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Hi All,
I'm conducting a short survey for my Environmental Science class.

Please share with me your your reasoning behind becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan!

(A) Animal Welfare/Animal Rights
(B) Health/Reduced Risk of Disease
(C) Environmental Conservation - (Fossil fuels, pollution, destruction of rain forests, etc.)
(D) Other - Please Share!

Any participation is greatly appreciated!

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    Posted by Ssserica at 05/21/13 18:39:34

    I originally became a vegitarian a accidentally because meat slowly began to repulse me.

    More recently it started from health reasons and then cascaded to environment and animal rights I want to become vegan for the same reasons in that order

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    Posted by deliabee at 05/22/13 10:09:10

    I am becoming vegetarian for health reasons and because the video I just watched about animal "farming" made me sick to my stomach.

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    Posted by Jared.In-Bloom at 05/22/13 11:12:36

    Health reasons,but the Environmental issues are important to me as well.

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    Posted by Lindacblakeney at 06/04/13 04:20:08

    it started out as wanting to improve my health. After doing research to that end, the more I learned about the whole subject of health and animal farming it progressed to health and animal welfare.

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    Posted by fogtime at 08/05/13 00:19:35


    I found out kind of late that those hot dogs I'd been eating for years were from pigs. It upset me, but being a kid (thus unable to buy my own foods), and not having many food chooses, I continued to eat them. So I would have to say that the availability of vegetarian/vegan options made a huge difference in my giving up animal products. I would still be eating hamburgers if vegetarian burgers weren't an option. I would still be drinking cow's milk if almond milk wasn't an option. I figure that if I can find a healthy alternative to consuming animal products, then why not? Why consume animal products when we don't have to? I get it if you live somewhere on a cold plateau where plants don't grow well and you eat meat. I get it if there has been a drought and you are starving to death. I get it. It's called survival. But if you live in a modern city where you can easily find a huge variety of non-animal foods and beverages, then why are you still eating meat and consuming cow's milk?

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    Posted by Egesa at 08/08/13 01:42:11

    I became vegetarian, then vegan, purely because of ethics. Although there were many things leading up to it, there was a moment when I realised that humans and all other sentient beings are all in the same boat. After that, I didn't want to eat meat, and it became repulsive. I later read about the reasons some people are vegan, and agreed. Environmental and health reasons didn't have anything to do with my decision, although they add to my gladness.

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    Posted by Tashaleiahh at 08/11/13 17:52:50

    I became vegetarian because I didn't know veganism existed. After I learned about veganism, vegetarianism wasn't enough, in fact it hardly seemed productive at all. But ethics I think is the answer you're looking for lol

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    Posted by Carolineveg at 08/16/13 14:36:32

    I became a vegetarian because of ethics, I wanted to support animals. Soon though I'm planning on going vegan :) I didn't even think about the other reasons for going vegetarian until I started reading up about it which was after I was already vegetarian.

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