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Hi, I recently become a vegetarian because of my love of animals. However, since I still eat eggs and butter and other dairy products am I still harming animals? Does buying free run eggs mean that I'm not harming anything?

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    Posted by DuncanDixon at 02/17/13 06:29:10

    I am surprised no one has answered you yet.

    I have answered this question on another thread

    Feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything if you don't understand.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/13 06:30:17


    Dairy cows go to the slaughterhouse when their production drops below the accepted profit margin.
    Chickens live a brief life or horror in battery cages 18 inch screen cages.

    To learn about the horrendous suffering of animals on today's "farms" please go to any one of a number of "animalrights" or "vegan" websites for full details including visuals. Or read Jim Mason and Peter Singer's classic "Animal Factories". To understand how it came to be that we abuse animals as we do, read Mason's "An Unnatural Order" or my last book, "The First ISM".

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