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Sidecar For Pigs Peace in the U-district...

Universol Aromas Soy Candle Co.'s first retail vendor:

Pigs Peace Sanctuary is the proud owner of a store that is all about compassion and kindness towards animals! Washington's only 100% vegan store is Sidecar for Pigs Peace, located in Seattle's University District, on the corner of 55th and University Way. If you just love the sanctuary and what we do for animals, then this is the place to shop. 100% of the profits go to the animals!

Here are some of the things they carry:
-Soy Candles from
-Love of the Northwest Raw ice cream
-Spirolina cookies and Pizza snacks
-Gopals Power Wraps, Raw Cookies and Brownies
-Lydia's Organics Raw Grain free cereals, crackers, bars and bread
- Difficult to find faux or grain meats like Leta Chick Patties and Veggi Nuggets. Plus Field Roast -Grain Meat Loaf & Celebration Roast. Also Big Franks from Worthington.
- Sheese from Scotland and Soy cheeses from Follow Your Heart and Chou Cheese from Field Roast
- Cookies including Liz Lovelys, Uncle Eddie's and Nanas and Delicious locally made baked goods from Sweet Life Baking Company
- Ready-to-eat sandwiches provided by local restaurants Wayward Cafe and Hillside Quickie
- Chocolates - Rose City Chocolates beautiful boxes ready to give with big bows, Sjaak's Organic Nuts & Chews, Hand Made truffles from Bilssful Wunders.
- Vegan frozen desserts and treats such as Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss - "a rapturously creamy frozen delicacy" and Purely Decadent Cookie Dough frozen dessert.
- Cruelty free Shoes, both dress and sport, Vegetarian Shoes, No Sweat
- Belts and bags, Truth, Vegetarian Shoes
- Bags and Wallets from Queen Bee, Hemp wallets from Ecolution
- Original Art, Prints and Cards from Mary Anne Nagy and Jules Anslow
- Cookbooks including Vegan with a Vengence and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
- Dog and cat food - Evolution kibble and canned food for dogs and cats, Pet Guard Organics, V-Dog, and Evangers Vegetarian food for cats or dogs
- Organic Free Trade coffees and teas
- Chips, crackers, dips and organic salsas. Kettle Organic potato chips, Mexi Snax and Tings
- Candies - Those famous peanut butter cups from Peace of Heaven, Raw bars, Vegan carmels, Energy bars
- Personal care items from Jason, Giovanni and Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC)
- Vitamins and supplements. Get your liquid B12 and Vegan Glucosamine with MSM here plus Vega meal replacement mix.

Please help support this wonderful non-profit animal sanctuary. Stop by to do your grocery shopping if your in the area and get some soy candles...

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    Posted by Chia at 08/01/07 19:59:53

    I've been to SIDE CAR FOR PIGS PEACE! It's a small but well-stocked shop in the University District of Seattle (listed on HappyCow, in fact). The people that run the shop are very kind, and they care about animal rights and vegetarianism. Definitely worth supporting!

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