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Does anybody know of a fast-food chain that serves proper veggie or raw food????
Thanks ;)

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 09/01/11 21:13:05

    Hi Sanmartin,
    Great question. I sure wish there'd be more fast food restaurants that served healthy veg food.

    The best ones that I know of right now are small chains like Native Foods that has restaurants set up in southern California and Chicago. Veggie Grill is another one but it's only in California as far as I know. There is an all vegetarian fast food restaurant called "Otarian" but that is only in New York City (and maybe London?). There is a very healthy take-out only 100% raw restaurant called RAW but it's only located in Chicago so far. We need these places to expand!

    As for large fast food restaurant chains, Chipotle would have to be the healthiest. I get vegan burritos and tacos there all the time with cilantro rice, black beans, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and lettuce.

    I see that you live in Switzerland and admit I have no idea if Chipotle has made it there yet. What is currently the best fast food chain that serves proper veggie/raw food in Switzerland?

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    Posted by webmaster at 09/03/11 10:19:21

    Hi Martin,

    There are really only a handful of these kinds of places. As HappyCowGirl mentioned, there are those, I'd also add "Loving Hut" which has as many as 250+ locations.
    While there's interest in this and we've seen a few places pop up that were/are doing fast food, so far none have grown to more than a couple locations aside from those mentioned.
    Vegans are waiting for this- hope it happens soon!

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    Posted by JaedeDeP at 10/04/11 15:08:12

    idk.. i just order a salad

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    Posted by Fritz at 10/05/11 11:35:58

    We enjoy the great vegetarian options at Wendy's, Burger King, El Pollo Loco, Baja Fresh, and Subway!

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    Posted by emama at 10/25/11 12:59:44

    Well, burger king does have a veggie burger – it's not very good
    Carl's jr. -you can get a famous star with no meat and ask for criss-cut fries, put that in your burger and it's not too bad
    El Pollo Loco- you can do the quesadilla
    In and Out – grill cheese is good! (Get it with sautéed onions)
    Green burrito –any Mexican dish with no meat would work
    Miguel's has a garbage burrito or tostada option
    Chipotle has awesome veggie bowls, there really filling
    Starbucks has a good tomato/pesto sandwich that is super good.
    Now that I feel like a junky, may I add that I know this because, I was 8 yrs old when I stopped eating meat and education come with time ;)

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    Posted by Fritz at 10/25/11 18:23:33

    We love the BK Veggie! And of course we get either fries or onion rings to accompany it, as well as sundaes for dessert!

    We rarely go to Carl's Jr. anymore, ever since they discontinued their excellent baked potatoes. I used to really like the broccoli & cheese one.

    Yes, love El Pollo Loco's quesadilla, and also the steamed veggies, fire-roasted corn, Loco Salad with Creamy Chipotle dressing, etc. Oh, and the exquisite FLAN for dessert!

    I didn't know that In and Out did grilled cheese; sounds good, especially with sauteed onions!

    Haven't been to Green Burrito in years, and am not familiar with Miguel's. Also haven't been to Chipotle, as the nearest one is a good walk away, and appears to always be crowded. Glad to hear about the veggie bowls, though.

    Yes, I like all three of Starbucks' veggie sandwiches, but don't enjoy waiting in the long lines that they sometimes have.

    Tonight we're going to have Subway, which really is my favorite of all the fast-food options near us. Plus we'll have potato chips and probably ice cream from Seven Eleven. Yum! : )

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