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Have you ever even thought what's in your own food?
And all the torment and pain all the cows they go through/
Like when they waiting in the lines and they screaming for help/
Buy they waiting just to die to become your new belt?
You can see in their eyes that the pain is all felt/
But they can't even rise cuz there's no one to help/
And majority don't care, cuz there's no consideration/
And if they don't see the pain then their is no situation/
We need some elevation to a whole new destination/
It requires participation to end the discrimination/
Call it oblivious or even legally negligent/
But If They all live and breath there's no need to be prejudice/
Like this is my dog and I'm wishing the best for him/
But the fish and the hog, you could go and put death to them/
Cuz it don't make sense, if you think it all through
Just how the [censored] would you feel if you were stuck in their shoes/
But you wanna
And it's real
In the morning I got oatmeal, and I probably got toast too/
At night I got beans, in tortillas with tofu/
I went to this one spot, in Berkeley for soul food/
And It was vegetarian, man the staff was so cool/
I ordered some grits and some country fried seitan/
And it came with some chips, and some broccoli way green/
I've been rapping in the mic way before I was eighteen/
And I've been eating veggie food since my patents were dating/
I heard this one story from a taxi can driver/
It was about Isaac Singer who was a Holocaust survivor/
He said it's like the Jews were like the pigs in the cages/
And the nazis are the slaughter houses in modern ages/
You could think its outrageous, but you can't disagree/
Especially nowadays there are so many alternatives to meat/
And stop discriminating how you choosing and picking/
Like I stopped eating meat, but I only eat chicken/
It's some bull[censored]
But you wanna
And it's real

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