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gluten free vegan cake tastes uncooked?

Posted by humblestudent at 10/06/2012

hi can anyone with experience baking gluten free vegan cakes please help? why does my coconut lemon cake tastes uncooked? it kinda tastes abit sticky and abit floury... i used almond meal, coconut shreds, polenta, tapioca flour and a gluten free flour (maize, rice, tapioca), almond milk, lemon juice, grapeseed oil and pretty much all the other ingredients from the recipe. it was not a gluten free recipe but i substituted the other ingredients for the flour.

the only 2 things i thought may have affected the cake was that i added tapioca flour and also after the mixture was mixed up it was so dry it looked like cookie dough. so i up an extra little bit of almond milk into it... could these things have messed up my cake?

it was baked for 45mins in a 175 degree C oven

it tastes ok but just alittle uncooked... this was my first attempt at baking a cake.

any help would be appreciated. :)


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