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I am brand new to veganism, i use to be a vegetarian for two years. I am interested to know wether it be wise to feed my dog a vegan diet?

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    Posted by RawRachel at 08/11/17 01:29:42

    Hi, that is a debated issue. I had three doggies and the first one I tried making him vegan for a year. He did not do well on a mostly raw vegan diet supplemented with brown rice, raw egg yolks. I finally gave him some raw meat (yes, i had to do what was best for him, not me) and he thrived on it and that was that. He also loved eating raw chicken and beef bones. There are people who have raw or cooked food vegan dogs and some seem to be healthy.
    I have found that dogs (and cats) are not good with soy and they should not have a lot of grains in their diet. Their "natural" diet as dogs is to consume prey that eats grasses and plants, but now dogs are domesticated. The issue then becomes what do you feed them?. In the past there was a dog food in cans and dry that was vegan. I believe it relied on grains and soy in its' ingredients. You can certainly TRY a vegan diet in different forms and see how it goes.
    I loved my dogs and did the best i could for them. I believe in giving them lots of raw vegetables like carrots, sweet potato's, broccoli, greens, and an occasional apple or pear. I think it is good to give them (2-3x weekly) healthy powdered kelp from iceland (clean water area) for their thyroid. I would not be able to have a dog again if i had to feed it raw meat, As a vegan it was a difficult thing for me to do every day.
    namaste', rachel

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    Posted by ILuvMyPetz at 08/30/17 14:47:13

    I say nay, dogs are not meant to be vegetarian or vegan, this is why they have canine teeth, they are meat eaters.

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    Posted by happah10 at 09/05/17 00:11:43

    My dogs wanted to go vegan.
    Even though I was on a plant based diet, i was continuing to feed them their meat kibble then they gradually showed so little interest in it, even after a new bag from a new batch, the expression on their faces was like mine once I started thinking about the animals that I was eating just before giving up meat. Things they loved the most to eat are broccoli and peanut butter. Carnivore myass. They've been on V-dog kibble for about a year and a half with good results. My vet has no objections to this kibble after i asked him for his thoughts. So i didn't do it for me honestly. They prefer the vegan kibble and are doing just fine on it. Not a plug for that brand. Its expensive but their customer service is very good and dogs like the kibble.

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