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I was disappointed discovering a restaurant that I will be visiting with family soon has no Vegan options, and 2-3 Vegetarian side salad dishes. Reading other reviews online about this place shows that it has excellent customer service and a highly responsive Facebook page.

I plan to send a polite message requesting a plant-based healthy option before arriving, but I also think this restaurant could be receptive to becoming Vegetarian friendly on a permanent basis.

I was wondering if anyone else in this community has written letters or started conversations with people working in the Restaurant about adding Vego dishes to their menus. Would it be presumptive telling chefs that they don't need to include animal flesh or animal products in all of their dishes? The main culprit is butter...

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    Posted by happah10 at 09/05/17 00:19:34

    Believe it or not, I took on this subject with a chef and restauranteur who claims to be vegetarian yet practically everything on his menu has animals in it and was rather unwilling to accommodate. I had been eating in that place for many years prior.

    The bottom line is restaurants number one goal is to make money. Not to provide healthy or ethical meals. On the contrary, their goal is to sell you as much food and drink as they can convince you to buy.

    Of course there are rare exceptions perhaps but contrary to the headlines that show up in our vegan news feeds, there isn't a widespread shift to more plant based meals in the restaurant industry. They care not about animals or your health. They care about money. Lots of it.

    My strategy when i am dragged out to some restaurant with nothing on the menu I'll eat is to just eat a side dish or salad however minimal and have my real meal when i get home. Good luck with your mission though. It never hurts to ask.

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