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Hi everyone.

I'm thinking of setting up a small business from home of having a sweet/candy cart to hire out for parties, weddings etc....

But I would the sweets to be vegetarian at least a preferably vegan...

Any opinions?? Would this be of interest to any vegans on here??

Thank you in advance :-) x

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    Posted by CharlotteJason at 02/07/16 23:10:26

    yes its a great idea spreading veganism is also good and very one like candy and in my opinion you should follow your heart .
    for more :-

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    Posted by LethalKitten at 02/13/16 03:16:54

    That sounds awesome. I don't think any non-vegans would care about whether their sweets had gelatin in or not as long as they tasted good.
    Plus it means any vegans wouldn't have to worry about which ones they do or don't eat. Good luck with your business- thee's a market out there

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/14/16 04:14:41

    Cool, why not. It's a great idea. Just made strong business plan and go for it. Test the market first.
    Wish you good luck.

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    Posted by KathWilson at 02/19/16 14:45:18

    Thank you :-) I have a clever boyfriend who can make the cart for me.... just need to find reliable stockist now and start pushing the idea.....

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