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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Very new vegan here! Advice please :) Hi all! So a little back story, I have been a Vegetarian for 19 years and have recently (after much research and thought) decided to transition to a Vegan lifestyle. I have been contemplating this for nearly a year but then recently watched Forks Over Knives and yeah...that was all the motivation I needed. I started being vegetarian at 12 years old after seeing a horrific video in school about what animals go through. So I've always had that passion for animals but recently also became extremely interested in the health benefits as well. I live in the U.K now, i'm from the U.S. I have been here about 1 year now. I don't really have anyone here that can relate to why I'm going vegan, so I decided to give this website a try. I also don't really have a whole lot of people here to begin with, so it is a challenge anyways finding people to talk to. However, my husband is great and very supportive, as long as I'm happy and healthy he's cool with it. I have family in America that are Vegan and even the ones that aren't totally support me doing this. But I don't have a whole lot of that here. Anyway, now to the point! (yes, I swear there is one :) **Tonight I told my in-laws that I am going to be following a vegan diet, only because they kept trying to offer me damn chocolate cake lol. I started off by saying I'm not eating dairy and eggs now. Then someone said "you're not going vegan are you?!". As if I'm going to rob a bank or something. Then everyone at once proceeded to tell me how unhealthy it is and said to just wait and see how I feel in a year (meaning after a year as a vegan i'll be in bad shape). It was so upsetting because I know it's healthy but when I tried to explain it I basically get told I'm wrong, as if I don't know what I'm doing. It's literally as soon as the word "VEGAN" is used some people just think you're crazy and don't even try to hear where your coming from. I'm used to criticizm as a vegetarian but this is of course worse. I know this is a popular topic but how did you guys deal with people close to you not supporting your decision to go Vegan? Honestly, I just really needed to vent so thanks for reading my rant! :) Post Date: 01/23/17, Replies: 1
Survey help for a vegan e-store :) Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here can help me out with 5 - 10 mins of their time by completing a survey I'm doing. I'm hoping to open up an online store focusing on vegan fashion & beauty products and just trying to do a little market research. ** I'm from Melbourne, Aus and the store will only be delivering products within Australia (well, at this stage anyway :) ) Here is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/BCXzyMTDhERpPEet1 (done via Google forms). Thanks & have a happy week/weekend! Warm regards, Stacey Xo Post Date: 01/22/17, Replies: 2
Glycerin in non-consumable products?? I am interested to where everyone stands with Glycerin and other animal ingredients in non-consumable products, such as soap, shampoo, creams etc etc How does everyone feel using them? Does it make someone not a vegetarian if they were to use them? Is it a complete no-go zone? Post Date: 01/19/17, Replies: 1
vegetarian protein supplements Creating this topic to gather all information related to vegetarian/vegan protein supplements out there in market today Whey proteins are quite popular but does anyone know if they are fully lacto vegetarian or have traces of egg - especially the one by optimum nutrition ? Post Date: 01/15/17, Replies: 3
Vegetarian wabtibg to be Vegan Hi well I've been wanting to discuss this for these past days because I need help, I've been vegetarian for 8 months now, I wanted to start with a vegan diet but it wasn't possible due to the situation. My parents let me be vegetarian and it wasn't really a big deal to them, but recently I've been wanting to make my transition into being vegan I recently told my mother about it but it ended up really badly, she told me she accepted me being vegetarian but told me she will never let me be vegan and will never support me, today she told my dad about it and it ended up with them telling me they won't buy me anymore stuff like makeup, stuff I need and the already vegan food I was buying, they also told me it was all just in my head and that it's bad to be vegan and that its just a phase, I just feel really hurt right now and don't want to go back to eating dairy products the only dairy product I was eating was cheese it just doesn't feel right to consume dairy products but what should I do ? Post Date: 01/15/17, Replies: 2
Healthy vegan diet and shift work Hi fellow vegans, I really, REALLY need your help and sorry but this post is gonna be a long one. I've been vegan for 4 months now (transitioned from vegetarian which I've been for five years) and ever since the transition I felt amazing - no more headaches, I had more energy etc. However, a month ago I got a job which completely destroyed my diet and all that energy is gone and my headaches are back. So here's what's happening: I work 6h/day, 6 days a week (Morning shift: 6am-12pm, afternoon: 12pm-6pm, night: 12am-6am -- shifts last for a week), since it's 'only' six hours of work, we get no breaks and this is where my problems start. No matter which shift it is, I lose 2 meals of the day (usually I'd eat 4 small meals throughout the day, now I only eat two bigger ones). Not only am I bloated, I also feel weak, tired and I feel like my whole immune system is collapsing. I try to get 6-8h of sleep a day. Every morning I drink lemonade with ginger, eat a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and eat a fruit salad with a bunch of grains (I can tell you the recipe if you are interested). This meal has become kind of a habit ever since I went vegan and like I said I eat it every time I wake up. The second and last meal of the day is usually filled with vegetables/greens (mostly cooked (for some reason my stomach can't stand fried food or oil in general)) which I eat a few hours before sleep (bye-bye my habit of not eating 4 hours before sleep), And that's it. I feel horrible, I don't get nearly enough fluid in my system (I used to drink 10 glasses/day, now I'm lucky if I can drink two (I can't drink anything 'cause I'm so bloated). Also, I work in a warehouse so I either walk or stand for 6h straight. With all that in consideration I've lost 8.8 lbs (4 kg) in less than three weeks and even though I don't mind the weight loss, this is far from a healthy way of doing it. Not to mention I used to work out on regular basis, but now I have no energy to even think about it. So how do I fix this? I just want my healthy lifestyle back. I really hope some of you have experience that could help me and the others with similar problems. Thanks for the feedback! Post Date: 01/14/17, Replies: 5
Biggest frustration as vegetarian Hi everybody. I've been vegetarian almost two years. Best decision I've ever made. I enjoy better health and have more energy. But being vegetarian can create new challenges. So I just wonder, what’s the biggest challenge or frustration you’re having with being vegetarian/vegan? Post Date: 01/13/17, Replies: 13
Blogilates Illegal Actions Against Vegans Well in case you didn't know recently a fitness youtuber blogilates has been getting alot of vegan youtube videos taken down. She has been doing this by filing illegal false copyright claims. Specifically she is targeting those who have made videos criticizing her. I was kind of surprised by this because the last couple of food videos she made were vegan recipes. But it's clear after this that she only made those video to capitalize on the "vegan trend". She only cares about money. I doubt she hates vegans or veganism. But she obviously cares about money more than ethics or animals if she is willing to break the law to try and silence voices within veganism. Her workout videos are crap anyway and her diet advice is terrible. More information in the video if you want to know some details. tinyurl.com/blogilatesveganism Post Date: 01/13/17, Replies: 4
Soups on restaurants menus need help I go out with my friends to restaurants on the weekends and I struggle with the menu especially for my 5 year old son. "What do you want today? Grilled cheese? Mac n cheese?" Bla! I know restaurants can help by simply doing one small act of catering to the vegetarian population. They need to leave chicken broth out of the soups that do not contain meat. I have been contacting restaurants through email to request this. It would be great to have others do the same. I literally lie in bed at night and stew over this. Haha. Help help help! Post Date: 01/06/17, Replies: 0
Staying vegan while deployed overseas Hello, Are there any other vegans/vegetarians out there who are deployed, and finding it difficult to get enough food without animal products in them? Post Date: 01/05/17, Replies: 5
Vegetarians This is a question i have always wanted answered....some vegetarians dont eat meat due to cruelty yet they eat fish, tuna and cow are both living creatures, so killing and eating a cow is wrong but catching fish in a net etc etc and gutting it then to be ate is ok? Post Date: 01/05/17, Replies: 3
Barbados cuisine My hubby and I are planning for a 2 week long Barbados vacation. One thing that concerns us, both vegetarians is the local food. We are staying at a resort named The Crane, thecrane.com/ and even they offer Barbados cuisine. I have heard that Barbados is famous for the non vegan food variety it offers. We would like to know about availability and quality of vegan food in Barbados. Have anyone tried it? Is it good? How is the variety of vegan food available there? Hoping for helpful replies. Post Date: 01/05/17, Replies: 0
how to get non-vegans to leave you alone! This is more of a question and an answer…? Im still dealing with everyone I know, with them worrying about me not getting enough nutrients that they think is in meat and other bad foods. No matter how much I tell them otherwise, they still bother me and are rude and sometimes almost mean. I know that this problem will never go away, but Id like it to go down a lil! I want to be a peaceful happy loving vegan and not be rude or get mad at other ppl when they ask or confront me about veganism and ask that same old stupid question, "where do you get your protein and calcium?" ugh! So Im wondering how you guys deal with this issue in your lives and how long have y'all been vegan or vegetarian? PS Ive only been vegan for a year... Post Date: 01/04/17, Replies: 12
Liquids as the heart of feeding I've been using lots of liquids & find them easier to produce.Its not only easy what gets me but more scientific looking ideas of which I can share.Mostly juices of which carrot & apple ones are leading.Milk too but less.Anyone having similar stories or experiences? Post Date: 01/02/17, Replies: 1
Advice with unsupportive parents?? I was vegan for a year and was forced to stop since I lost weight. (Very depressed and anxious over that time frame because of isolation) and so yeah they said either I go eat meat or get sent to a hospital They called me anorexic and stuff and angered me because I'm clearly not, I can down a box of Oreos but morally do not want to consume meat or dairy. I've talked to them about it and it's a no go. They refuse and won't give me a chance. I am pretty educated on it but in that time period I had no appetite and YEAh. I feel like I lost my purpose and I care so deeply about animals. They won't buy me beans and stuff, I was lucky enough to get oats and my dad gets so mad even when I eat something like ricE!!! It's so Aggrivating and honestly I feel so lost, I hate I'm contributing to this. The only thing I can really do is not eat it, and try to find something later without them knowing because of their ways. I'm so passionate about this but they don't care and made up their minDs. Any advice? Talking to them isn't an option? And I'm only 14 so I can't get a job just yet :( Post Date: 01/01/17, Replies: 1
fake meats...not impressed So I tried a lot of the fake meats to see if they would be good alternatives. So far I have not liked almost all of them. Which probably is good since they appear to be highly processed foods. I think my favorite so far is the Beyond Meat crumbles. But even these tasted a bit strange, but I will experiment with it a bit. However, I've made a lot of great soups with veggies and replaced the milk products with replacements and they have been really good. And smoothies are great now that I got a Vitamix blender. I also prefer almond milk to any other alternative. I guess I will stick to regular foods. Maybe these will work for some people, but so far to me they just taste like inferior food. Anyone have similar experiences on these? Post Date: 01/01/17, Replies: 10
Vegan Dog Mommy I have been vegan for four years now. From what I eat, wear, use as household products are all vegan and environmentally safe. One area I have not conquered is with my dogs. I still give them dog food that contains meat. I have three dogs and for one of my dogs I cook for her since she is not very healthy, and don't want to give her kibble. I understand that kibble is overprocessed and not very healthy for them. Since I have three it will be extremely expensive to feed three dogs canned food. Cooking for one dog, being vegan, I can only cook grains and vegetables and then when serving her the food, I add canned food which contains the meat. I want to cook for all of them, but I don't want to buy the canned food separate and then add to it, since a case is $30 or more, not cost effective with three dogs. How many vegans still feed their dogs meat and do you cook for them using animal products. I am not sure if I am ever able to do that. Post Date: 01/01/17, Replies: 3
McDonalds French fries Are they suitable for vegetarians? I ask this because one facebook post said that the preparation involves the use of grease that is derived from pork lard. The McDonalds UK website denies it. But I dont see any english faq in the McDonals Korea website. Can any koreans answer this plese? Post Date: 12/31/16, Replies: 6
Vegan Work Boots Hey everybody! I've seen this topic posted online in various places but all of them seem to be from circa 2011 with outdated links. I'm looking for waterproof black vegan-friendly boots. I've tried Doc Martens and they won't work for what I need. I work in emergency response so I can't have something clunky like Docs. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Post Date: 12/31/16, Replies: 1
Feeling Alone Since Becoming Vegetarian Hi, I am a baby in the vegetarian/vegan/raw world having only started a few months ago... I've never been much of a meat eater except for junk food and always liked to think of myself as an animal rights advocate... after the realisation that I was a huge hypocrite in this area (haha) I immediately knew I had to become vegetarian... The change itself wasn't so hard given I had never really eaten much meat prior but the effect it seemed to have on the people around me was the most surprising... now don't get me wrong I expected some backlash but I really thought the people closest to me would be more supportive. My partner didn't really seem bothered about the change, except he had no-one to eat junk with anymore haha... his mother kept asking me daily if I wanted meat products and when I would remind her, she'd say something along the lines of "Oh you're still doing that then..." My father being a fisherman insisted that being a vegetarian meant I could still eat fish... and then I was of course told "I could do it if I could eat fish" and then "really? No fish?" My cousin whom is like a brother to me informed me that it was a "faze" and that I'd get over it... My best friend and her partner have continually asked "but don't you like meat?" Every.Darn.Visit... All that aside I've enjoyed being Vegetarian... and recently decided to have 2 days a week raw/vegan, no particular reason other than I'd already stopped dairy products after learning about what happens to dairy cows and their calves... (I love cows btw... so this was a big no no)... But I've realised recently that I've been feeling very lonely since becoming a vegetarian.... my partner refuses to have meals with me now... leaving me to cook and eat by myself... my friends don't invite me to dinner anymore... And just this morning (one of my vegan days) I suggested to my partner that I make him sorbet for breakfast (my new favourite breakfast) and he tells me that he feels like he's dating a completely different person... that he finds it hard to accept and remember that I'm vegetarian... that it's a turn off that I don't eat meat anymore.... Now my partner was the one person I thought didn't really mind the change as long as I didn't force it on him (which I never did. Never once did I mention his eating preferences.) So in the sense that he didn't mind, I thought I had that one shred of support... but now... I don't know any vegans/vegetarians... I used to love cooking for people and myself, now no-one wants a bar of it... I just don't know what to do... I just feel very lonely now... If you have any advice at all please send it... I'm sick of feeling like this and would appreciate the support xx I hope you're all having a fantastic day :) Post Date: 12/31/16, Replies: 6
Fitness for Vegans and Vegetarians Hello all, I'm new here but I'm a lifelong vegetarian (not vegan yet). I was thinking of starting a fitness business targeted towards vegans and vegetarians and I was hoping you guys could answer a few questions that would help me. 1) Do you have any fitness goals? Have you ever had a desire to improve your physique? Please state any goals you have or you've thought about in the past. For example; losing weight, putting on muscle, getting stronger, becoming healthier. 2) Regarding those goals, what do you find hard about achieving them? (The more honesty the better my friends) 3) Would you pay someone who could teach you and help you achieve those goals? 4) When you talk to your vegan/vegetarian friends and family about fitness and nutrition, like wanting to get in shape, diet or go gym etc.... what do they say? (The more exact the words the more help it is for me) I would really appreciate as many users answering these questions as I really want to make a difference in people's lives. Thank you! Post Date: 12/31/16, Replies: 8
Advice with unsupportive parents?? I was vegan for a year and was forced to stop since I lost weight. (Very depressed and anxious over that time frame because of isolation) and so yeah they said either I go eat meat or get sent to a hospital They called me anorexic and stuff and angered me because I'm clearly not, I can down a box of Oreos but morally do not want to consume meat or dairy. I've talked to them about it and it's a no go. They refuse and won't give me a chance. I am pretty educated on it but in that time period I had no appetite and YEAh. I feel like I lost my purpose and I care so deeply about animals. They won't buy me beans and stuff, I was lucky enough to get oats and my dad gets so mad even when I eat something like ricE!!! It's so Aggrivating and honestly I feel so lost, I hate I'm contributing to this. The only thing I can really do is not eat it, and try to find something later without them knowing because of their ways. I'm so passionate about this but they don't care and made up their minDs. Any advice? Talking to them isn't an option? And I'm only 14 so I can't get a job just yet :( Post Date: 12/30/16, Replies: 8
Health reason for a vegetarian diet. Carnivorous animals have the teeth that go with their digestive system... humans have the teeth of herbivores, and Nature knows best. Pam Lowick. Post Date: 12/30/16, Replies: 1
Vegan Wedding Hell- Just wondering if anyone could share tips for a vegan wedding in the NJ/NY area. My fiancee and I would love something outdoors spring/summer 2017. We are also on a pretty strict budget as we are attempting to save money for a house and are both teachers. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Post Date: 12/29/16, Replies: 1
Diet and Climate Change Hi, My name is Ben I am a final year anthropology student at the University of Sussex and am looking to do some research on peoples thoughts on diet (plant based or other) in relation to the environment and more specifically climate change. This is for one of my dissertations. If any one is interested in participating please post a comment or message me, it would be really helpful. Many thanks, Ben Post Date: 12/24/16, Replies: 1
My Revelations about Vegetariansm Firstly, I apologize. I am apologize to Mother Nature for having played a part in the spilling of the blood of animals. By eating meat, I did not care that the flesh and bones of animals were as sacred as mine. I have been a hypocrite by championing human rights, but drawing an imaginary line between animals and people. I am truly sorry. I do not ask for forgiveness. Secondly, I will never have anything to do with meat again. I hope that those people that ridicule my decision can both understand the reasons for my decision which I explain in this message, and the true reason for their ridicule. I feel that I have understood the laws of nature, which rule supreme over us. Blood is red for a reason. Red is the color of danger and we see it all around us, whether as warning signs or instructions for us to stop doing something. Blood is red because it signifies danger and, when it is spilled from an animal or a human, symbolizes that something or someone is in mortal need. The spilling of blood is simply wrong, and to do so is a cardinal sin against Mother Nature. It matters not from whom or what it is spilled. When I hold food to an animal, it feels hungry and comes to me. When I chase it, it feels scared and runs from me. When I tickle its belly it rolls in delight. When I stroke its head it makes noises of approval. What these tell me is that animals have the same feelings as humans. They want to live as much as I do. They want to be loved as much as I do. They feel hungry as I do. They feel scared as I do. So why should we kill an animal and deprive it of the entitlement of life given to it by Mother Nature, the same entitlement that I hold so dearly for myself? We were never meant to eat animals, otherwise we would not have had to cook them to make them edible to us. I think the real reason for people’s ridicule of me is that it reveals their own guilt for eating meat. Nobody likes owning up to guilt, but in the long run there is no choice but to own up and correct yourself. It is never too late. There is nothing worse than doing something that you actually know is wrong. Finally, I will never forget what I toddler once told me: that you should never eat anything that has a face on it. Once again, I am sorry. Post Date: 12/24/16, Replies: 1
Is honey bad for vegetarians ? or good? Hi guys! I am a new team member. I am gonna have a clear idea about honey. I am quite sure it is bad for vegans but for vegetarians? What do you think about it? Post Date: 12/21/16, Replies: 3

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