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I'm going on school-mandated backpacking trip for a month this summer in the mountains but I'm having trouble finding vegan backpacking boots. I've found some hiking shoes but I don't think they're durable enough. Does anybody know of a good brand or pair of boots?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 04/30/12 19:36:41

    Check out this vegan backpacking site:

    They have a whole article on vegan backpacking shoes and recommend New Balance trail runners, which is their “MT” or “WT” model line.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 04/30/12 19:42:58

    One note of caution, have you done long hikes in actual hiking boots before? It's personal preference, but I've found that typical hiking boots - u know, the ones that come just above your ankles and are heavy and chunky - are horrible for hiking. They rub and chaf around my lower leg. They weigh a lot which can slow you down on a long hike. If you have good ankles, go with vegan trail runner gym shoes like above. If u don't think they're durable enough, get 2 pairs.

    If you have weak ankles like me, these are the "hiking" boots I wear:

    Not only are they great on trails, you can wear them long after your hike is over. They go with just about everything.

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    Posted by MichelleDodimead at 11/30/17 17:24:43

    There are lots of brands now offering vegan hiking boots and walking shoes, which is awesome. Personal favourites are the Lowa Lyxa GTX Mid and Merrell Capra Venture Mid. This is a really good resource for other vegan boots and shoes:

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 12/02/17 04:01:36

    Hello! I I have backpacked alone before for over a week, and with groups on weekends to visit parks, as well as taking little day hikes in the local forest, and I don't recommend boots at all for n00bs. Especially if you order them on-line you aren't going to know if they feel like lead on your feet or kill your ankles - your best bet is places like REI or if you live near a Patagonia outlet. In Southern California there's Adventure 16 and in Northern there's Pacific Outfitters. You want to go to a place like that because they'll fit you for a pair of trail runners instead, or perhaps a sturdier but light low-top boot. You can usually ask the shoe fitter what the vegan options are, or you can pick out a few you like and then search on your phone to see which ones are vegan. Hint: trail runners are more likely to be vegan as are chaco-style hiking sandals (though I don't recommend the sandals for heavy backpacking they're great for being outdoors with a lighter load).

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 12/02/17 04:13:54

    In fact if you can afford it, I'd recommend you spend about 120 on a pair of solid trail runners (which won't wear out in a month, I have been walking miles 5-6 days per week for years even when I'm not backpacking so I'm especially hard on shoes, and there's no way you're going to ruin them in a month unless you plan to walk 18 miles a day - do you?) ....then spend another 60-80 on the hiking sandals so you can switch out your shoes after you set up camp. Save the trail runners for heavy backpacking and iffy areas where there are rattlers or high grass, and wear the sandals with your day pack or down at the lake. I think that's a much better investment than a pair of boots that are more appropriate for winter biological survey projects and a pair of throw away flip-flops.

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