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Hello members,

I'm a recently engaged vegetarian, and I'm beginning to look around for caterers for our wedding. Though my fiance is a non-vegetarian, he has agreed to a fully vegetarian wedding. However, looking around on the web I'm rather surprised (given the crunchy nature of Massachusetts) that there don't seem to be more than a few vegetarian catering companies.

Anyone know of any vegetarian, or veg-friendly catering companies in Massachusetts? The wedding may be either western or eastern MA, so any place will help!

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    Posted by Technicality at 01/20/14 15:29:24

    I think Whole Foods caters. Another idea is to contact a reputable veg*n restaurant in the area of your reception.


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    Posted by richardkg at 06/27/14 02:50:34

    It is a difficult job to find a caterer that serves vegetarian food as now a days number of vegetarians are coming down. Even during my daughters wedding we needed our catering to serve vegetarian for a few of our vegetarian friends. But it was way too hard to find a good catering who does what we require. But in the end we found one event caterer called francofreshy, Toronto,Ontario who does vegetarian food. We needed just about 10-15 plates of vegetarian food. Most caterers won’t agree for that low number of plates. But these guys were nice people as they even gave some exclusive choice of vegetarian menu and their rates were rather cheap too. It was an awesome wedding and the food was exceptional too. We actually paid them a good amount more than our agreement rate.

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