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Hello All

If the restaurant does not offer a vegan dish what do you order?
I can only think to order a pasta marinara or a veggie stir fry. They usually tell me they can make any thing but I have no other ideas.
What have you thought of?


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    Posted by DougMcCallum at 02/17/13 20:13:30

    What we've found is to talk to your server and let them know you are vegan. If a vegetarian item sounds good, ask if it can be made vegan. Sometimes you have to educate a bit but so far we've mostly not had a problem as long as the restaurant has vegetarian dishes that can be modified.

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    Posted by bongo najja at 02/17/13 20:39:03

    I agree with DougMcCallum, for that is what I do. And, if they can't accommodate me with that, I leave and go somewhere else. I can't compromise my beliefs, which includes my commitment to being vegan. I've chosen the vegan way due to my spiritual path, which is Rastafari.


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    Posted by gordon33 at 02/20/13 03:44:00

    Hello Doug McCallum, and Bongo Najja

    Thank you for the information I have dropped a few of the local restaurants because they don't want to serve my Vegan diet.


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    Posted by irishmouse at 04/01/13 12:27:31

    In a pinch, when nothing else is available, I simply order two garden salads so that I feel full. That, combined with some rolls takes care of the issue, but I also don't tend to go back to a place that has no real options. Pasta is simple, so are stir fry's, so there is not much excuse for not being able to wrestle something up in the kitchen. Years ago I went to a wedding and mentioned my dietary wishes. I was served a plate of vegetables. Nothing but vegetables. I had to remind them that a baked potato was ALSO a vegetable and that I would like one. The learning curve can be steep, but I would like to think they might now at least be able to offer something more than a plate of carrots!

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