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Hey all! I dont have time to make myself vegetarian lunches so I'm forced to eat vegetarian food from restaurants and fast food places. I'm sure you all know this but there aren't a lot of choices, I find myself eating the same things over and over. I eat a lot of french fries, bean burritos from taco bell or del taco, sometimes grilled cheeses from in-n-out, and I get veggie sandwiches from subway a lot too... So I was wondering what other vegetarians do? Do you prepare your own lunch? Do you eat the same thing every day?

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    Posted by jive at 07/27/10 04:00:30

    I sometimes research places to eat the night before. It does help to have alot of variety, so i make a point of planning my lunches in advance. and yea i do often prepare things before hand aswell.

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/27/10 08:37:53

    I pretty much eat the same thing every day.

    The cafeteria at my workplace does offer vegetarian dishes (about one a day), but obviously they have not grasped the concept of 'vegan' yet.

    So my favourite dish is 'white rice with vegetables and tomato sauce' with a nice side order of salat. Of course, sometimes I'm lucky and the vegetarian option is ok for me (if they leave out the dressing or so).

    Best regards,

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    Posted by Peace ... at 07/27/10 18:46:24

    I will write in or feedback to these restaurants for more veg*n items and choices, might even suggested ideas to them ...

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    Posted by AndyT at 08/11/10 07:42:17

    absoultely - this is a good idea.
    The more feedback the restaurants receive on the requirement for vegetarian and vegan food, the earlier they will start considering it seriously.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by cheesesandwich at 09/27/10 15:04:34

    That is a daily struggle. I don't know what you're closest to, but it seems like you're not really being very innovative in your quest for food. Try more ethnic cuisines like Lebanese, Indian, Thai, etc. as there are usually a lot of options there. Otherwise, if you don't have time to make lunch, I do like the Whole Foods hot bar, which offers a wide variety of food for vegetarians, albeit as a costly price. If you're going to chain restaurants its unlikely you're going to get them to start serving vegetarian food. Try more local restaurants as they will be more keen for your business than a McDonalds or Subway. Hope that helps.

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/15/10 19:35:34

    I often bring a green smoothie to work with me, but the days when I buy my lunch I usually go to a self-serve restaurant that offers options for vegans/veg. and non-vegetarians.
    I usually buy lettuce and a few raw veggies, as well as rice with steamed vegetables or sometimes potatoes with steamed vegetables. If they have vegetarian couscous option, I'll have some of that.

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    Posted by AndyT at 11/16/10 04:50:00


    maybe you should look at the book 'The China Study' or the upcoming movie 'Forks over Knives'.

    Your diet does not sound very healthy - especially that French Fries / Burrito part. Try to cut down the fat and the intake of dairy products for good health.

    Since my last message in this thread, I have moved on to eating fruits and salad every day - and I still like it.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/16/10 15:35:15

    Fruits and greens every day is definitely the way to go. I sometimes have "all raw" days. On those days, dinner(supper) is comprised of a fruit course, a salad, and a savoury-veggie stew (made using my Vitamix).

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