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It's my first day switching from Vegan, to completely raw vegan!
Ive been raw all day so far and I feel very tired, but also energized. I'm having slight cramping and i think its because my stomach muscles are getting used to all the water content in the fruits and veggies.
I'm very excited about this new lifestyle.
Any tips?!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/26/15 06:46:39

    The nutrients in fruits and vegetables begin going through changes as soon as they are harvested. For example, some fruit ripen on the vine or the branch, while others ripen after falling to the ground.

    So there's nothing wrong with eating foods at different stages of the process.

    The same can be said of cooking food. Raw carrots offer great nutrients and cooked carrots offer slightly different nutrients.

    Having cooked some foods for millennia, humans have adapted, at least to some degree, to the benefits of cooked food. Our ancestors, at the forager stage of our evolution often ate foods that were "cooked" in grass or forest fires. It's over-cooking that does the damage to foods.

    There's nothing wrong with drying foods for storage. Some can simply be soaked before eating, others have to be somewhat "cooked".

    Having said that, most humans do not eat enough raw or even just fresh foods. So I do advocate moving toward the raw food diet, and the closer you can get, the better. So I applaud your efforts.

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    Posted by RachelRaw at 01/26/15 07:23:53

    Thank you! Also today if my first morning after a full day of being raw vegan, and waking up was amazing! I usually have a headache and puffy eyes every morning, no matter how much water I drink before bed, and it usually takes me a couple hours to get up and moving. As soon as I opened my eyes this morning I felt energized, grateful, and ready to go. It is day two so I am definitely detoxing, but man is it worth the benefits. Absolutely amazing

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    Posted by Minnya at 12/21/15 07:47:57

    My experience with raw veganism was a bit different. I was vegan and then went to raw vegan for about six months or so (bit longer maybe) few years ago. It didn't suit to my body at all. I had diarrhea all the time and was cold and hungry all the time. I ate all the time, lots of nuts and seeds too. My stomatch just wouldn't adapt to this diet.To this day if I eat too much salads I get diarrhea. Also in nordic winter feeling cold always was very unpleasent. Only thing that was better was my skin, though I think it's achievable with cooked diet too just eating enough fruit and veg and lots of water.

    I also had difficulties finding enough variety of savery foods. Got tired of eating salads every day for lunch and dinner. Still eat smoothies sometimes for breakfast and make raw cakes and stuff. But mainly just add uncooked veggies with cooked meal.

    Soon as I started eating again whole grain and beans I felt I got enough to keep hunger and cold away. Winter times (that's very long here) I grave warm soups, oatmeal and other cooked foods to get enough nutrients to get by.

    But good for you guys if this diet works for you.

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