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Hey! I just became vegan couldn't believe there can be bone marrow in sugar!!!! Who would have thought. This article has more things vegan should/shouldnt eat

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    Posted by Elizabeth Webb at 10/01/10 22:21:08

    What about sugar substitutes like splenda?

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    Posted by jive at 10/03/10 02:48:22

    I hear splenda has been tested on animals. Its estimated 12,800 animals died in the process of testing the artificial sweetener splenda. I imagine the same is true for most sugar substitutes.

    Pure cane sugar is vegan though. And if your looking for a sweetener with low glycemic index, you might try agave nectar. It too is free of animal ingredients and testing. :)

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    Posted by rmark25 at 09/25/10 09:39:39

    but I loves me some sugar! besides, i'm a pastry chef, make some great vegan desserts...all joking aside, and to be honest I'm commenting on your post without reading that article you gave a link for. I read that not all sugar is bone-charred and there is no way to know which sugar is and is not, so you can either NOT eat ANY white sugar or just take that risk?
    I mean, damn we gotta enjoy some's like thinking that vegan Burger at Johnny Rockets, although they say it is cooked on a separate grill assigned for the vegan burger may or may have not touched a meat surface. Should we eat that burger or not? I say eat it and keep ordering and tell the industries out there that there is a demand for vegan items!
    ok, I'm babbling. thanks for posting

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    Posted by AndyT at 09/27/10 08:54:14

    Stay with un-refined sugar (e.g. sucanat), it is more healthy (well ... gradually more healthy) and does not use the bone char filtering.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by VeggieHeathie! at 10/19/10 18:26:59

    Also sweetners have been proven to cause don't go there.
    And cane sugar is vegan :D so no fear!

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    Posted by alblaster at 10/29/10 19:46:10

    if you're nitpicking about foods like sugar, then you're missing the point. The point is that what you do makes you one step closer to vegans goals of being healthier, helping the environment, helping world economy among other points I missed. Do what you can, but suffer at your own risk.
    I don't eat sugar (not directly anyway). If you want to buy vegan sugar then that's great.

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    Posted by fire horse at 10/31/10 01:51:52

    I buy either beet sugar or unrefined cane sugar. Neither of these has been refined through bone char. I do however eat some commercially manufactured biscuits and they probably have refined cane sugar in them... maybe one day I'll cut them out and bake all my own stuff.
    A lot of UK manufacturers / importers of sugar are now putting the 'V' label on the bags - happy days :)

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    Posted by iamvegannow at 10/31/10 03:13:27

    I find that agave nectar syrup is just fine for my sweet tooth. I use it in herbal teas and even made some vegan chocolate truffles with it. It worked great. Anywhere you need that sweet flavor, it is wonderful to use.

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    Posted by epskionline at 04/11/11 08:38:27

    Organic sugar may not be processed through bone char, according to USDA rules.

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    Posted by Lil Sprout at 10/03/11 12:05:50

    Ooooo imavegannow, I would love your recipe for the vegan chocolate truffles! YUM! :-)

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    Posted by GaryC at 09/28/11 16:45:22

    Stevia is a natural non sugar sweetener. It comes from a sunflower like plant. It does indeed make things sweet, but leaves an after taste I didn't care for. I use natural cane sugar. It doesnt dissolve as readily in cold liguids as does white sugar. I can live with that...

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    Posted by frenchtoast at 09/28/11 08:59:39

    Usually it's best to investigate the brand in specific.. Redpath sugar is a major supermarket brand and it is vegan, they have a statement on their website, yet no little V on the packaging. It's usually pretty easy to get that info with a little online research.

    I don't know why sugar is considered a "vegan" issue not a vegetarian one, there isn't really a way to take bone without involving killing an animal. I don't know very many vegetarians that would eat gelatin, yet how is sugar just so easy to excuse? It's not like there are no veggie friendly sugar brands and a lack of options.

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    Posted by IanLogsdon at 09/23/11 06:13:05

    If you're buying sugar, go to an organic market/whole foods/health food store, and look for the sugar with a V in a circle on the back, there are a number of vegan sugar brands, none I can think of off the top of my head.

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    Posted by greggallup at 09/22/11 18:41:58

    I eat all the sugar I want from fruit. It's 100% vegan. Dates are like little carmel candies :)

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