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I'm going on school-mandated backpacking trip for a month this summer in the mountains but I'm having trouble finding vegan backpacking boots. I've found some hiking shoes but I don't think they're durable enough. Does anybody know of a good brand or pair of boots?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 04/30/12 19:36:41

    Check out this vegan backpacking site:

    They have a whole article on vegan backpacking shoes and recommend New Balance trail runners, which is their “MT” or “WT” model line.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 04/30/12 19:42:58

    One note of caution, have you done long hikes in actual hiking boots before? It's personal preference, but I've found that typical hiking boots - u know, the ones that come just above your ankles and are heavy and chunky - are horrible for hiking. They rub and chaf around my lower leg. They weigh a lot which can slow you down on a long hike. If you have good ankles, go with vegan trail runner gym shoes like above. If u don't think they're durable enough, get 2 pairs.

    If you have weak ankles like me, these are the "hiking" boots I wear:

    Not only are they great on trails, you can wear them long after your hike is over. They go with just about everything.