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This is a sin. I will never use a Pacific foods brand again. If in Portland I will not shop at New Seasons ever. The Eggerts make it clear their goal is all about money. Shameful abuse.

Go Vegan y'all. The labels that make you feel better about eating dairy, like organic or grass fed, or free range, is just a label that charges you more to assuage your guilt. Don't be a sap and don't be cruel

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/31/10 21:32:43

    Yep - a really sick article about a really sick collection of 'torture businesses'!


    Extract - Organic milk is one of the fastest growing food products in the United States. It commands a high price -- almost double that of conventional milk. Still, it's tough for organic dairies to turn a profit, which keeps supplies tight, agricultural economists say.

    The rules that govern organic -- no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or growth hormones, pasturing of the animals instead of keeping them confined -- reduces milk production and rewards larger dairies that can benefit from economies of scale.


    They fully 'forgot' any 'rule' connected to allowing cows (both boys & girls)to live out their natural lifespans.

    They forgot many other compassionate 'rules' also.

    Sick ba#$a$ds!

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    Posted by kindlizard at 05/31/10 23:39:17

    Johnny, this article makes me so sick to my stomach on so many levels. They entrust the "care" of these poor animals to a rich guy who has self admittedly never even had a garden. This is not only a tragic situation for an "organic" dairy, but for any dairy, any biz where liquid crap is running into the rivers and wells. Just atrocious, as is their accountability, and of course their actions. This is disturbing in so many ways, I hope more people read about this to learn about their food sources and hopefully this can be the impetus for more transitions into veganism.

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