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Veggie meals for all schools, a solution in secular France?

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    Posted by BabaYaga1964 at 09/10/15 12:43:49

    In my view veggie meals must not be compulsory but they could be a great and good change for teens' health as the present menus (in my school anyway) are not what you can call balanced. I renounced eating at the canteen first for this reason.
    More fruit and vegetables would be so much healthier than meat in sauce with French fries !! I'd love to experience the veggie alternative at school, as I am convinced it is a public health matter !

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    Posted by AndyT at 10/07/15 02:33:57

    It would be even better if they considered vegan meals. However, I am afraid that is something quite alien to the French government.

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    Posted by YummyTasty at 10/07/15 11:20:26

    Amazing that it would even be considered in France, things are changing.

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