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Over the last six months or so, I've noticed numerous anti-vegan articles in the mainstream British press, oddly enough from left-wing papers like The Guardian and The Independent.

Most of these articles are either disparaging reviews of vegan restaurants in London (with lots of explanation as to why vegan food in general, not just at that particular restaurant, is awful), or shock-articles about parents "starving" their kids with vegan diets and causing them to have rickets (isn't that a positively British, and Dickensian, disease).

But today, I noticed a modestly pro-vegan article about a man who now eats mostly vegan food, despite loving meat:

While the British aren't known for their food, I would have guessed them to embrace new, eco-friendly and animal-friendly diets, given their left-leaning inclinations on a whole. But, as my British friends tell me, vegan food in England isn't nearly as advanced or widespread as it is in the US; "vegetarian" basically means potatoes or Indian food.

It seems like food is the one area where Europeans won't budge and variety is limited and "purity" (even if that means lots of meat) is everything. Sometimes it IS good to be an American---at least we get variety.

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    Posted by darky_ at 08/30/08 08:02:17

    This is so annoying. How dare the news say Veganism can starve people (and especially blaming parents on starving thier kids, wtf???), before they even do proper research. It seems obvoius these people think Veganism is boring and its all about raw fruit, veg and beans....Hearing that is BORING. Theres SO damn much vareity, where do I start?? Herbs and tomatoes? Then I can move up to how many ways 1 simple fruit can be trasformed to make amazing meals (and all the other stuff of course) haha...I am frustrated that the world continues to brainwash people with the negativity instead of all the good things that can come from Veganism. Seroiusly, some journalists need to do research before presuming just because we choose not to eat animals theres no "other white meat"!! ;)

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