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Anyone familiar with Road's End Organics Organic Cheddar Mac & Chreese®? I found it online at edwardandsons.com. Wondered if it's any good? I love mac n cheese but now that I'm trying to eat less dairy (more veg)I'm kinda lost as to what to eat. I've been skipping alot of meals and/or not eating much b/c I don't want raw veggies and just salad all the time. Any advice/suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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    Posted by MarilynC at 11/01/10 09:18:24

    I make a delicious raw vegan "ricotta" cheese using cashews. This cheese can be used with raw or cooked tomato sauce and either cooked pasta or spiral cut zucchini if you want a raw dish. I also make a delicious raw vegan lasagna by layering thinly sliced zucchini, cashew "ricotta," basil pesto and marinated mushrooms, topped with raw tomato sauce. YUMMY!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 11/02/10 10:01:09

    There was one vegan mac 'n cheese I tried that I liked and that box looks kind of familiar but I'm not sure if that was it.

    If you miss the cheesy flavor, I like to add nutritional yeast, it's great with pasta and I made a killer mushroom risotto with it. You can make the sauce creamier with soy coffee creamer if you want (just make sure it's not flavored, lol).

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/15/10 17:55:07

    I am familiar with nut and seed cheeses. My husband used to prepare them and them place them in the dehydrator to dry out. The "suncheese" was made from sunflower seeds...very tasty!

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    Posted by Chase Morgan at 03/12/11 08:11:56

    Ive got a box of it sitting in my cabinet, havent eaten it yet. I know the cheese is nutritional yeast based which i use pretty regularly in grits, chili, and on pasta. Its not cheese but it sure is tasty.

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