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I have been a vegetarian for 31 years but I do not believe in lying (exageration) to promote it. So I came to this site to see who was really vegetarian. Many sites say that Einstein and Da Vinci were vegetarian including the post below about vegan myths.

But Happy Cow does not mention them. They are not on the list of those rumored to be vegetarian. Does this mean that Happy Cow knows that they are not vegetarian? Are there any non-veg* sites that mention as part of their biography that they are vegetarians?

Also this is dishonest where Happy Cow says that Hitler is rumored to be vegetarian whereas the Dalai Lama makes the vegetarian list as a flexitarian which is what Hitler was. Also there is no mention of Buddha being vegetarian when in many countries, He is more famous than Jesus. It is rare to find a perfectly good person but there are no totally evil people. Hitler also outlawed using chemicals to grow foods.

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    Posted by ginkgo at 11/10/07 17:00:48

    Sorry. I just saw that Da Vinci and Einstein were under their first names. Here is the site where I am mentioning them.
    This will be made into an article and published on many websites in case you have any suggestions to improve the article. It is about the evolution of healthy diets including veg*n and raw food.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/11/07 03:42:45

    gingko is promoting this poorly researched / "cut & paste" Google Adsense site - funny!

    Have some respect & pay for Ad's gingko!

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    Posted by vesalius123 at 11/13/07 13:20:34

    while a somewhat interesting article, it says things which are obviously not true. for instance:
    S.A.D. (standard American diet). This diet makes people fat and sick.'

    many people survive off this diet and many are not 'fat and sick'. this is one of a few flaws on the page which makes me suggest that more research should be done before many of these 'facts' can be accepted unqualified.

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    Posted by ginkgo at 11/27/07 07:25:18

    Thanks for the information that you do not believe the generalization that Americans are fat and sick. Not everyone is, and not everyone follows S.A.D. I will now add more info to the article about how America (these are generalizations)is the fattest country in the world and The U.N. says that America is the unhealthiest country out of a list of 100 countries.

    But it is too late to add that info to that article that will be on over 100 websites in a few weeks. The home page of that website is about losing weight and tells people that a healthy vegetarian diet is the best way.

    If you do Google search for \"losing weight\" they give you a llist of many millions of websites. Two FDA sites are always in the top 5, but the home page of that site ( always number one on their list. Note the list is seperate than the ads (\"sponsored\".

    I put that article up since the most popular natural health website (mercola) has the most vicious attack on the vegetarian diet that I have ever seen. Also people with lots of vegetarian friends usually know most of that info on that article.

    Here are a few places that the article apppears:

    When it comes to raw foods, meat eating animals love the taste of blood.

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