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Just curious about the type of cosmetics or skin care products you use. Are they vegan or no? I didn't even think about the products I put on my skin until just recently and I was shocked when I found out what is actually in make up and beauty products!

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    Posted by FullyAmber at 02/11/13 09:29:59

    Vegan skin care for sure. I love Sibu Beauty. Their products are vegan and cruelty free and my skin loves it. I'm still searching for "clean" mascara. I need something both smudge proof and waterproof, which is tough to find. If anyone can recommend a "clean" mascara, I sure would appreciate it.

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    Posted by IselaGradilla at 02/18/13 22:39:52

    I use Lush cosmetics they ar great! you can order them online, not expensive and everything they have is great, my skin loves it. They have vegan and vegetarian options check out their web

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    Posted by leia at 02/27/13 13:53:53

    Check out Compassionate Cook's podcast. She tells you all different companies that are cruelyy free and helpful. Also PETA has an extensive database on which companies use cruelty free (no animal products and no testing on animals)

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 03/02/13 08:01:16

    @Tab0713 Absolutely. Not only is it disgusting to see all the animal ingredients in many cosmetics, but the animal testing companies do is horrific, and totally unnecessary. The good news is it couldn't be easier to go cruelty-free.

    Like Isela (above), I swear by Lush Cosmetics. If you're lucky enough to live by one of their stores, you must go! It's a great experience. If not, you can order anything you want on-line:

    If outside U.S., check out:

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    Posted by SeekerOfTheWay at 04/01/13 14:29:19

    Yes, I do. Look for the bunny cruelty free logo. All my products are vegan. Expensive but worth it.

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    Posted by Babbo at 04/05/13 05:58:03


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    Posted by Kaari at 04/05/13 15:20:31

    For skin care I use cold-pressed (virgin) organic coconut oil. Sometimes I use some argan oil. It's great! The cosmetic products I use are from brands like Lavera and Annemarie Börlind.

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    Posted by briamagee at 04/21/13 19:56:06

    For my skincare, I see to it that I wash my face at least 2-3 times daily. Tone and moisturize. I use a mild deep pore toner by Dickinsons and I use LifeCell skincare moisturizer. It's both for my night and day cream. Since its an all in one cream. Anti-aging, a firming serum, under-eye cream.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/13 06:40:03

    Probably the best item for skin care is Aloe Gel.

    The aloe plant is one of the most important plants ever used by humans to promote health and healing.
    It's easy to grow, and the gel and juice can also be purchased in most any health food store. A quick Internet search will reveal a long list of the benefits of this amazing plant.

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