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100 years ago, people wore buckskin in the USA. 50 years ago, people wore animal furs in the USA. Now, everywhere one looks in the USA people are wearing cloth, mostly synthetic and cotton. It has been a slow progression but our clothing is getting increasingly vegan.

Now we can buy "pleather" belts, wallets, shoes and for women, purses. We can also buy synthetic silk shirts. As a vegan, I am dismayed at this trend to imitate non-vegan clothing. We need to overhaul the clothing industry.

Here are a few problems I have noticed in clothing design:

1. Men’s fashion is basically homophobic, uninspired and drab. Men tend to dress down, in T-shirts and Jeans for casual wear and for all other situations, they wear suits and ties. The neck tie is a ridiculous fashion appendage that is resource depleting with no real use nor benefit.

2. The collar for shirts has not been redesigned for over 50 years. In India, they have the Nehru collar which is basically an ethnic Muslim design, in Eastern Europe there is a smaller version of the Western collar and in the West, there is a pronounced collar both of which are for the use of ties. There is also the V neck and T-shirt collarless shirt. We need a new look that is less wasteful and we need to design beyond the need for a tie, something less resource consumptive. Gone are the days where a man could only be trusted as a professional if he has a tie and women had to wear the same collar without the tie to be respected in business.

3. The world is going synthetic with its cloth choices. Synthetics are uncomfortable and unnatural. The best material in the world is organic, un-dyed, unbleached cotton. The next best is India and Nepal’s cotton that is vegetable dyed. Hemp cloth needs to be made softer to contact human skin. Bamboo cloth is only beginning.

4. Pockets no longer function for hair brushes, combs, cell phones, music devices, wallets, and coins. Men are afraid to carry hand bags, backpacks are cumbersome and people do not know what to do.

5. Industrial clothing dyes are not ecological, are in many cases carcinogenic and effect people’s natural energy. People have Auras and auras are electrical in nature, indeed the human brain generates electricity and the nervous system is electrical as are the acupuncture points. Leather, industrial dyes, and many synthetic materials insulate and cause the human aura to not connect with the planet’s natural energy. This alienates people and separates them from nature.

What do we need?

1. Cloth that has nanotechnology to give us UV protection and temperature control.

2. India and Nepali vegetable dyed cloth that is tailored for Western tastes and sizes.

3. More natural, organic fibers that are soft to wear including organic cotton, organic bamboo, and organic hemp material.

4. New designs for men’s fashion with new collars and no ties that fit a man well and allow him to sit on the floor, work in the yard and go to a restaurant without having to change attire.

5. New designs in women’s clothing that are less involved in an aesthetic power struggle with no more overstated clunky, dysfunctional appointments like overstated zippers, fragile material, bead-work that can’t be washed etc.

6. New designs in vegan wallets, brief cases, hats, and jewelry that is attractive and functional.

7. More vegan shoe designs that have arch support. We are all tired of wearing sneakers.

8. Futuristic, sexy, fun, practical, easy to clean and maintain fashion that is vegan, fair trade and ecological.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/12/17 20:49:30

    Here are a couple of other concerns:

    Pants need a new method for staying in place. Most belts are still made of leather, and belts are another resource depleting appendage that is truly ridiculous even when they are vegan. Kill a cow to keep your pants up with a belt buckle of a car manufacturing logo; true ignorance in fashion. Suspenders are also designed for that certain look of idiocy. Draw string pants loosen and stretch pants are strange and can lose their grip. Perhaps we should rethink pants in general. Young men are rebelling and letting their pants drop in public.

    Also, we might need post Trump anti radiation textiles that will protect the wearer from radiation fallout. This would have a lot of appeal in Japan, Russia and Ukraine right now, and with all the nuclear reactors in Europe, more sales will be made in the future. Trump has not yet caused war, but it looms in the future. The designer icon could be a small mushroom cloud on the shirt pocket. We could call it Trump wear or if it is one piece, it could be called a Trumpsuit. We need the material thin, temperature controlled and UV protected with nano tech, and we need it stylish too.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/12/17 21:48:55

    ...and one more thing...

    Here is a way to give the necktie a final funeral. Let's develop shirt button technology. I would like to see shirt buttons loaded with nano high tech. We could all have holographic computer screens and keyboards projected from our shirt buttons. Our buttons could provide cameras, distance sensing and full audio feeds with blue tooth to wireless ear buds. These high tech buttons could be sewn to long lasting organic Indian cotton textile, British tailored and Japanese teched out shirts.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/13/17 23:53:51

    What will power these high tech organic cotton shirts?

    Buttons that are solar receptors.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/14/17 02:11:12

    Also, there can be USB ports in an open in-seem.

    There would have to be micro electric cables for heat and micro tubes with coolant for cool woven into the cloth. A micro compressor could be in another in-seem.

    "Sorry honey, I would love to help but I am charging my shirt. Your daughter is in her room charging her left shoe and your son is in his room charging his pants. He said the zipper was slow at the restaurant last night when he went to the rest room."

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/14/17 02:15:18

    Imagine how much energy could be saved for heating and cooling the world if our clothes did it for us. This would also reduce temperature related illnesses and deaths.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/14/17 03:21:02

    in seam, not in-seem...typo, sorry.

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    Posted by akshayv at 01/26/18 06:02:39

    I have wide feet and it is always difficult to find shoes that are comfortable, especially when buying them over the internet. Fortunately, these fit the bill quite well from the first wearing when I put them on and breathed a sigh of relief. Nice to know Orthofeet a shoe company I can depend on for future purchases.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/26/18 19:46:15

    Awesome that Orthofeet has vegan shoes!

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    Posted by thessa08 at 02/21/18 16:01:46

    Have you heard of Fr33 Earth? they make flip flops out of natural rubber so it's vegan. I like their colorful designs... Check them out.

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    Posted by thedharmastore at 02/28/18 18:14:32

    We have vegan clothing! Check us out:

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