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I was thinking I was doomed to a boring ho-hum holiday meal (I mean, the same as any other day of the year) when I ran across this book:

... It has some amazing vegan and vegetarian dishes in it. It also has the history of how pumpkins were used in ancient spirituality to celebrate winter (and what we now call Christmas). I had no idea! I'm going to use some of those ideas for my annual holiday observance now that I know about them.

Anyway, some of the recipes I've made already (as a trial run for my Christmas spread) and they were so good I ate the whole thing by myself (blush). I think I'll make a large batch of those dishes for my family.

I'm in the process of trying the others. I'm sure they'll be fab too.

Just thought I'd share that little gem I found that got me out of the holiday "ho-hum" eating doldrums ...

Love and Light on a Holiday Night!

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    Posted by HappySunshine at 12/27/11 20:33:43

    Okay, I did it ... I used some of the recipes from the book I mentioned earlier to round out my Christmas spread.

    Heres' what we had:

    Sprouted Pecan Wrap (using the sprouts as a "wrap" filled with veggies, avocado, pecans, and mango)
    Pumpkin Chickpea Thai Curry (super yum ingredients with a dash of cashew butter) ... a recipe from the book
    Baked Veggie Eggrolls (cabbage-wrapped asparagus, almonds, dates)
    Apple Pumpkin Slaw with Ginger Mint Dressing ... a recipe from the book
    Braised Kale with Leeks, Apples, and Pumpkin ... a recipe from the book
    Sweet Bell Peppers stuffed with Black Beans and Garlic Raisin Chutney
    Fresh Sliced Tomatoes (red and yellow); Celery sticks full of cashew butter
    and for dessert, Pumpkin and Date Sweet Jewels ... a recipe from the book

    The recipes are all simple, quick, healthy ... and delish!!

    I TOLD you guys I was enamoured with this book. It's just the best! The dishes I made for the family all got major thumbs up. I'm going to try some other recipes for our New Year get together.

    Anyway, here's the link for the book again in case you missed it before:

    (And, no, I don't receive any compensation or anything as a result of sharing this info. I just want to pass on a great resource to my fellow vegans.)

    Blessed Be to You!!

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