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I'm tired of the worn-out excuse of meat-eaters that humans are no less violent than the other animals.

"All animals have 'enemies' or at least creatures that they fear in the natural world, and some predators are feared by many. Human, however, are an enemy to all living things, despite the fact that many of us claim to love nature and even a few selected species."
-from one of my books

Humans kill billions of non-human animals daily - in chemicalized factory farming, in research labs, by polluting the environment and clear-cutting forests...with barely a second thought about those lives. And yet we somehow convince ourselves that we're the most intelligent, most thoughtful and most deserving of all species.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/28/16 13:52:28

    Not easy to find the Forums with the new set-up. Maybe that's why there are so few comments posted lately...

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    Posted by eric at 06/28/16 18:45:32

    Hi ahimsa32fa,
    We're working on the navigation. Do you have any suggestions on how it might look / work better? Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by Danielle at 06/29/16 15:37:28


    I totally agree with your post... Humans can be very cruel...

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/14/16 09:28:03

    The veil of ignorance still surrounds some folks and for some it always will for others when the time is right for them they will see.

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    Posted by Jaiprem at 08/14/16 14:07:09

    Well said, ChiaChild. I don't think I've ever met someone who didn't try to improve their impact on the planet once they find that internal place where they can accept the message. On the other hand, I've known plenty of people who embody the slogan "ignorance is bliss" and may never come to that internal place. It's all about being mindful... if only more people were.

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    Posted by VeganVegabond at 08/15/16 03:23:49

    Jaiprem I love the playfulness in your life practice - both body and mind practice - I couldn't agree more - paying attention on purpose without judgment re "mindfulness" is the key - when I hear people angrily deny human cruelty to other species and other humans - I feel deep sadness for them and our planet...things are changing for the better - even in the smallest ways all around us - tonight's beautiful night sky filled with dazzling stars tell us so - we are blessed to be on this amazing planet - and our lives here are far too brief to be consumed with anger and fear..I should also say that I'm ordained as a Zen Buddhist teacher so this worldview is also a life practice since 1999..I've also taught mindfulness based stress reduction and am energized by the enormous interest in meditation practice-incredible how it cross-cuts religion and demographics...There is a mind-body revolution taking place right now - this was not always so - "vegan" and "mindfulness" practices were very marginalized--we have much to be thankful for in 2016...At the same time, we need to keep our heads above sand because the amount of man made suffering is enormous...Empathy over anger..Love conquers hate..It starts with ourselves

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