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What are you opinions of setting up a vegetarian bar , do you think it is good idea??

Also please complete this 5 question survey thank you :) -
The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback's from individual opinions and perspective of a vegetarian bar. By the end the survey results will determined the practicality of the project.

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    Posted by ricerica at 10/11/17 10:31:55


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    Posted by JJess at 10/13/17 11:33:25

    done x

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 05:16:41

    I don't really understand the survey. You listed cocktails, mocktails, fruit juice and sodas, but didn't say anything about the vegan processes available for refining wine in particular. Realizing that alcohol wasn't always vegan was a huge blow to me, especially since I like wine. Our Daily Red is a good vegan red, and I know Lagunitas is a vegan beer company, but honestly many people choose alcohol by taste or other factors, such as local brewery, microbrewery or organic, and making a vegetarian/vegan bar would largely involve finding vegan beers and wines to know most liquor is vegan by default right?

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