostly cooked (for some reason my stomach can't stand fried food or oil in general)) which I eat a few hours before sleep (bye-bye my habit of not eating 4 hours before sleep), And that's it. I feel horrible, I don't get nearly enough fluid in my system (I used to drink 10 glasses/day, now I'm lucky if I can drink two (I can't drink anything 'cause I'm so bloated). Also, I work in a warehouse so I either walk or stand for 6h straight. With all that in consideration I've lost 8.8 lbs (4 kg) in less than three weeks and even though I don't mind the weight loss, this is far from a healthy way of doing it. Not to mention I used to work out on regular basis, but now I have no energy to even think about it. So how do I fix this? I just want my healthy lifestyle back. I really hope some of you have experience that could help me and the others with similar problems. Thanks for the feedback! Post Date: 01/14/17, Replies: 5 01/14/17 5
Blogilates Illegal Actions Against Vegans Well in case you didn't know recently a fitness youtuber blogilates has been getting alot of vegan youtube videos taken down. She has been doing this by filing illegal false copyright claims. Specifically she is targeting those who have made videos criticizing her. I was kind of surprised by this because the last couple of food videos she made were vegan recipes. But it's clear after this that she only made those video to capitalize on the "vegan trend". She only cares about money. I doubt she hates vegans or veganism. But she obviously cares about money more than ethics or animals if she is willing to break the law to try and silence voices within veganism. Her workout videos are crap anyway and her diet advice is terrible. More information in the video if you want to know some details. Post Date: 01/13/17, Replies: 4 01/13/17 4
Staying vegan while deployed overseas Hello, Are there any other vegans/vegetarians out there who are deployed, and finding it difficult to get enough food without animal products in them? Post Date: 01/05/17, Replies: 5 01/05/17 5

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