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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Vegan and anxiety I've been eating vegan for 3 weeks and I love it. I've been feeling on top of the world. Really happy. But.... eating vegan is causing my anxiety disorder to scare me. My head felt light and my body felt so weak. I was going to go to the hospital I was so sick with anxiety. Instead, I ate some fish, a boiled egg and a slice of deli roast beef. About 15 minutes or so I those feelings and symptoms were gone. I want to stay vegan but I don't want to feel like I'm losing my mind. Please, I need advice. Post Date: 07/08/17, Replies: 3 07/08/17 3
Popsicle Therapy Cooking Class Nothing beats enjoying a popsicle on those hot summer days. Organic Grill now offers frozen treats for your office or summer party! We offer endless flavor combinations, ice cream sandwiches that were just featured on Insider Dessert, and some boozy cocktail ice pops. We can... - stock your office freezer - pour champagne over the popsicles for your next event - deliver to a park picnic - make your next gathering epic Orders need to be placed 24 hours in advance and delivery fees may apply. Please contact Julia 267.231.5149 to place your orders! Social media information ….. Popsicle Making Class Coming This July! Check our Facebook page - the organic grill Post Date: 07/06/17, Replies: 0 07/06/17 0
I created t-shirt special for vegans and v Hey guys! We made LIMITED EDITION "I don't eat meat" t-shirts! Need your oppinion, tell us what do you think about t-shirt design and what could be improved. Here are link: Buying t-shirt, you donate for kids charity! Have a wonderful day guys! :) Post Date: 07/04/17, Replies: 6 07/04/17 6
unsupportive family, what should I do Hi everyone, I've been vegan for 2 years now and absolutely loving it. I went vegan as a way to cope with a previous unhealthy relationship with food but with time and after a lot of research, I have become very passionate about animals and the planet and am vegan for these reasons. However, my family (mostly my parents) are absolutely against it - still to this day. They believe that I am being intolerant and that they have to change and adapt to my lifestyle and stay quiet but whenever I have to adapt, I am never willing. By this I mean that my parents think it would be fair if I ate animal products out of love for them so that I would be more sociable and accepting. I have never done such thing and as much as I want to make them the happiest parents ever, I just can't imagine myself eating anything non-vegan. On my birthday, I asked my mum if everyone could eat vegan as it would make me extremely happy, but my mum got so mad and said that I was forcing my beliefs onto them and that on her birthday she would make me eat meat and that would be considered the same as them eating vegan. I have never been able to show my mum documentaries and everything I say apparently comes from 'bad sources' and I am totally brainwashed to her eyes. My mum cries a lot about the fact that I am vegan and she says she is suffering and that it is too difficult for her. My parents believe in humane slaughter and that eating eggs is ok because it's not killing anything. I have tried everything to share my knowledge but without any success. I don't know what to do because this is really affecting my relationship with my parents and I don't want to hurt them but at the same time I am so hurt that they think I am doing this on purpose/that I am intolerant/ that me eating meat is the same as them having to eat vegan. I would just love to find a way to make them understand that truth from an objective point of view because whenever it comes from me or a website they lack trust. Does anyone have advice? Post Date: 07/01/17, Replies: 1 07/01/17 1
Vegan Activism: next steps Hi everyone. Recently veganism has become less of a personal issue and more about how animal agriculture is ingrained in our society and kept in place by the size and money of big corporations. I desperately want to get involved in bigger-picture activism, but have no idea where to start. All advice is appreciated, thank you in advance. Post Date: 06/30/17, Replies: 1 06/30/17 1
"What the health" Netflix documentary. Okay hi guys. So I am new here.. I became vegaterian very recently, I am looking for advice. I live in the U.K. and I am wanting advice from (mainly) UK veggies. As you can guess by the title of this topic. I became vegaterian because of the documentary "what the health", if it was a documentary to scaremongour then that's surely what it did for me! So I have some questions. What are the big things to look out for on packaging? What are some animal products that are hard to find n packaging that I really need to keep my eyes peeled for? What do I need to know as a newly found vegaterian? Where can I find tofu? What kinds of tofu are best? What about Quran? And is there anything else I haven't cleared up? If so please feel free to inform me! Post Date: 06/28/17, Replies: 2 06/28/17 2
Veganism and Vegetarianism Hello everyone!, Im currently a year 12 student and focusing on Veganism and Vegetarianism for one of my major assignments. I am a passionate vegetarian myself and am really interested in this topic. I have conducted a survey and was hoping to get as many results as possible. If you have a moment, please fill out my survey, express your opinions and help me with my year 12 studies. link: Thankyou in advannce! Jess :) Post Date: 06/19/17, Replies: 0 06/19/17 0
I started a new blog for DFW area vegans! It's rather new but I hope to connect vegans and vegan restaurants in the DFW area. Stop by and give a follow! Post Date: 06/08/17, Replies: 0 06/08/17 0
Vegan Ice Cream Cake NYC Does anyone know where I can get a vegan ice cream cake in New York City or the surrounding areas? Not a cheese or sponge cake but an ice cream cake. If not do any of you know any recipes to make a vegan cookies and cream ice cream cake? Post Date: 06/02/17, Replies: 1 06/02/17 1
No provision for vegetarian at parties/fun No provision is made for vegetarians at functions/parties in my country. What is actually happening? I need to champion this cause. I need technical advice. Post Date: 05/29/17, Replies: 1 05/29/17 1
Yoga, Raw living food retreat survey. Hi there, I am doing some market research for my business plan. The business will be a yoga, raw living food retreat based in Ireland. Would you be kind to fill up the form, please. It will take less than 2 minutes. Thank you so much and enjoy this beautiful day. Namaste. Post Date: 05/28/17, Replies: 0 05/28/17 0
The Truth About Why We Eat Flesh Eating meat has been an ongoing tradition of the human kind for over 10,000 years. Our ancestors ate meat to sustain themselves and as a result eating meat has become a normalised cultural norm. We see this pattern in all civilisations and different races among the board. But now take a second to think about this; In the USA eating pork is fine but eating horses is horrific. In the middle east, eating beef is acceptable but eating pork is not tolerated. In India, eating eggs is widely accepted but eating cattle is holy. In northern Europe eating horse is considered ok, but eating pets such as cats and dogs is unethical. In Asia eating cats and dogs is permissible, in fact eating most animals is acceptable. In fact what we are seeing is that each culture values a source of calories differently, and these cultural values are also being imposed upon animals. These cultures justify the consumption of meat based on irrational principles from the beginning. If you can live without consuming animal products why should you do it? The truth is that the Vegan ideology is as pushy as the carnist ideology. The propaganda machine for animal products is immensely powerful and looks out to make more money that it could ever dream of. The truth is that the manner in which the corpses carnists consume are far from the public's eyes, hence the victims (the animals) become invisible to society. The truth is that the "bio" label has now become a secondary approach towards appeasing the crowd of angry carnists, whom are outraged about the conditions in which animals are slaughtered. This leads to irrational justifications to take another being's life, by going to the super market. The truth is that animal products are the leading causes for the worst western diseases, for example: meat is correlated with cancer and heart disease. The truth is that carnism leads to rational individuals, whom are capable of thinking on their own, to morally justify the slaughter of animals, even after being presented the facts. This is called the denial of the invisible system, a system kept away from the public's eyes. This is called the denial of the invisible victims, victims whom are kept away from the public's eyes. This is called the denial of scientific facts, facts that are twisted and supported by the heavy industries who will do everything in their power to keep the consumers consuming. This is seen with health, the damage done on the environment and the perpetual denial of animals being sentient. This is called the denial of empathy and rationality, as these have been suppressed through thorough conditioning at a very young age. This is called the denial of comprehending that it is not normal, not natural, and not necessary. Slavery was once normal, natural and necessary. The hatred of homosexuals was normal, natural and necessary. child-labour-60556_1920.jpg The truth is that this all leads to cognitive distortions, where we have internalised and accepted that eating animal flesh is normal, natural and necessary. The truth is that all cattle, pigs and chicken are just animals. they are "it". They do not have personalities and emotions. they are commodities, as women and black men were once upon a time in our western world. If carnism can be so deceptive, you need to be aware that extreme veganism could very well be too. Do your research, be aware and raise awareness. Always question and make the logical choices. So long, Sports Vegan. Leave a comment and share your views on this topic! Post Date: 05/23/17, Replies: 0 05/23/17 0
Dairy is just as bad as meat surely-(U.K.) Hey I live in the U.K. We've got what you'd call 'free from' stuff which helps to find delicious vegan foods that are alternatives to animal products. You’d need Disney-level imagination to believe the UK (who say say they are all about animal welfare) can produce more than 10bn eggs each year that they say are 'free range' without actually inconveniencing any chickens. By slapping “free range” on the label, and perhaps a nice pastoral scene with a few chickens roaming free, most consumers never realise how the eggs came to be in the box. What hell we put them through: hens in the wild lay just 20 eggs per year but modern farms with high protein feed and near-constant lighting push them to lay closer to 500 eggs annually. Their exhausted bodies are then discarded within months – routinely sent to slaughter having lived less than one-tenth of their natural lifespan. Then there's the lifetime of pregnancies for cows, helplessly artificially inseminated in order to produce milk for their babies who are torn away from them, breaking that special bond just so that humans can drink her milk. Males to be painfully and brutally slaughtered at a few days for veal or painfully castrated and raised for beef. And no.. humane slaughter is an oxymoron. You can't kill someone humanely who doesn't want to die! This is a savage way to treat such gentle creatures. I am a person who tries to be open minded. I understand that life's not perfect and that veganism isn't exactly for everyone. I am not what someone would call the nearest to 100% vegan however where I can I do choose vegan options ALOT of the time, where I am not being forced by my parents occasionally to eat animal products like at a relative's house or whatever. I love vegan foods. I feel extremely bad because for my sixth form prom I had forgotten to tell the staff about the fact that I preferred to eat Vegan (otherwise known as a 'dietary requirement' to them just like a Glucose intolerant). I didn't want to cause trouble but when I was given a meat dish i politely told the waiters+waitresses that I preferred to refrain from meat and dairy, and eat Vegan ..they were like gee why didn't I tell them beforehand because of course it was kind of a trouble when it was a little last notice. Anyway so basically when the dish arrived, it was all good until I realised I had the same dish as my vegetarian friend. I didn't want to complain but I felt my heart was wrenched a little. As I scanned through the sun dried tomatoes, peppers and pesto pasta, I just knew that there was a lot of cheese on my plate. Cheese from a cow... cheese that had been made from the milk of a cow.. milk that was supposed to feed a baby cow. Cows have to be pregnant to produce milk. For every piece of Non vegan cheese or spoonful of yoghurt, babies are torn from their mothers. And the process is gross. It's more than just a stomach ache. It's exploitation. It kind of makes me disgusted. How the hell could a calf survive long enough without her mother's milk? This milk that we steal from cows is the precious substance for baby cows not us. Countless baby cows are dragged from their mothers and this is what leads to the veal industry. The males go to be veal or otherwise beef and the females are raised to produce a lifetime of milk. How dare we steal milk from these gentle creatures? I thought to myself. I hardly ate my meal that night because of the dreaded thought that rushed through my head. Why does life have to be so cruel for all those unfortunate beings out their whether human or animal and we participate in their suffering. There is so much evil in this world. And we should do what we can to make the slightest difference. But if you were to choose dairy over meat, what is the reason for doing so, because aren't they sort of equal and dairy includes more suffering? Wouldn't it be best to try and avoid both, as much as you can? I know that people may not be exactly able to be strict enough to follow a diet that has understandable obstacles.Veganism is about progress not perfection. To do what you can to hurt less. I understand that there are many others things however that cause suffering to others, not just animal products, but i just thought it could be the least one could do to not hurt those who are the most abused exploited and vulnerable in this world, especially animals who are voiceless and extreme victims of abuse. (If you've watched Earthlings and had enough empathy to put yourself in their situation, you'd know what I mean) ...Any thoughts about it all? Thanks guys. I just feel a little sad right now about what things are happening in the world and I'm also already stressed out because exams are around the corner thus so far I'm a little drained out. Post Date: 05/15/17, Replies: 1 05/15/17 1
Help, vegetarian questionnaire/interview Hi! My name is Reyna and I'm Nutrition Health student. So, i've got an assignment to arrange vegetarian diet based on the interview I had to do. But the problem was I can't find any vegetarian and if there are, my other friends had make them their respondent :'' If I ask somebody's email so I can ask further, would it be rude? But anyway you can answer here :) 1. Name? (Initiate) 2. Your body weight (in kg) and height (in cm) ? 3. Age? 4. History of disease? Do you ever had a serious illness before? 5. Do you have any food allergies? 6. Your diet for a day? (Ex: 3 times main meals and 2 times snacking or 2 main meals and irregular snacking, or etc) 7. Favorite foods? 8. Foods that you dislike? 9. Physical activities? (Any sports that you do? Are you a student/worker who had to walk from home to school/office for how many miles? Etc) 10. Why you became a vegetarian? Post Date: 05/14/17, Replies: 0 05/14/17 0
Changing the future of Veganism Hey everyone, We've been building a platform to make Vegan food more accessible to everyone, but we need your help to get it off the ground: This is something we truly believe can get more and more people to go Vegan. Curious what everyone's thoughts are... Post Date: 05/12/17, Replies: 0 05/12/17 0
Vegetarian fish food Hi, I have a goldfish called Charlie but the goldfish food I feed him is meat based and I can't find any vegetarian fish food. Does anyone know of any vegetarian fish food recipes? Thanks Post Date: 05/07/17, Replies: 2 05/07/17 2
Vegan shopping survey - please help! Hi guys, My husband and I are working on a startup within the vegan fashion space. We are a couple of months from launching. If you’re vegan and you like fashion, we would realty appreciate it if you would take two minutes to fill out this short survey. Your answers will be kept anonymous and would really help us in creating a business that answers your needs as a vegan shopper. Thanks, Nofar Post Date: 05/07/17, Replies: 0 05/07/17 0
ALL non-vegan ingredients? Hey guys! I am doing s elf research and would love to know if anyone has access to a database that contain ALL animal derived ingredients? Literally ALL of them? Does that exist anywhere? Thanks :) Post Date: 05/06/17, Replies: 1 05/06/17 1
Vegans sharing vegan products Hi there :) We are an Australian Vegan's sharing local Australian vegan food brands/startup’s and making them known nationally to vegans of Australia There are so many business that consumers may never know about, simply by living in a different state, for example someone that lives in Far North QLD can now have the opportunity to be exposed to an amazing product made and sold in WA or vice versa. It’s time we extend the narrow vegan options big box supermarkets give us and help local vegan businesses grow and succeed Australia wide while finding new delicious options. Please feel free to check us out on FB group - Vegan and Co. - Australia and help share whats local and available to you :) Post Date: 05/04/17, Replies: 0 05/04/17 0
Eating at restaurants or takeaways What is your opinion on eating at places that also serve meat dishes? I always have the fear of cross contamination and would rather not eat at places that serve meat Post Date: 04/26/17, Replies: 3 04/26/17 3
Kindness Rules Hi all. I felt compelled to share some of my thoughts in order to hopefully help new veg*s with things that a lot of people choosing this lifestyle struggle with, and also to address some other issues with long timers that I see which may be harmful to our cause in general. First things first: hang in there! Being veg isn't that hard, and there are many people, myself included, who are living proof that we won't shrivel up and die if we eliminate consuming animal products. There is a wealth of information and support at your fingertips, and every minute you invest researching will only benefit you. I've only been vegan for almost a month now, but the transition has been much easier than I thought it would. This is probably largely due to the fact that I was a strict vegetarian for 13 years before that, and because I thoroughly researched nutritional concerns beforehand. The best info I think I could give to someone who has recently switched, or is considering it, would be to research vitamins B12, D3, and omega fatty acids, which are the main concerns with switching to this type of lifestyle. And don't be concerned with protein intake, as a well balanced veg diet will provide plenty. Which brings me to my next point, ignorance. There are many, many people out there who are misled by the animal industry, although with the power of the internet that misinformation is exponentially being challenged. However, in my experience I've learned that there is one truth that will not likely change soon; haters gonna hate. Aside from and in conjunction with the merely misinformed, there are those who are downright hateful towards veg*s. I personally didn't choose this lifestyle to anger people, as I'm sure most of you didn't either, but I seem to have done it. On the flip side of that coin though, there are many veg*s who are extremist in there beliefs as well, which will only further fuel people's anger. Whether or not you chose this lifestyle to perpetuate compassion, which is personally at the core of my belief system, fighting fire with gasoline is never a good idea. I'm no saint in this area though, as I've battled with anger issues for most of my life and it used to infuriate me because of some peoples judgment about my choices. However, by grace, I have learned that it's best to just be concerned with the karma that you are accountable for, and let others reap what they sow as well. As the to title of this post states, "kindness rules" and I believe that hatred will never be abolished until enough of it is present in the world. What has helped me the most in dealing with ignorance the most has been becoming informed myself in order to defend my choices, instead of being ignorant myself, which has not always been the case. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post, but hopefully my writing skills and breaks in text optimized readability. Thanks for reading this far if you have, and hopefully I've inspired goodness some way or another, which is the ultimate goal. Love to all. Post Date: 04/20/17, Replies: 1 04/20/17 1
Very new vegan here! Advice please :) Hi all! So a little back story, I have been a Vegetarian for 19 years and have recently (after much research and thought) decided to transition to a Vegan lifestyle. I have been contemplating this for nearly a year but then recently watched Forks Over Knives and yeah...that was all the motivation I needed. I started being vegetarian at 12 years old after seeing a horrific video in school about what animals go through. So I've always had that passion for animals but recently also became extremely interested in the health benefits as well. I live in the U.K now, i'm from the U.S. I have been here about 1 year now. I don't really have anyone here that can relate to why I'm going vegan, so I decided to give this website a try. I also don't really have a whole lot of people here to begin with, so it is a challenge anyways finding people to talk to. However, my husband is great and very supportive, as long as I'm happy and healthy he's cool with it. I have family in America that are Vegan and even the ones that aren't totally support me doing this. But I don't have a whole lot of that here. Anyway, now to the point! (yes, I swear there is one :) **Tonight I told my in-laws that I am going to be following a vegan diet, only because they kept trying to offer me damn chocolate cake lol. I started off by saying I'm not eating dairy and eggs now. Then someone said "you're not going vegan are you?!". As if I'm going to rob a bank or something. Then everyone at once proceeded to tell me how unhealthy it is and said to just wait and see how I feel in a year (meaning after a year as a vegan i'll be in bad shape). It was so upsetting because I know it's healthy but when I tried to explain it I basically get told I'm wrong, as if I don't know what I'm doing. It's literally as soon as the word "VEGAN" is used some people just think you're crazy and don't even try to hear where your coming from. I'm used to criticizm as a vegetarian but this is of course worse. I know this is a popular topic but how did you guys deal with people close to you not supporting your decision to go Vegan? Honestly, I just really needed to vent so thanks for reading my rant! :) Post Date: 04/18/17, Replies: 12 04/18/17 12
Good cruelty free deodorant? Hi HappyCow-ers! I've recently started moving my skincare/beauty products to cruelty free only - there hasnt been any scientific advances in such areas for at least 50 years so animal testing is not only cruel, it's unnecessary! So in my switch, I've found everything switches nice and easy, except deodorant. They're hard to get here, but the two I've found (Wholistic and Lush) both just didnt work at all for me - I'd start to smell gross after a few hours and it just wasnt working. Since I'll be forking out $25-30 plus $10-20 shipping for it (living here has some real downsides!) I dont want to just buy willy-nilly! Does anyone out there have the same problem, and has found a solution? I'd love to hear it! Post Date: 04/15/17, Replies: 16 04/15/17 16
The Kinder Way Cosmetics -- Vegan Skincare Hi my vegans! My wife and I are the makers of a very small all vegan, natural and cruelty free skincare company called The Kinder Way Cosmetics!! We make cleansers, toners, scrubs, activated charcoal masks, moisturizers, deodorant, make up remover and an eye Serum! We would love for you all to connect with us on social media and check us out on etsy below! Thank you all so much! Post Date: 04/10/17, Replies: 0 04/10/17 0
Newbie Help: Pancakes I was so happy to discover that my favorite packaged pancake mix, Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix, was vegan in itself! So instead of using the milk, eggs, and butter, I used almond milk, aquafaba, and earth balance soy free. The mix looked great, so I fried up in coconut oil as usual, but they stuck to the pan like cement!!!!! I couldn't even get my silicone spatula under them. Am I missing something? Again, newbie vegan here. Thanks all! :) Post Date: 04/08/17, Replies: 0 04/08/17 0
Plant based liquid meal Hi! With our start-up we offer completely balanced powdered food, to make a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle more convenient. After digging into the food industry and its problems, we knew that we wanted to help tackling this with our product and strategy. Our team reconsidered everything, which resulted in a new branding and a product free of animal-derived ingredients. I’m curious about your opinions! All feedback is welcome. Our website is For those of you that are interested in trying the shake out, we also activated a coupon code: HAPPYCOW15. This gives you a 15% discount on every product in our shop, except the sample meal (€4,95). Post Date: 04/04/17, Replies: 0 04/04/17 0
Pathways Natural Living Expo What a wonderful expo to learn about health, healing, and vegan and vegetarian options! Post Date: 04/03/17, Replies: 0 04/03/17 0

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