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This is a question i have always wanted answered....some vegetarians dont eat meat due to cruelty yet they eat fish, tuna and cow are both living creatures, so killing and eating a cow is wrong but catching fish in a net etc etc and gutting it then to be ate is ok?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/26/16 15:58:19

    There are many different definitions of "vegetarian".

    I've heard people say that a vegetarian...
    Eats only vegetables.
    Eats only vegetarian animals.
    Eats some vegetables.
    Eats fish.
    Eats chicken.

    I suggest a good book on vegan philosophy...there are hundreds out there.
    Eats dairy products (which involves much suffering and death)

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    Posted by arb84820 at 12/27/16 20:03:02

    Hi Storm,

    This is a good question!

    The "Pescatarians" are eating fish for a number of reasons. Some only eat fish because fish is a "healthy" source of animal protein since it is low in fat and contains omega-3 fatty acids. Others are more cultural like those in the Mediterranean. From an ethical perspective there has been the debate that fish "do not feel pain" and therefore killing them is not a problem. However, you are correct that they are both living creatures, they both have central nervous systems and brains, and certainly if you are vegetarian for ethical reasons there is no justification for killing and eating fish.

    As ahimsa mentioned "vegetarian" is used very loosely to describe a variety of diets. By the strict definition a vegetarian should not be eating fish.

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    Posted by EvaVeggie at 01/05/17 22:26:31

    Very good question and although I was one of those so-called "vegetarians" for years, I don't have a good answer for you. Fish was my exception mostly because I live by the ocean and it made eating at restaurants so much easier when there were no vegetarian options. So in my case the reasons were convenience, laziness, and not wanting to give up sushi, one of my favorite foods. I'm happy to say I finally realized my hypocrisy and am now fully vegan, no exceptions. As a bonus, I save so much money since I learned how to make my own veggie sushi at home!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/24/17 22:02:05

    The only vegetarian is a Vegan.

    Fish are animals, if you eat them you are pescatarian which is carniverous not vegetarian.

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