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I am looking for a vegetarian room mate for my daughter in Florence,Italy from January to May 2009.She lives in the historic district,2 minutes from Mercato San Lorenzo,10 minutes from the Doumo.It is a great apartment with 2 bedrooms and a great rent.
If anybody is interested to hear more or has ideas how to find a vegetarian room mate,I would love to hear from you.And:"Yes."there are vegetarian restaurants in Florence:)

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    Posted by veggiefelice at 11/24/08 03:44:53

    oh that's so funny....i use to live in Florence and I'm a veggie...its such a beautiful city!!! I just moved back to the states....tell your daughter that she's got to go "La Raccolta" really good veggie food but only opened for lunch. I don't know anyone else for your daughter....but I can ask some friends of mine if they know someone and I'll let you know. Good luck.

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