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Ok, lots of vegetarians or vegans think religion is to blame for making people rebel against vegetarian ways. Let me just point out that both Muslims and Jews refrain from consuming pork, eat more mindfully, and even Christians have Daniel the eater of vegetables as an example of a strong Christian man, FURTHERMORE in Romans, where meat is allowed and food law is demolished, Paul still admonished Christians to eat or drink nothing that makes your brother stumble. Automatically greed and gluttony are ruled out, and meat eating or all consumption of animal products could be ruled out in a society or time where meat consumption is cruel or sinful/unethical.

God actually wants me to be a vegetarian. I feel this strongly that my Bible communicates humane treatment of farm animals, that God loves animals, frowns on cruelty towards them, and seeks to protect His Creation.

Christian stewardship is real, it's a real environmental movement that also cares for farming animals. I am part of that movement.

Some Christians care for their Fathers creation. Understand the grave responsibility of the stewardship of the earth, and have empathy for other life forms.

Please do not automatically discount us as enemies. The real Jesus was a rebel, a homeless man who did God's will. Please do not think we are not on your side. My God more than anything inspired me to protect His Creation, I have been called since childhood to love His animals, please do not fear all of us. I know some "Christian" people actually are just American right wing cultural, but some of us actually believe the Bible and in Christ.

Love to you all, and to all living, conscious beings of the earth.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/13/15 19:30:01

    By the way, I am happy to post verses from the Bible that support this....there are tons of verses which protect Creation...I own a Green Bible I am a Creationist Steward, I am here on earth to
    To serve God. The only motivation I have is to nurture or protect Creation.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/13/15 19:31:09

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/13/15 19:40:01

    In fact if anyone is unhappy to read the book of Daniel as a vegetarian or support it as a modern song, the point in still trying to make here is real! Don't count out your 7th Day Adventist, Johovah Witness, some of us believe God called us to save the earth, God meant to appoint us, we are here and we are real....ChristIan Stewards and vegetarians, we were called to be preachers. I sometimes wonder if this is why some vegetArians seen inflamed by the holy spirit. It is holy. You are doing God's will.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 10/14/15 02:40:25

    I don't think religion is to blame for making people rebel against vegetarian ways. One can be vegan or vegetarian and any religion.

    However, when I first went vegan I remember that friends and coworkers and some family were far more accepting of it and less defensive than people at my local church and religious family members. I was shocked at how dismissive the religious community was and how much they used the bible to justify meat eating. They would literally pick up the bible, find specific passages, and read them to me. I had not even argued with them beforehand, simply mentioned that I went vegan for ethical reasons. I have struggled with religion all my life and after this experience I turned away from the church on many levels. I still struggle to reconcile with Christianity and it's teachings regarding animals. I did join the Christian Vegetarian Association for some time to try to figure this all out but there are still some issues I have a hard time with. I don't blame religion in general though. I think humans manipulate religion to suit their desires and jusify their actions and that bothers me more than anything.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/14/15 06:33:07

    There's a lot more to being vegan than what we eat.

    I've read the Bible (and many other religious texts). The Old Testament is full of hate, sexism, genocide and bigotry. Last I looked it was still attached to the New Testament.

    If you go to my website you will find a few of my essays posted there, including two you might find interesting..."From Alter Boy (almost) to Atheist" and "From Veal to Vegan".

    And if we believe what we're told in the NT, Jesus made it clear that he did not come to challenge the OT, but to uphold the laws of the prophets.

    I respect your views and expect the same in return.

    Before you begin your attack on my views, let me say that among my favorite authors are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and others, as well as atheists.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 10/15/15 16:16:44

    ahimsa32fa - I completely agree with you. Somehow after I became vegan, it slowly drew me away from God. I had family members who also did the same thing, quoting me the bible that God allowed or gave permission to eat animals. What kind of God allows for sacrifice of his innocent animals? And also, I was shocked how cruel, jealous and hateful God was in the old testament.

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    Posted by Overunderit at 10/23/15 06:33:26

    When I first started practicing Buddhism, almost 10 years ago, I was a meat eater. I didn't think about the "suffering" correlation at first, but eventually, I saw it plain as day. Buddhisms main tenet is compassion for all beings, so how can one have compassion for an animal that has been slaughtered for meat, or taken away from their mother so we can drink their milk? That is not compassion. Today, I still see a good amount of Buddhists who eat meat or consume dairy, it's so hypocritical I cannot stand it. But, refusing to be the preachy type, I sit by and wait for the laws of karma to take course. I know throughout my life, and even today, I am dealing with the karmic consequences of my actions, but from here on out I can change that by making the right decisions and not harming animals by consuming them.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/24/15 04:54:07

    "No matter what religion you profess, if you consciously contribute to the suffering of others, if you cannot say with sincerity 'I love all beings', your religion has failed you."

    - from one of my books.

    Not eating dead animals is not enough. If you support cruelty to cows and their calves by eating dairy products, isn't that a bit inconsistent?

    The Bible is chock full of inconsistencies and contradictions. For every hint about not eating meat, there are passages that say the opposite.

    In Joshua, God instructs his servant to go forth and destroy whole cities, killing all the non-believers, including their animals. (Let's not forget that humans are animals, too.) And the Bible clearly condones using animals for slave labor.

    Yes, there are some beautiful passages in the Bible, but they are more than counter-balanced by instructions to kill for a variety of "sins" and simply being a heretic. They give strong evidence that the Bible was not written by any god, but by quite a number of authors with widely different views on life, death and morals.

    Personally, I don't need religion or scripture to support my position of being anti-war, ant-racism, anti-sexism and anti-speciesism...

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/26/15 12:03:50

    I just wanted to throw this out there, I was on a tangent haha...but my point still stands that veganism or vegetarian diet can be interpreted as the original holy state in the Garden of Eden, Daniel was an Old Testament character, and Paul talks about the ethics of diet in the New Testament. ..I think the way people try to use the Bible to enforce meat eating is the same as people in the 19th century trying to use the Bible to uphold the institution of slavery just because slavery existed in the Bible. ..the Bible is grossly misinterpreted by fundie literalists and atheists alike, they don't get that many passages in the Bible are DESCRIPTIVE, NOT PRESCRIPTIVE ...just because genocide, sexism, slavery or meat eating exist in descriptive passages of the Bible does not mean it's prescription for how one should behave.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/02/15 10:26:14

    PETA and their interpretation of vegan Bible's not far fetched either, it's basically what 7th Day Adventists believe. .it appears to be the basis for fasting for God in Catholicism ...once my eyes were opened to these things I became just as disgusted that people would use Christianity to defend animal cruelty as they once did with slavery

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/02/15 10:32:50

    anahidscv...I want to specifically address what you are saying. ..the Old Testament God did not allow meat consumption until after the great Flood, and the purpose of animal sacrifice was to teach the people to value their animals MORE, not less. ..though that might be difficult for a 21st Century vegan to understand, by sacrificing an animal they otherwise would have eaten, these early tribes were confronted with scarcity and the value of life

    In the Christian Bible, history seems to be a progression of people falling from perfection and God slowly trying to lead then back to it...secular humanists hate this because they believe people are good...people aren't good, they are naturally selfish and any observation of a two year old child illustrates this abundantly. ..the Bible depicts God as kind of an angry frustrated parent who became more understanding with human frailty over time

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