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I recently watched a fantastic film about world population and global health, OVERPOPULATED - BBC Documentary on youtube, which made me think about statistics quite a lot, and I'm wondering where to find them for vegetarians, vegans, and also the environmental effects.

I want to know, for example, which countries show the highest rates of vegetarianism, and how those have changed over the years, perhaps some future projections of such statistics. I think this sort of information would be very helpful for people seeking a different community to live in, and particularly for myself, as I'm thinking about moving to Japan, and I want to know what it's like to be vegetarian there.

Then of course, it would be good to see some representation of the relationship between our plant based diets and the environment with regards to energy, animal populations, all that stuff.

Where can I find this stuff??

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/09/14 08:31:23

    An internet search under "vegan" will bring up thousands of sites, many of which offer such info.

    I listed a few books on the thread just above this one.

    Another great resource is David Pimentel's classic text, "Ecological Integrity: Integrating Environment, Conservation & Health"

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