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Hello! I went plant-strong vegan a little over a month ago. The first few weeks, I felt great -- high energy, clear mind, and light on my feet. This week, however, I have found myself sluggish, achey, bloated -- similar to how I felt in my pre-vegan life.

At this point, I'm about 90% whole food plant strong. The other 10% isn't horrible, but I'm wondering if it could be just bad enough to throw off my otherwise clean diet? For example, I had some sweet potato chips from Trader Joe's one night, another night, I had some "Sweets and Beets" from Whole Foods (Sweet potato and beet chips). Both mornings I woke up feeling hung-over. From the oil maybe?? Yesterday was the worse though -- I made some vegan cookies for a party, using an oil-free recipe, subbing coconut sugar for white/brown sugar, and using white whole wheat flour. The ingredients seemed pretty benign and "healthy" (as healthy as can get for a cookie that still tastes good!), however, I was bloated and gassy until the next morning after eating them! It was horrible, and such a reminder of how I felt on my old diet.

Can anyone with any nutrition knowledge shed any light on why I'm feeling this way? I haven't ruled out the possibility of a gluten sensitivity just because of how I reacted to the cookies yesterday, but I'm hesitant to make that assertion until I learn a little more about it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Posted by AndyT at 04/27/14 21:42:53

    Hello LadyKlee,first of all, great that you have joined the light side!!!!

    One word of advice .. do not get scared if you have a bad day or days. Normally, a nutrition change takes time, more time than one month.

    Yes, it is possible that there was some ingredient in the food which possibly does not agree with you, but do not underestimate the power of the mind.

    If you tell yourself "OMG, this is unhealthy", then chances are you might feel unhealthy afterwards.Just take your time, take it easy, and enjoy the ride.

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    Posted by LadyKlee at 04/28/14 19:38:12

    Hey AndyT,

    Thank you for the response, and I appreciate your insight into the "power of the mind." While I became a vegan for ethical and health reasons, I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I believe this lifestyle is a huge step in the right direction to help heal that relationship and give it a grander purpose than just fixating on every bite I take, but alas, old habits do die hard. It's entirely possible I was feeling the effects of those old habits this past week.

    I am being more conscious about how I feel after eating certain things to see I can nail these slumps down to a particular culprit, but in the meantime, I do appreciate the reminder to take it easy and enjoy the ride :).

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    Posted by ZuZu at 05/02/14 20:35:55

    Hi LadyKlee! Sounds like you are doing fantastic and I am really proud of you!! Changing your diet can bring up a lot of detox symptoms in stages. I've been eating vegan for almost 20 years and changes in my diet can really throw me for a loop, too. A few years ago, as I stumbled through raw foods cookbooks and the world of green smoothies, I found Kimberly Snyder's book, Beauty Detox Solution. I really hate the title but if you pretend it says Health every time it says beauty it makes it easier. She is really into "over optimizing" your nutrition but her information about food combining really helped me overcome energy slumps and recognize food sensitivities. I went a little crazy with Kim for awhile but now I've learned to loosen up. Currently I'm digging on the Thrive Energy cookbook and Oh She glows, even though I use them for ideas more than strictly following recipes. Anyways, maybe some cool library books can give you a little boost. Also recommended, a food diary, even just for 5 days so it doesn't seem impossible. If you write down what you eat and how it makes you feel some pretty clear patterns emerge. Sounds like you are on a good path and know what you want. Thanks for sharing with us! Happy May to you and best wishes for your health and happiness! :)

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