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Just a general question to see what (and if) everyone does for Thanksgiving.

This year we are going to visit family. One of those family members is recovering from surgery, so we are bringing most of the food over. My mom and I are splitting the side dishes. I haven't 100% decided what I'm bringing yet, but probably some traditional-type stuff like garlic mashed potatoes and then some Japanese stuff as well. It's always interesting trying to please everyone in my family but we manage fine. I love cooking anyway, so I like to alter recipes to make them okay for my mom and myself (vegan and gluten free). Last year I made a green bean casserole that I gotta say came out really good! Maybe I'll make that again...

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/21/08 17:52:29

    I will be in Shen Zhen - China.

    With a group of skilled gemstone carvers - helping them to plan their sales / direction.

    Now they have found out that they made a mistake in relying on the Tucson Show / US customers for 80% of their business.

    "....butterfly effects..." -

    For dinner Dengpin with 2 friends -

    Does anyone care to join us?

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    Posted by HM at 11/22/08 19:51:39

    Well, since the false stories that once gave meaning to thanksgiving only cover up the the massive genocide and slavery that occurred when the "founders" of the country came here, I don't take part in a traditional thanksgiving.
    However our group, Portland Animal Defense League, is having a vegan feast at the Animal House (our name for IDA's new place, much better than the location across from Beast). We'll be showing I believe a documentary film, though my mind lost the name of it, regarding the harsh truth.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 11/24/08 08:21:42

    Okay, so I decided what I'm bringing to our family - This awesome vegan and gluten free mince meat pie I had in a cooking class, and also veganized nishime (Japanese dish, has taro potato, daikon, gobo (burdock root), konnyaku (yam starch), konbu, and some other stuff).

    HM - That's an interesting idea, help spread the word!

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