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Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Cow Teeth Interpretation ? Cows are sold as "broken mouth" here if they are missing a tooth, or the incisors are very short, or the incisors are totally gone. Risk takers then bid on these BM cows based on their body condition and the width of their muzzle. Often they are bred cows that have been trucked east from the Dakotas. I have started to mouth some of my cows and was amazed to find cows in good body condition with out incisors at all. Is this some what common, or is mostly due to your pasture grass quality ? Is it safe to assume these gummers are over 12 years old, or ? Post Date: 02/08/16, Replies: 3
Vegan Chef Job Posting We are looking for a head chef for our new vegan restaurant in Doha, Qatar. You must have experience working in a professional kitchen and a plant-based or vegan training qualification. If you are interested, please email [email protected] Post Date: 02/07/16, Replies: 1
Looking for someone to be vegan with :) Hi there! I'm brand new to being vegan. I LOVE it. I just think it would be a ton easier to stay vegan, and become more knowledgeable about it if I also had the help of someone else to bounce ideas and what not off each other. I'm a 21 year old girl. Hopefully someone with experience who likes to cook as well haha. Feel free to message me :) Post Date: 02/07/16, Replies: 4
Becoming mostly vegetarian? I've recently decided to become vegetarian for health reasons (just in general not because of anything specific). I've watched a lot of Vegan youtube videos and have learned a lot of interesting things. I don't agree with all of them, but in general there are a lot of good information expressed. I don't think I will become completely vegan, but it does interest me. I currently still think I will eat seafood, local honey, and humanly raised eggs. Still unsure about how to handle special occasions....it's just new to me. Please bear with me as I am newly mostly vegetarian. I don't want to create or receive negativity. I have some general questions that I have not seen addressed on most of these sites. 1) What about farms that raise animals humanly? I see a lot of the horror situations discussed (which is disturbing), but what about giving kudos to farms that do it the right way? Even if someone doesn't want to eat the animal, there are plenty of farms that raise their animals humanly. My parents have 12 chickens which free roam and eat scraps. Which to me is as good as it gets. However, I don't live near them so I can only get their eggs when I am home. 2) Hunting and eating wild animals? I'm certain this is frowned upon strongly in general by this community. I do not hunt myself, but I think of wild animals as being more natural for eating. For instance, I have a hobby of fly fishing. Most of the time I put the fish back, but sometimes I eat them. I've always had the understanding of not wasting. If I was to keep a fish I would eat it. I'm probably going to stop keeping fish and in general eating even wild animals, but I don't have the same negativity toward hunting. 3) Kind of a follow-up to the first question. Do many Vegans work toward getting companies and farms to improve their treatment of animals? Rather than completely trying to get people to stop eating meat, it seems to me it would be better to improve the way farming is done. I'm sure there are people out there doing this. It's just that I see a lot of energy spent ripping on other vegans and not a lot of energy focused on improving how farming is done. I'm guessing the Vegan youtube community in general doesn't represent the majority of Vegans (like any other group of people). I suppose in general I shouldn't worry if I am completely Vegan or not. I should just eat what I think is OK and try to become healthier. But I do think it's been good to realize a lot of mass produced farming is not done properly. I've always preferred food that is wild (animal or plant). Learning about what products are humane and those that are not is good information either way. I have two young kids who are pretty picky eaters. My wife is willing to eat vegetarian meals though I don't think she wants to be completely vegetarian. That is despite the fact that she doesn't eat veal for animal humane reasons. I'll admit it will be somewhat difficult for me as well to be completely vegetarian. That being said, I think even if I am 90% that's probably a pretty good thing. And supporting farms who are doing things much more humanly should be a positive thing in my book. Thanks. Post Date: 02/06/16, Replies: 7
Around other people I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian. But I am interested to adopt to a vegan lifestyle. However, I still live with my parents, and we share our food. When I get my own place then I will make the transition. I do not know if I can exactly call myself a "vegan wannabe", because there are some things I disagree with vegans on. For example, I happen to think if somebody gifts you food, or gifts you leather clothing, then you can use it. Because you are not supporting cruelty, the dirty work has already been done. I know vegans do not think like that, but I do, so I am not sure if that makes me a "vegan". However, I do agree that people should not be using animals, and on top of it, we do not need them. (But that would be an off-topic discussion for my question.) My problem is that I do not want to tell other people that I am a vegan (or close to being one), then deal with it. Considering I am currently living with other people, and we all share our meals, what do you suggest? I am genuinly interested in changing my lifestyle around. But I want to do that when I get to be on my own. Post Date: 02/06/16, Replies: 9
Vegetarians are in the way I wish there was a site dedicated to Vegan only. I cannot stand dairy products. I cannot stand going into places and I ask for Vegan and they assume vegetarian. There is nothing compassionate about it you are still depriving life and sustenance from animals. Get over your addiction. I do not know how to put this but it's like vegetarian is holding people back from attaining the benefits of a true plant-based diet because people start vegetarian and due to the health affects of dairy they do not attain maximum results and end up going back to their omnivorous delusions. I feel like Vegetarian has been deliberately invented to blur the lines between Vegan and Vegetarian. So many restaurants and their employees confuse the two terms and so not only does it leave no room for Vegan but keeps our societies in an omnivorous craze. To put it bluntly. Eff off vegetarians you are in my way and I know I am not the only one who has felt this but I may be the only one with any balls to say something about it. -Born Alone, Die Alone. Post Date: 02/05/16, Replies: 3
Veggie Research Hi fellow veggies! I'm a student at Leeds university currently undertaking a large piece of research into veggie lifestyles. As part of this piece of work, I need 600 vegetarians/vegan to complete a 15-20 minute online survey. The survey consists of question relating to your eating behaviours, overall health before asking you to answer 7 question relating to 15 different foods. The results from this survey will provide us with invaluable scientific data that will allow for important advances in human appetite research. If you wish to take part, please follow this link: https://leedsaceb.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8iyhTeL992mG6YR Upon completion you will be given the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win £30! This survey has been granted ethical approval by the School of Psychology Ethical Review Committee, University of Leeds, reference number 15-0351, date 4-12-2015 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the researchers listed below. Many thanks in advance for your time, your responses are extremely valuable. Cecilia Long ([email protected]) Dont forget to share and spread the veggie love! Post Date: 02/04/16, Replies: 2
Vegetarian lifestyle Hello. I am Japanese university student. I was assigned a survey. I want to ask some question. Do you have any preference for plant origin items around yourself as vegetarian? If so, what items do you have? What kind of store do you go to buy such items? Thanks for your help! Post Date: 02/02/16, Replies: 6
A tiny green smoothie delivery co Hi HappyCowGirl, I hope it's okay I post this here, if not, I apologize and understand it must be removed. I thought the community would like to know about Kale Power, a tiny raw food green smoothie delivery company based in Davis, California. Founded by Brigitte Center, certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and participated in David Wolfe's Raw Nutrition certification program through Bodymind Institute. She's crazy about Kale. She makes her smoothies from organic whole food ingredients and ships them anywhere in the U.S. She's quality through and through. I'm hoping to spread awareness and help her grow so she can continue to blend these low sugar little beauties and ship them to me. :) Oh, she delivers free to California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona for free. You can learn more at kalepower.com. Post Date: 02/01/16, Replies: 0
Why did you start eating plant based I'm curious to why different people start and stay plant based. Please check out my survey and let me know your motivations. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z8T8557 Post Date: 01/30/16, Replies: 4
Polish ready Pope´s Youth Journey in July? Hi. Many of us are non-Catholic, but even so, who lives in Poland (specially in Krakow) must be ready to orient who visit the city in July for the Pope´s World Youth Journey. The Catholic church does not matter on non-human animals, but some veg(etari)an tourists will be there and they need support about how to find vegan food in Poland and escape from the local meatist traps. Further, it is possible to try to present them the possibility of expanding the Christian values of compassion to the other animals. I suggest you who live in Krakow and surroundings get ready to orient these people in both gastrotouristic and theological issues. I will not travel to the Pope´s Journey, but my girlfriend, which is sympathizing with this doctrine, will. Post Date: 01/29/16, Replies: 0
IKEA veggie balls We recently went to IKEA and they had a veggie ball meal that was actually pretty good. They were also selling large bags of the veggie balls themselves frozen. I also was able to fine a lot of Beyond Meat products at Walmart. I had been shopping at Whole Foods and a few other expensive places. As much as I dislike shopping at Walmart, they did have good prices and a good selection of products I would use. Post Date: 01/21/16, Replies: 0
Cruelty free hair products and makeup Does anyone have any cruelty-free alternatives to the following products? 1. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse, Level 3 2. Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Thanks! Post Date: 01/19/16, Replies: 0
Fears of starting a plant based Hey! I'm 4 months into a following plant based. I know for myself before I started I was very worried that not eating animal products wouldn't fill me up and was proved wrong once I started or worrying how people will react when we're out to eat. What are your fears that held you back from starting plant based? Or what fears do you have while following plant based? Post Date: 01/14/16, Replies: 2
Organic and small-scale farming Organic and small-scale: An alternative vision for the future of farming www.theguardian.com/environment/blog/2016/jan/07/organic-small-scale-alternative-vision-for-future-farming Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 0
Spread of algal toxin through marine food Spread of algal toxin through marine food web broke records in 2015 www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160108211404.htm Post Date: 01/10/16, Replies: 0
Vegan perfumes Does anyone have any good suggestions for vegan perfumes please? Thanks! Post Date: 01/07/16, Replies: 0
How to React to Slaughterhouse Videos Hey there! My fiancée just posted her first YouTube video on veganism, called How to React to Slaughterhouse Videos Properly, and we would be so honoured if you could watch it and even like and share it! Thanks!!! She will be posting regular content on this channel from now on, so please subscribe! youtu.be/e_1lXs6BuSo Post Date: 01/03/16, Replies: 0
Vegetarian wedding: people are disapponted I'm getting married in a few weeks and while I am super excited to be marrying the lad of my life, there is a small issue that keeps rearing its ugly head: the wedding menu. I've been vegetarian for 13 years. Plenty of time for everyone around me to get used to it. But as we were planning, a startling number of people (my parents included) started remarking on how they would never want to go to a vegetarian wedding and that it's unfair of me to pressure my guests into eating like I do. After all, don't I always get a vegetarian option?? My answer was yes, I get a vegetarian option. That option is ALWAYS an after thought. It's usually white flour pasta which I don't eat anyway. Pair that with the fact that I can eat almost nothing at the cocktail hour, and you've got one hungry guest. I find it hurtful that people including my family, are saying this. Why can't they come to the wedding for the real reason? The love that my fiancé and I have for each other. I never go to a wedding expecting any of my food preferences to be represented. I go to celebrate the couple. Does anyone have any advice on how to respond to these things? I've been sticking to my guns and saying that there will be plenty of amazing things for them to eat, and then I change the subject. Is there a way to make them stop voicing this very rude opinion? Post Date: 12/30/15, Replies: 18
Christmas Sorry if this topic already exist, but least I didn't find one. So, what will you eat this christmas? (: Would be interesting to know and tips for next year. Will you have dinner with non-veg family? Do they ever taste your foods and what do they think of them? Is it hard for you to sit on same table with meats and stuff? We are gonna eat with family who are totally non-veg. Good thing is they're not judgemental at all or push their food to us! Some have tasted seitan previous years and liked it (didn't make it myself :b ). Will be eating seitan roast this year as well. Also smoked tofu and mustard. Mashed potatoes, beet casserole will also be on table and redgabbage-carrot-onion salad. On side peas and green beans. Sweet side will be having gingerbread cookies and chocolate. Post Date: 12/23/15, Replies: 5
Climate change and the right to food http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2015/12/climate-change-food-151222125711435.html Post Date: 12/23/15, Replies: 0
Bee crisis could destabilise crop produce http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/12/bee-crisis-destabilise-crop-production-151222141511568.html Post Date: 12/23/15, Replies: 0
Vegan Dog Mommy I have been vegan for four years now. From what I eat, wear, use as household products are all vegan and environmentally safe. One area I have not conquered is with my dogs. I still give them dog food that contains meat. I have three dogs and for one of my dogs I cook for her since she is not very healthy, and don't want to give her kibble. I understand that kibble is overprocessed and not very healthy for them. Since I have three it will be extremely expensive to feed three dogs canned food. Cooking for one dog, being vegan, I can only cook grains and vegetables and then when serving her the food, I add canned food which contains the meat. I want to cook for all of them, but I don't want to buy the canned food separate and then add to it, since a case is $30 or more, not cost effective with three dogs. How many vegans still feed their dogs meat and do you cook for them using animal products. I am not sure if I am ever able to do that. Post Date: 12/23/15, Replies: 0
Vegan to Raw Vegan! It's my first day switching from Vegan, to completely raw vegan! Ive been raw all day so far and I feel very tired, but also energized. I'm having slight cramping and i think its because my stomach muscles are getting used to all the water content in the fruits and veggies. I'm very excited about this new lifestyle. Any tips?! Post Date: 12/21/15, Replies: 3
songs promotig vegan/vegetarian Hi- if you like to view a song promoting Vegetarian & Vegan lifestyles go to YOUTUBE and type in a search for{ A Vegan Theme Song by Charles Szabo Thanks and feel free to share it. Post Date: 12/19/15, Replies: 1
Vegan when with family and freinds - HELP! Hi there! I'm an extremely shy person, and struggle to become 100& vegan: My dad is a hunter, my mom loves eggs, my three best friends loves their hamburgers and steak and would never become vegan - they laugh at vegans and vegetarians... My sister however is (luckily) like me - trying to decrease intake of animal products, but she's the only one. And as a norwegian, there are almost NO vegan/vegetarian restuarants. And all traditions contains some sort of animal product or food. And if that wasn't hard enough - fruits and vegetables is EXPENCIVE here in Norway... Is there someone who has been vegan for a long time, with some tips or tricks for me? Thank you! Post Date: 12/15/15, Replies: 6
Vegans needed for a student dissertation!! Hello, We are two undergraduate students studying Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. For our final dissertation topic, we are studying the association between personality and dietary choices, specifically the paleo diet, the Atkin’s diet, and gluten-free or vegan diets. The study is in the form of an online survey. Firstly, you will be asked a few questions about their diet - why you follow it, and you commitment to it. After, you will complete a personality questionnaire. The study typically takes 20 minutes. Participation in the study is voluntary but participants will be entered into a draw with the chance to win one of two £20 amazon gift vouchers. We were wondering if you could please take this survey! Our study is being supervised by Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh and the survey has been approved by the Psychology Research Ethics Committee. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we would be glad to help. Otherwise you may wish to email our supervisor at [email protected] Here is the link! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1e8NBwqPC2xzOF_Vm5FvDEQJ4OFordRgAW48BnxIxDWg/viewform?usp=send_form Post Date: 12/14/15, Replies: 5

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