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I am doing a report on veganism for school,because in my country,not many people are aware of the meaning of veganism or the difference between veganism and vegetarianism! I myself am vegan,but I just want to spread the message and a part of the research work is doing interviews with people all around the world,so I decided to join this forum... It would be really kind of any of you to maybe answer these few questions..

1) Where are you from?
2) How did you find out about veganism?
3) How long have you been vegan?
4) What are the main changes that you've noticed in yourself since becoming one?
5) Is veganism popular where you come from?
6)Any advice to the people who want to become vegan?

This would mean a lot to me,even if just one of you answered!
Thank you a lot! :)

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 02/10/15 09:54:33

    Hi Lindazaurs,
    Your report sounds like fun. I'm so happy to hear you're vegan. Congratulations! : )

    Ok, here are my answers:
    1) I'm from Chicago. In the U.S.

    2) I became vegetarian on my own. I made that connection myself. Veganism was tougher. I didn't make the connection between milk and animal suffering until I read a pamphlet I received from an animal rights group. They were passing out informational pamphlets about veganism on the street. I also had a friend IRL who was vegan. Last but not least, I learned more about it right here on Happycow!

    3) 3 years

    4) The main changes I've noticed:

    #1: Incredible Health
    I mean, I'm bullet proof. It's insane how healthy I am now. I used to get sick a couple times a year. You know, like a regular person gets sick with the change of seasons or catches the flu during flu season. Now someone can sneeze right on me and it's like, so what? No big deal. I just don't get sick anymore. I mean, I have to get sick again at some point, right? It just hasn't happened yet.

    #2: Cravings Gone.
    I can't fully explain this. Maybe someone else will read this and can tell me why this happened. In the meantime, I'll just report the facts. Before going vegan, I ate a lot of dairy. And I had big time cravings for unhealthy things. Like I would want carbs & cheese or a big bowl of ice cream. The cravings were almost always emotionally connected. I guess that's why they call it "comfort food." After cutting out dairy, I don't get these cravings any more. It's amazing. They no longer have control of me. You won't believe this but I'm telling the truth. I now crave incredibly healthy things. I'll crave a bowl of kale! I'll crave spinach and avocado. I'll eat an organic orange and be like, "Oh my God! This orange is delicious!" Honestly, it's like my taste buds have been completely re-programmed -- for the better!

    5) Yes, veganism is quite popular in Chicago. There are a lots of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery stores.

    6) Advice? Just do it! Going vegan is one of the best decisions of my life.

    As for how to go vegan? I think it's best to go vegetarian gradually by slowing cutting meat products out of your diet and replacing them with healthier items. When it comes time to go vegan and cut dairy (and other items) out of your diet, it's best to do that all at once. That's because dairy is highly addictive. When you go vegan, dive in. Go vegan and stay vegan for 3 weeks straight - no cheating. After the 3rd week, you'll find your taste buds have changed. A shift occurs. You'll be so happy you did it.

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    Posted by Lindazaurs at 02/10/15 10:38:54

    Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate your help ,it was very interesting to read your story! :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/13/15 08:23:35

    1) I've lived in six states.

    2) I had never heard the word vegan when I began to remove flesh from my diet in 1975...then I began reading more and discovered vegan philosophy.

    3) I've been 99% vegan since 1985.

    4) Better health and the peace of mind knowing that I don't contribute to the suffering and death of thousands of animals. I also don't contribute to the damage to the environment that I once did, nor do I contribute to human starvation around the world.

    4) "Popular" is a relative term. I've met thousands of vegetarians and vegans, but looking at America as a whole or most any city or town, one must say that the "V"s are not very popular.

    6) Never stop reading and learning about this or any other important issue.

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    Posted by Lindazaurs at 02/14/15 06:18:08

    Thank you for you reply! :) Nice knowing there are such supportive people out there!

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    Posted by MsVyv at 02/15/15 23:30:13

    1) Where are you from?
    Australia - initially Perth, then Sydney, then lived in San Francisco in the States, now Melbourne

    2) How did you find out about veganism?
    I moved into a vegan household when I was a university student, twenty years ago.

    3) How long have you been vegan?

    I've lapsed in and out. I went vegan twenty years ago, but lapsed to vegetarian and even flex for a few years! Fully vegan again now

    4) What are the main changes that you've noticed in yourself since becoming one?

    More stamina, fewer minor coughs and colds and stuff, fewer tummy issues, cheaper groceries, an enhanced sense of peace and compassion, and, er, not sure how to say this, but less troublesome at that time of month.

    5) Is veganism popular where you come from?

    Melbourne is a very vegan-friendly city, both in terms of food and clothing and people being aware of it as a lifestyle choice (I can easily walk into a shoe shop and say 'show me your vegan options' and people know what I mean, deal with the question semi-frequently, ad know what to recommend)

    6)Any advice to the people who want to become vegan?
    Read Ginny Messina's advice about nutrition and supplements. Seriously. She knows what she is talking about. You may or may not need to supplement iron, but you DEFINITELY need a source of B12 if you are in it for the long haul.
    Don't listen to silly opinions about health or diet. Remember that you're in it for the animals, and for the planet, and for you (the order of importance for me at least) Be kind to yourself, don't beat yourself up for accidental lapses, and nourish yourself physically and emotionally.
    It helps to talk to other vegans, preferably in person, but online if you don't know any others. Try searching for vegan meet ups or potlucks, check the message boards at your local coop or health store or whatever.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 02/17/15 21:29:29

    Wow, that's excellent advice, Ms Vyv. Love it. : )

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    Posted by postie helen at 03/14/15 16:08:50

    1. I'm from Lincoln, England, UK.

    2. I know a colleague who has been vegan for years, and so I learnt what it is about, being around him.

    3. I've only been vegan for two months, although not strictly vegan, as I'm using up my 'meat' stock cubes, etc and have had the occasional piece of cake with eggs in.

    4. I am glad not to be part of the meat market now, after learning more about the production of cheap meat. I'm having a bit of indigestion occasionally, (tonight as it happens, after eating two slices of vegan cheese, so I think that doesn't agree with my guts). Being a bit more adventurous with meals, and really enjoying the wide variety of vegetable products and fresh veg and fruit. I don't miss meat, and don't feel the need to have meat shaped vegan alternatives.

    5. I don't think there are many vegans in our area, but I haven't really yet discovered the vegan local network.

    6. For people thinking about being vegan - what helped me to decide was to watch video and read online the info of how our meat is raised and processed. It is pretty horrific, but if we are eating meat, it should be our responsibility to know what happens before we buy the meat from the shops. (saying that, I am now 50 and have only just taken that on.)

    Also, try to eat for optimum health if possible. It's really important that we get all the vitamins and minerals needed for rebuilding our cells, and there's plenty of information out there to help with that.

    Thanks for putting this questionnaire together. I hope you'll get some good findings from it.

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