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Hi - I would like to be vegetarian, with exception of eating eggs and milk products. I have decided to do this as I feel guilty loving my cat yet eating cow. Any books or sites I can visit to get started?

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    Posted by SOCO86 at 04/26/13 20:18:00

    There are a few web sites that really helped me out when I started.

    All of them have some really awesome and really easy recipes.

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    Posted by devilry at 04/28/13 04:24:26

    I think it's so much easier to go vegetarian when you actually know vegetarians in real life who can help support you and give you motivation.

    Try searching for vegetarian societies in your city/country, and check out the various events that they organise. I'm sure they'll be more than willing to invite you!

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    Posted by DC1346 at 05/18/13 12:44:08

    Be careful about overly relying on dairy products for your protein. A lot of lacto vegetarians depend too much on cheese ... but even low fat cheeses may have more saturated fats than lean meats.

    If I could offer a constructive suggestion - trying using some soy cheese. I'm not suggesting that you not use dairy products at all, but as with anything else, moderation is a good thing.

    With this being said, soy cheese (purchased in the produce section of your local supermarket) can be used to replace some dairy cheese products. You might for example consider using soy cheese (American or Cheddar flavor) in an omelet. This is also a great product for taco salads and loaded baked potatoes. You can even make a cheese sauce using this soy product. Melt some soy cheese with regular milk and a touch of corn starch to thicken it. Cauliflower with cheese sauce (using soy milk) is one of my favorite side dishes and it's a great source of protein.

    Best wishes!

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