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Hi to everyone! I'm trying to be vegan for about one year. Yeah, sometimes I'm vegetarian, sometimes vegan, but it's just because I'm very lazy to understand what kind of food to combine, what is the healthiest way to be vegan etc. SO, now, i finally decided to stop eating diary products (i will try) and start being REAL vegan. But I have a problem. The thing is that during the day I feel weak sometimes, especially when I should do some workout and similar, so I started searching on the internet hat is the problem, what kind of food should i eat etc. And I found proteins and carbohydrates. As I understood, carbohydrates ar emore important for energy, but proteins are important too. So I found that for example I, should take around 55gr of proteins and I was like - really??!!! Because I eat legumes just for lunch and sometimes soy burgers for dinner. But however, if I need that much proteins then I should eat proteins all the time no? :O Thank you very much for answers! :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/08/14 08:12:48

    First of all, one may not experience the full benefits of avoiding meat and dairy products until they have been eliminated from the diet.

    While there are exceptions for some folks (specific illnesses, lack of access to plant foods), one should be able to get enough protein from plant foods.

    There are thousands of websites (watch out for the ones created by the meat and dairy industries) that go into detail about this, and countless books...many of which are listed elsewhere on this website.

    Another great site is

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    Posted by asp at 11/16/14 14:17:44

    55 grams of protein is 220 calories. If you are trying to survive on 220 calories a day, that is why you feel weak!!!!

    If you ate a pure protein diet of 2000 calories, that would be about 500 grams of protein a day.

    Anyway, most foods have a bit of protein. A banana has a gram or two, for example. As long as you eat a variety of foods you are fine, you don't need to worry about combining or counting nutrients.

    To go vegan, you will eventually need some B12 supplement in your diet, but for the moment your body likely has a several year supply already stored. If you are anemic, take a general B-complex vitamin.

    Other then that, eat a variety of foods throughout the week. Legumes, nuts, cereals, fruits, vegetables. And eat enough!

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    Posted by Stephen DeVore at 01/03/15 19:14:40

    Talk to your medical practitioners before making large changes to your diet.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 16:55:17

    Nutritional yeast is high in protein. Soya beans and milk are also high in protein (Please go for the organic type as majority of soya is genetically modified). If you can find them hemp seeds and flaxseed are a great protein source. Sprinkle them on salads. Also chia seeds soaks in almond milk is a great protein and a lovely dessert. Hope this helps xxxx Follow me on instgram @mygreendiaries (harmeet)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/20/15 08:47:16

    In my experience, most medical professionals are lacking in knowledge about nutrition. American doctors are required to take only minimal hours of nutrition education.

    Teaching hospitals (I used to work at one) that are also agriculture schools are beholden to the meat and dairy industries, so you can't automatically expect un-biased views from their graduates.

    I suggest going to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( for nutritional info. There are many good doctors and health professionals out there, but one must seek them out.

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    Posted by nestpillmart at 01/22/15 21:13:50

    Soy milk excellent food, it is health advantage. They give adjusted nourishment of amazing protein and carbs, low in fat with no cholesterol and low in immersed fat. It contains no lactose. Soy milk is rich in protein, and contains dissolvable fiber.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/23/15 13:51:40

    I use soy milk and soy yogurt.

    I used to buy "Silk" till I learned where it was made. There are much better brands.

    I use the vanilla soy milk for baking and make great brownies with organic fair trade chocolate
    and pre-soaked raisins or other fruit.

    I love the Whole Soy yogurt and have it almost every day with fruit, nuts or granola for breakfast.

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