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Hi, Vegan here with an honest question. No vegan or veg restaurants in my area, but the most vegan-friendly one isn't listed. I wonder if it's because they serve lamb.. Lamb is the only meat on the menu. Other than feta or maybe a taziki sauce, there's no other animal products on the menu, and most of the dishes side dishes are either already vegan or easily made vegan by holding the feta. It's the most vegan-friendly Mediterranean restaurant I've ever been to and a local vegan favorite. I was going to submit it but see the prohibition against places that serve lamb.

According to Google, lamb is any sheep under one year of age. As we all know, chickens, turkeys and pigs are all killed under the age of 1 as well. Are the victims of the lamb industry any less babies than the victims of other meats (other than veal, of course, which are actually tiny babies).

My concern is that vegans visiting or new to my area will miss one of their best places to get a good vegan meal, with lots of variety. Should I try to submit the place? Are exceptions made on Happy Cow listings? Is there something about lamb that makes it worse than other young animals being killed? Seems like a strange limitation to me. Please advise. Thank you!

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    Posted by veganmamabear at 11/04/17 23:41:09

    Honestly, a very good question and point made. Most animals killed for meat are under a year of age :-(

    I would want I know that this restaurant was available if I traveled to your area.

    Maybe submit and see what happens?

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    Posted by kaodjs1 at 11/05/17 18:20:57

    I submitted and will see! Thanks for your note! In reviewing the menu more carefully, I see also chicken, which we all know are also killed as very young animals. Nonetheless, more than half the items listed on the menu are vegan without modification (as opposed to other Mediterranean places that put feta on everything or use dairy in their house salad dressings), and the staff seem especially friendly when I bring vegan friends who've never been there and ask about vegan options. This is in sharp contrast to some other places within walking distance that look at vegans like we have three heads. As I said, this place is a local vegan favorite, so they're used to us!

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    Posted by eric at 11/05/17 18:29:40

    Hi Kaodjs1,
    It's always reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You should always carefully list vegan options and describe the situation (ie: that nothing better is available nearby) for places like this and they will likely get added.
    Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/06/17 16:06:44

    Koadjs1--Also the more vegans that go to that restaurant, the more likely they will increase menu options. I go to Woodlands Restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee. It's Indian Cuisine. They understand vegan and vegetarian and offer meat; and vegetable, bean, and grain (vegan) dishes. I hear of a lot of vegans that go there, even though they serve chicken and goat. Plus the chef's, management, and staff are good friendly people from India and other countries.

    I think the more we tell people we are vegan, when we order at a restaurant, you will find them ready to offer some alternatives not on the menu.

    When I tell people of why I eat the way I do for health, spirituality, and the environment, I can connect with many people. Its advancing the vegan way.

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    Posted by happah10 at 11/07/17 04:25:30

    I'm curious to know what the goal is, eric.

    Is it to not support restaurants that profit from selling certain items or is it to persuade those establishments to stop offering them should they ever learn that the listing of their restaurant was precluded from being listed on happy cow?

    Or something else?

    I submitted a restaurant that has vegan options and don't sell fois gras but as i made very clear in my review that they own another restaurant that does sell fois gras. I personally have a problem with Fois gras and refuse to eat anywhere that sells it but then again that's fairly easy as it is not that common. Not sure what my own goal is either other.

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    Posted by eric at 11/08/17 13:29:40

    Hi happah10,
    Yes, it includes both those reasons and more. While we'd love to only include fully vegan restaurants on the site (maybe one day), many cities just don't have options. For that reason (and for convenience for those without easy transport or time to travel) we include restaurants which include meat (& dairy). Of those, we have decided to limit places with extreme animal cruelty on the menus to rare occasions only, when there is a really good reason to list them (ie they are the only option anywhere nearby). But it's also an incentive for a restaurant to change there menus and that does happen sometimes.
    For additional reading on similar topic you might check out:

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    Posted by happah10 at 11/09/17 01:31:11

    I have an idea.
    How about a special designation... A grey list... Restaurants with veg options but have controversial/objectionable/cruel items on the menu. A checkbox that you can tick to display those establishments that is unticked by default.
    What that does is
    (1) give those like kaodjs the ability to display listings where there may not otherwise be any;
    (2) warn everyone that they have those items so it isn't a surprise;
    (3) nudges the establishment to take those items off the menu to get off thr grey list and onto the white list of mainstream happy cow listings

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