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Hey there 16 y/o vegan here, I was wondering if any one else has had to deal with criticism for making this choice at a young age, and how you've dealt with it? Also what about social pressures like parties and such? I tend to bring sides to share but am sometimes a bit ridiculed, but overall my friends are very supportive and some have gone vegetarian themselves. Hmu if you wanna chat about these or anything else! Teen veganism can be a bit lonely sometimes lol.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/05/18 07:53:53

    Do your own thing. Do it with your own style. Be true to yourself. For example, for me it's always been a quiet confidence. I don't give a F what other people think. I just do my thing. For other veg*ns, they're loud and proud. They engage in debates and challenge others. They argue. They take the offensive. Some are put off by their behavior but I say hell yeah. We each have a role to play in making this a better planet. A place with less cruelty and more heart. So speak and act from the heart. Just be yourself and don't give a damn about the haters.

    Your dietary choices are YOUR choices. It's your body. Your morals. Your ethics.

    When you say you bring a dish to pass and are sometimes ridiculed. Who ridicules you? I'm guessing it's someone who wouldn't have the balls to do what you did. In your quiet, polite act of simply bringing a dish to pass you also sent the message "hey! I can think for myself." Some people are threatened by that. They're usually the people who like things to always stay the same. They don't like to rock the boat and you're rocking their boat. Don't worry. They'll learn how to paddle over the waves. Keep doing your thing!

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    Posted by MariaLyn at 01/06/18 20:12:18

    Thank you so much that is so encouraging!!

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/07/18 17:55:56

    Hi Maria Lyn.

    You are not alone. :)
    Sometimes it will be difficult, making choices that are different from what friends and society thinks. This counts for so many other things too, not only veganism.
    But remember, just because the masses does something else than you, doesn't mean that they are right about what is true in your life. Live your truth and believe. Veganism is about life, health and happiness. It's about having compassion with animals and caring about our earth.
    Stand in your light and know that you are great just as you are. :)
    Remember, you are never alone in this. You are spreading so much good energy by just being the vegan you! Yes, you go!

    Happy new year!

    Best wishes, Anna.

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    Posted by vegansupergirl77 at 01/09/18 14:19:02

    you're not the only teen vegan here... just letting you know that!

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    Posted by veganteen1 at 01/15/18 21:38:24

    I have made a website just for teens like you (and me!). It's Look under the Q&A section and the blog section, and you can reach me through the website or Instagram too with any more questions! There's also a few Facebook groups for vegan teens, so search there too to find more of us to talk to! :)

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/19/18 17:18:14

    Veganteen1, You are so awesome!! You founded a website.. at 16. I think that's amazing and such a great thing you're doing.

    MariaLyn, also be sure to check out Twitter! I've noticed tons of vegan teens and vegan teen groups on there. Our people have a strong presence on Twitter : ). There's a teen group in the UK that runs a vegan summer camp just for teens! I thought that was pretty cool.

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    Posted by KelseyA at 01/24/18 22:41:44

    You're not alone! My dad doesn't understand the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I will make him a recipe to try and he always comments "do you know what would make this better?, chicken."
    For family parties, I usually eat the sides or bring my own dish

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    Posted by newyawkveggie at 01/28/18 08:26:23

    You're never too young to care about your health, animals or the world/environment you live in. I'm pretty sure the earlier you start, the better! People often fear what they don't understand. Veganism harms literally no one. You're doing great, sweetie.

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