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Does anyone know if Silk Live is vegan? I love yogurt and I'm trying to replace the few dairy items that I eat with their vegan counterparts (although I guess there's nothing I can do about hard boiled eggs). Any other vegan yogurts widely available? Thanks.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 01/25/08 12:24:37

    This is from their website:

    "Are Silk products vegan?
    Yes, completely! There are no animal derivatives hidden in any of the ingredients. The lactic acid and live cultures used in Silk soy yogurt come from a vegetable source. All vitamins used to fortify Silk Soymilk are derived from vegetable sources including calcium carbonate that comes from limestone."

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    Posted by Shamai at 01/25/08 16:39:24

    Have you ever tried making your own vegan yogourt??

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    Posted by Yoshi at 01/25/08 22:00:07

    Shamai, I have not. Do you make your own?

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    Posted by sussexbunny at 01/26/08 12:28:48

    Everywhere sells Alpro yogourt in the UK & that is vegan. But when we are in France we buy another one that has amazing flavours- peach, prune and blueberry.
    Just cant remember the name of it! it is something like Sojan.
    Bun xx

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    Posted by kindlizard at 02/01/08 20:39:08

    I believe Soy Delicious, famous for the slammin' vegan ice creams are coming out with their own Soy yogurts. I don't know much about them since I am not a yogurt eater, but imagine it'd be vegan since their company is, I believe.

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    Posted by DC Vegan at 02/04/08 16:12:42

    Whole Soy & Company also has vegan yogurts--and they are labeled as such.

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