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Hello all,

My husband and I will shortly be celebrating our 3rd anniversary. When we got married we decided to challenge ourselves by going with the silly traditional gift list. 3rd year is proving a bit challenging as it is leather. There are plenty of vegan/faux leather options out there, but I thought I would pick your collective brain and see if anyone has any great romantic ideas.

I've considered the obvious, but I don't want to get him a belt or wallet, and he doesn't keep a journal so that is out. I could potentially buy a faux leather frame and put something meaningful in it, but it doesn't really go with our decor.

My favorite idea thus far was sponsoring a cow at a farm sanctuary, but that is proving to be cost prohibitive - much as I would love to help.

I welcome any thoughts or ideas.

Thank you!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 09/13/13 20:31:25

    Hi Redheaded Vegan,
    Wow! You've already had some great ideas. I'm not sure I can top those.

    I have one more idea to add to the list. Get him a Matt & Nat bag. If you're not familiar with the company Matt & Nat, they are phenomenally awesome. Here's the "about us" description from their website:

    "We get to experiment with bag shapes with some ground rules: no leather. Simply put we don’t like hurting animals and we care about the welfare of the planet. No serif fonts either, they hurt our eyes. No meat in the office but lots of vegan cupcakes. A mandate to use eco/recycled/upcycled materials wherever we can has led to recycling plastic bottles for linings, the use of cork and secret future plans to upcycle bicycle tires.

    We are MATT & NAT, our values are love, authenticity and responsibility. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature, we will do our best to protect."

    Check their website for retail locations across the U.S. They also have a few Matt & Nat bags available on Amazon.

    Happy Anniversary!

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    Posted by Redheaded Vegan at 09/20/13 14:49:37

    Thanks for the suggestion, HCG! I can't wait to check them out!

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