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Just read about a nice Question in Yahoo, it is about World Vegetarian Day and find it rather interesting to share ideas on this - the question is as follow -
" i just heard about World Vegetarian Day!! how do you celebrate it?
i want some more info on it and how you celebrate it.

its october 1!!

Cheers :)

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    Posted by Peace ... at 08/02/10 19:38:40

    My answer to the above question in Yahoo, just to share :-

    I had an fantastic World Vegetarian Day last year.

    There was a vegetarian restaurant who send out invitation to Vegetarian Food Bloggers and Vegetarian Meet Up Group and Vegetarian Society for a free unique Vegetarian Food Tasting Event.

    They even give their members discount if they dined in the restaurant on World Vegetarian Day.

    We blog about it, if you are interested - check out the posts…

    Of course - World Vegetarian Day, need not to for Vegetarian ONLY. I think, it would be a nice opportunity to invite non-vegetarian or semi-vegetarian to enjoy/share our scrumptious vegetarian cuisines. Just like, I celebrate X'mas even I am not a Christian.

    World Vegetarian Day, can be just interesting too, if there are new and chic ideas to make this a lovely day - just like Valentine's Day, Mother's or Father's Day, Children's Day, Teacher's Day, Nurse's Day etc ...

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