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Hello. I am Japanese university student. I was assigned a survey. I want to ask some question.

Do you have any preference for plant origin items around yourself as vegetarian?
If so, what items do you have? What kind of store do you go to buy such items?

Thanks for your help!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/16/16 19:12:10

    What do you mean by plant origin items?

    Everything I now own is made from plants and minerals with a few items made from plastic or rubber. I try to buy from vegan store sources when possible. My couch is made of cloth, my car interior is cloth not leather, my wallet is made from hemp cloth, my chairs are wood and cloth or as in the case of my desk chair, plastic and cloth.

    The longer one is vegan, the more purified their life is. Eventually, like me, one ends up with vegan shampoo, vegan toothpaste, vegan carpet and rugs, vegan bedding, vegan everything. My clothes are vegan, my patio furniture is vegan, my sound system is vegan....all vegan.

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    Posted by Woodoo at 01/30/16 01:12:06

    Hi ) I 'm fond of spinach with tofu, all pulse, all vegetables and fruits,. Mostly I buy them in markets course the taste is much better then in regular shops.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/30/16 05:36:51

    Many folks believe that they do no harm because they choose products that contain no animal products.

    But while cotton, for just one example, is made from a plant, the growing and processing of non-organic cotton involves the use of chemicals that do great damage to the environment, - affecting countless animals.

    One may opt for non-leather seats in their car, not realizing that the manufacture of auto parts (and even bicycle parts!) involves tremendous damage to the environment as well.

    Even our vegan foods are generally brought to us using fossil fuels, plastics, etc.

    It's virtually impossible to be a "pure" vegan, and to claim so borders on self-righteousness.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/31/16 09:10:06

    ahimsa 32fa-

    We do not live on a vegan planet yet.

    Why are you defeating people's idealism?

    Who invented this competition to win the title of 'Pure Vegan?'

    We are all trying our best.

    All the shirts I wear are un-dyed organic cotton and have been for more than ten years. My pants are dyed because I could never find pants that work that are not dyed, but they are free trade.

    Once our planet makes the transformation to intentional living, renounced of all but vegan products, it will be easier to fulfill your false criteria of 'Pure Vegan.' Until then, we need to start somewhere.

    So put on a happy face. Your atheism lacks faith in this vegan process that is happening all around us.

    200 years ago people wore buckskin.

    100 years ago people wore furs.

    Now people wear mostly cloth and there are many vegan restaurants and a few vegan restaurant chains beginning. It takes time.

    If you are impatient, you might try chanting to Vegan Lakshmi Devi, the goddess of Vegan evolution and loose your acidic atheism that is so undermining of hope.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/01/16 04:16:26


    "Why are you defeating people's idealism?"

    I've been very active promoting vegan philosophy since the early 1980s, - on TV, radio, in newspaper and magazine articles, national conventions and in classrooms and books. Just how am I "defeating people's idealism"?

    You've made it quite clear that it's my atheism that troubles you. I've worked with many "believers" over the years. Can you not find it in your Christian heart to be on the same side as an atheist?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/02/16 06:36:04


    Have you read the very negative comment you left originally for this topic? It is not clear and scientific, just negative.

    It does not matter how many books you have written. There are far too many ecologically destructively manufactured books written by frauds, people with wrong view and others who cling to ecological or vegan views to profit from that moral high ground as they espouse ignorance.

    Your atheism does not bother me, it is your problem not mine. What bothers me is that you have consistently used this vegetarian/vegan forum to propagate atheism and negativity which are not useful nor supportive for this culture. If you want to be a negative atheist, you are not unique. If you think this is a fashionable vegan stance because well connected, famous cronies like your books, think again. I don't buy it.

    What surprises me is your lack of an open mind. You assume that I am a Christian and that this is bad. I have not espoused Christian dogma in this forum topic. In fact I have recommended that you try a post modern Hindu Mantra to help free your mind from such negativeness. You do not have to believe nor have faith in anything to repeat Mantra. I was just offering a simple suggestion to assist you in transforming into a more contributing member of HappyCow rather than being an atheist propagandist who spreads defeatism and incorrect view.

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