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'Mom, I'm a Vegetarian'

posted Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last night on NBC's "Parenthood," 5-year-old Sydney announces she's become a vegetarian. Her parents (Julia and Joel), who are not vegetarians, are taken aback and began trying to convince her that she's not a vegetarian -- reminding her that chicken is her favorite and explaining protein is important.
Mom I'm Vegetarian

Later, when Sydney's grandparents (Zeek and Camille) arrive to baby sit with a lasagna in tow, Sydney sticks to her guns and insists she will not eat it.

Julia tells her father, Zeek, she's disappointed that he tried to force her daughter to eat meat because she doesn't want to squelch Sydney's "spirit" and wants to support her decision. Camille tells Julia that she needs to make it clear to Sydney that she is not boss of the house.

Momlogic wants to know -- do you have a child who has expressed interest in being a vegetarian? Did you support him or her? How did you support your child's decision but also make it clear who's boss?

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Responses (2)

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    Posted by rmark25 at 03/02/11 12:23:03

    the Grandmother did offer "seitan" for her grandchild, but she didn't want to eat it or the meat dish. Isn't that how it went?..then when she refused both the Grandfather said she was not leaving the table until she ate something. I think that was the issue, not really about eating or not eating meat. They could have done a better job explaining what seitan was to the kid, though lol

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    Posted by MissMegs at 03/23/11 11:18:33

    Yeah that's how it went down - they were taken back that a child that young was making decisions about her diet but they didn't force meat on her. Plus she chose to be a vegetarian because her current best friend's family are vegetarians. They gave her options - which I thought was really kewl - but then she wanted desert for tea. The character of Sydney is very spoilt (only child genius thing) so I think the episode was about exploring that aspect of the character and her parents rather than a debte on a child choosing to become a vegetarian.

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