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Hi There!

I am writing about vegan movement and lifestyle and a question come to me!
What I mean is... what do vegans want/need that is missing at the moment or what do you want in general as a vegan, any technology, restaurant, information on a specific subject, book, courses, ANYTHING that you think will add to the movement and improve the lifestyle

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/29/17 08:13:11

    I would like more vegan restaurants that serve beans and do it well. I am so tired of high caloric mock meats from Taiwan. I live in the L.A. area so I can scoot down to little India or go to an Ethiopian restaurant and have beans done with curry, lentil Dhal, garbanzo beans in a garlic sauce... but none of it is organic yet. I go to some places and find chili that is reasonable but it just does not have a rich bouquet of spices. It would be great to have a restaurant chain that did beans right with a large selection of bean dishes from Dhal to Mujadara, black beans, pinto beans, chili, black eyed peas, and every color of lentil. I am still waiting for a vegan celebration of bean power to hit every town. Beans are less processed, more nutritive and do not have some of the undesirable side effects of soy.

    I would also like to see decent vegan soup abound. I like clear broth soups with noodles. I go to Little Saigon and through the Buddhist culture there I can find vegan Pho but it is never organic. It would be nice to have a restaurant chain with multiple soup presentations with organic vegetable broths, organic pureed veggies as the broth, and a wide variety of exquisitely tasting organic vegan soups with complicated bouquets of spice and herbs. Vegetable soup, split pea soup, noodle soup, spinach soup, barley soup etc. I would like them each to be a gourmet taste extravaganza and not a watered down bowl of empty calories. I would like these gourmet soups served with the best organic gourmet breads and organic raw crackers.

    I would also like to see more vegan fast food restaurants. There is only one in San Diego and only one in L.A.. I have not seen others but there is a myth they do exist. These two fast food drive through and interior seating places do not have high enough quality cuisine although they do keep the prices low. They are very popular and have a lot of business. Isn't it time for the vegan world to develop something to rival the carnivorous, burger fast food, bad karma empire?

    I would also like to see more vegan restaurants charge less. It would be nice to see every vegan restaurant full all the time because the prices were low. It is better to make a little bit of money off of many people then to have an over priced empty restaurant. I can pay the high prices, but it is annoying and it will never change the world. Instead, by over pricing food at restaurants, the vegan movement looks like a greedy, inbred selfish movement of yuppies who never shop at the grocery store so they don't know the real price of what they are eating when they go out. If we are to pay the high prices, the interiors should be more exotic, the food healthier and more tasty and the table servers should be nicer.

    I want more India cotton shirts with vegetable dyes tailored for huge Americans and not the doll clothes size of Asians. I want to see these shirts made with organic cotton and organic vegetable dyes. I want to see new concepts in clothing designs by vegans. I want to wear health conscious, spiritual clothing that speaks of vegan virtue, not Kmart tastelessness.

    I would like to see more vegan communes. If we could build 500 vegan housing communities around the U.S., we might change the world.

    I want to see vegan supermarkets that have restaurants, juice bars, conference rooms and where they play live music and have interesting lectures as cultural centers. Local crafts and arts could be sold there along with locally inventive vegan food items.

    I want to be able to find vegan people to work on my house when I need a hand, vegan people to work on my car, vegan people to cut hair etc. I do not like giving money to meat eaters knowing that they will spend my hard earned money on foolishness, ignorance and cruelty. We need a way to find local vegan talent and support all those businesses as long as they are ethical.

    I want to see movies on Netflix where they are not drinking alcohol every 3 minutes, smoking cigarettes and eating beef. Pamela Anderson started a trend doing this and no one followed. We need films that show people doing vegan healthy pass times as a normative way of living, not as the entire central plot.

    I want vegan malls, vegan schools, vegan housing developments, vegan towns and vegan food served on planes and trains.

    I want to see vegan grants and endowments so money is available to vegans to start vegan businesses that promote a vegan life style.

    I want a vegan TV channel without that false Vietnamese Guru lady who does it wrong. I see her at all the Vietnamese vegan restaurants on the TV and no one finds her station interesting on any level. Her mediocrity is translated into 10 languages and no one cares.

    I want to see vegan rock concerts, vegan fairs, vegan dances, vegan maypole parties, vegan Bacchanalia without the alcohol; vegan fun and festivity. Where is the vegan party man?

    The Buddha tells us that wanting only leads to suffering.
    So, let's not want it, let's make it happen.

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